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Josh Hawley gave a disgusting speech attacking “cosmopolitan elites” at a Trumpist conference recently. This lead to perhaps the most ridiculous of Matt Stoller’s many ridiculous arguments ever: The worst Online Matt is on a roll today — that's not mass politics stan account (@Convolutedname) July 19, 2019 — that's not mass politics […]
This is the grave of Mary Ann Lee. Born in 1823 in Philadelphia, Lee became one of the first American ballet dancers, if the claim is more debatable than her gravestone suggests. After all, her dances were not solo shows. It’s not clear to me how she got into ballet dancing, but Paul Hazard of […]

Waxing Racist

On July 20, 2019

As recently noted in this space, Professor Amy Wax has recently made more racisms. Various wingers — including fellow at the Ed Whelan Institute For Ethics And Zillow-Based Conspiracy Theories P

For example, you would find the penal experience much less enjoyable than this: In 2008, a supervisor at the county jail here alerted staff members to the needs of an inmate serving an 18-month sentence for sex crimes involving a minor. Jeffrey Epstein, he wrote in a memo, was a first-time offender “poorly versed in […]
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