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This morning’s tweets nicely encapsulate how the President of the United States is an authoritarian-minded demagogue. First, the President fed conspiracy theories designed to discredit an investigation into wrongdoing by his campaign. Trump already explicitly obstructed this investigation when he fired James Comey. Trump then retweeted an image implying that he squashed the lügenpresse like […]
It’s a well-established observation that the way that authoritarian regimes work is that people cooperate. They empower little people to be cruel and that is the base of governance. The same thing is happening with the rise of fascism in the United States. The everyday acts cruelty in enforcing Bannon’s Muslim ban are what makes […]
Mark Ciavarella, the disgraced judge who ruined the lives of countless young people without due process to stock the detention centers of cronies who paid him huge sums of money, has received a 28-year sentence.   I’m not sure it’s appropriate under the circumstances, but his lawyers decided to try out a new comedy routine: “The […]
I don’t care for this Chinese tendency to change leadership every few years. Makes it so hard to get a good, personality-driven hate on; just when you can finally remember who Hu Jintao is, they bring in some new guy. And all of these guys are pretty much boring career technocrats; don’t the Chinese understand […]

Stop the Presses!

On February 20, 2010

Apparently, defense lawyers may have represented people accused of crimes. This is truly shocking in its own right, but here’s something more shocking: they’re being permitted to work in t

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