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In this Democratic primary that is both inspiring and infuriating in equal measure, one of the least appealing aspects of it how many Bernie supporters are accusing Hillary Clinton or the “Democratic Machine” of stealing the election for her. Now, there’s no question that the primary system is a hot mess–caucuses are undemocratic, many voter […]

Y2K Survival Guide

On December 10, 2014

If you are like me, you were not worried about Y2K. Because really, what are you going to do? But some were. Evidently, Leonard Nimoy was among them. Only he could lead us to proper preparation for th

Layers of Conspiracies

In Robert Farley
On September 25, 2012
Just a brief set of additional points on the poll skewing theory, which I understand to be that a wide array of polling organizations (excluding Rasmussen and periodically Gallup) are highly susceptible to Democratic lobbying, and have modified their procedures in order to make it appear more likely that Obama is well ahead of Romney. […]
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