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This is the grave of Fernando Wood. Born in 1812 in Philadelphia, Wood’s Spanish first name, highly unusual for an English-American at the time, came out of a gothic novel his mother liked. His family moved to New York in 1820. Wood became a bar owner, became a successful merchant, and went into politics as […]
This is the grave of the vile traitor Robert E. Lee. There isn’t much reason to provide a complete biography of someone like Lee, who is extremely well-known. So a couple of points. First, despite all the attempts over the years to apologize for Lee’s treason in defense of slavery, he had a choice and […]
This is the grave of the traitor Jefferson Davis. Unfortunately born in 1808 in Kentucky, Davis’ family moved when he was a child, first to Louisiana and then to Mississippi. The family was upwardly mobile and managed to acquire land and slaves and send Davis, the youngest of 10, to school. That culminated in an […]
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