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A set of facts some readers may find amusing: After he had obtained the signature page from his committee, Plaintiff inserted an additional, two-page section into his thesis without the knowledge or consent of his committee members. That section, entitled “Disacknowledgements,” began: “I would like to offer special Fuck You’s to the following degenerates for […]

The Right to Record

On August 30, 2011

The strong opinion by 1CA holding that police officers who prevent people from recording them in public are acting in violation of the First Amendment is obviously good news. It also seems to imply pr

I basically endorse Adam’s take on today’s other big decision, in which the Supreme Court struck down a California law restricting the commercial availability of violent video games to minors. While I tweeted a joke about how Cornell’s Legal Information Institute included only the good parts of Breyer’s dissent (which can actually be read here), […]
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