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On perverse incentives in the Great Leap Forward: Here is what Kung and Chen argue happened in China. In the hierarchy of the CCP, the three highest levels are politburo members, full members of the central committee, and alternate members of the central committee. The politburo is tiny – about 20 people. (This is, we […]
JW Mason makes the point that rising Chinese wages are bad for Western capital heavily invested in China. I would extend this a bit by noting that the heavy Western investment in China should generate some interesting politics in the United States. However much neoconservatives and related militarists may be salivating over the threat of […]
As has been noted in several places, this is one hell of an interesting cable. The upshot is that South Korean officials seem to believe that North Korea will collapse in a fairly short interval after the death of Kim Jong Il, and that a few Chinese policymakers have suggested that China is prepared to […]


In Robert Farley
On November 4, 2010
In light of growing disquiet about Chinese intentions and capabilities in the Pacific among US security types, it’s worth taking note of this fairly alarmist Russian analysis: This brings [Aleksandr] Khramchikhin back to China.  He has previously written some fairly alarmist pieces about the potential Chinese threat to Russia, so this time he focuses on the possibility […]
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