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I’m not terribly consistent when it comes to promoting, at LGM, pieces that I’ve published elsewhere. Unfortunately, a Foreign Policy article that I wrote with Dani Nedal on Trumpian unpredictability has aged well. I suppose it’s fitting that we wrote this piece back in April, when various enablers last claimed that Trump’s unpredictability would solve the […]
The liberal gnashing of teeth and rendering of garments over yesterday’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement is certainly justified. We are an international embarrassment as a nation. We should be ashamed of our president and of ourselves. However, let’s not pretend that the U.S. is ever a leader on issues of […]
It seems a bit anti-climatic after today’s Presidential performance, but I have a piece (co-authored with Abe Newman) at Vox’s “The Big Idea” section on burden-sharing. The title is somewhat misleading: the crux of our argument is that the benefits of burden-sharing are overblown, the context in which the Trump Administration is pushing for it […]
I have a piece in today’s Newsday on the swirling fog around Trump foreign policy. LGM regulars won’t see much new in it, but I do talk briefly about states that might be more optimistic about changes in U.S. foreign relation. Only moderately less worrisome for U.S. allies is the proposition that Trump and his national security adviser, […]
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