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Thoughts on Davos

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On January 23, 2019
Hamza Shaban of the Washington Post reports that: When billionaire chief executive Michael Dell was asked on Wednesday whether he would support a proposal put forth by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to tax millionaires at a 70 percent tax rate on income exceeding $10 million, the audience for a Davos panel about tech and global […]

What girls want

On March 20, 2016

This would certainly help ‘splain what gives with marketing that is aimed at women. SOME AD GUYS SPITBALL HOW BEST TO MARKET TO WOMEN. AGENDA: MARKETING TO WOMEN. ATTENDEES: MARK, ED, STEVE, MIK

I’m not sure why I found this article so irritating and compelling at the same time. I’ve known for years that the losers of major sporting events have their “championship” t-shirts swiftly dumped on Romania or Thailand, so the substance of the piece isn’t really surprising. What struck me, however was the degree to which […]
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