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In yesterday’s post about Trump-Russia, I suggested that Americans, in general, need to update their baseline assumption “that international affairs happen ‘externally’ and affect campaigns largely by setting context and providing” exogenous shocks in the form of “surprises.” Such an assumption reflects a general tendency to see “international” and “domestic” politics as largely separate, but […]

The New Gilded Age

On January 23, 2015

The historian Richard White, author of one of the delightfully angriest books of history in recent years, demonstrates some of the ways we have created a New Gilded Age, in particular around the issue

Principled limited government conservatives like Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas couldn’t have possibly intended that Citizens United would destroy long-standing state regulations on corporate influence over politics, such as they have in Montana! Note as well that Brian Schweitzer writing Times op-eds is possibly a good sign he is thinking about 2016. I imagine a […]
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