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Rather than talk explicitly about a brewery this week, although I will do that a bit at the end, I wanted to link to this discussion of 5 beer menu rules that all good bars/breweries should ascribe to. 1. Offer a beer list that isn’t 75-percent IPAs. IPAs are the most popular and arguably most […]
I am spending this fine holiday season in Oregon, where I braved Oregon drivers in winter weather to pick up my wife last night at the Portland airport (Pro tip: If you slow down, you won’t slide off the road. Who knew!) Having survived that experience, we slept in a bit and then opened presents. […]

Beer City, USA

On June 5, 2016

I appreciate Serious Eats putting together a city beer brawl, so various cities’ partisans can fight it out publicly. But if you are going to do it, can we be serious about it? Other than the ob

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