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Were you waiting with baited breath for Julian Assange’s thoughts about Abraham Lincoln? I don't get it. If the buck stops with the President Isn't Lincoln the worst? Surely more tools to kill slavery than killing 2.3% of the pop — Julian Assange 🔹 (@JulianAssange) September 22, 2017 If we accept that the buck stops […]
This is the grave of Clement Vallandigham. One of the most unknown yet important villains in American history, Vallandigham was born in 1820 in New Lisbon, Ohio and became involved in the Democratic Party as a young man. This was a time before the parties were fully divided on the issue. In the 1840s, you […]
This is the grave of Matthew Brady. Probably born in 1822 in New York (there is a bit of conflicting testimony about both facts, with some believing he was born in Ireland), the young Brady studied locally to become an artist. But in 1839, he met Samuel F.B. Morse, who had brought daguerreotype technology back […]
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