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Ever wondered how horror films work?

[ 24 ] October 23, 2014 |

For those of you who enjoy my breakdown of films — and in the spirit of Halloween — I’m going to link to this Vox article that I had no input into the choice of films selected or the techniques discussed.

In all seriousness, it was supposed to be a collaboration, but events intervened — so Todd had to settle for doing a fantastic job writing it up on his own.

As for my next AV Club column, it’s been pushed back a bit so it can take part in the site’s “Horror Week” theme. It’ll cover some of the same territory as the Vox article, but will be about Ringu.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even know what one looked like

[ 86 ] October 22, 2014 |

COP: Have you noticed anything unusual this morning?

SEK: Not to my knowledge.

COP: Nothing at all? Not even a…suspicious dump truck?

SEK: A suspicious dump truck? I’ve seen a lot of dump trucks across the street, at the construction site, but I don’t know what would make one suspicious.

COP: You know, like one that didn’t look like it…belonged with the other dump trucks.

SEK: Sorry, they look like a happy little dump truck family to me.

COP: I understand. Just keep your eyes peeled, and call me if you see anything suspicious.

SEK: Will do.

UPDATE: Someone did come in and steal all the dump trucks. Video here. Looks like someone will finally earn his Boy Detective merit badge…


[ 18 ] October 20, 2014 |

Or get them wet — they love it when you get them wet.

“How many of the defiant white youths causing mayhem and destruction come from fatherless families? Where are the leaders in the white community?”

[ 49 ] October 19, 2014 |

Most days I hate Twitter. Thanks to #pumpkinfest today is not one of those days.

Cast of The Wire reunites!

[ 4 ] October 17, 2014 |

But only to disappoint you.

In all seriousness, though, you have to go to the 58-minute mark and listen to Seth Gilliam discussing how he and Domenick Lombardozzi stormed into Simon’s office and demand he do more with Carver and Herc. It’s beyond priceless.

But only because, as everyone knows, flamingos never lie

[ 22 ] October 10, 2014 |

As horrifying — and horrifying typical of fraternities — as this story is, I can’t help but note that if this same fraternity had done something to a woman, conservatives would insist the students get the benefit of the doubt because she could be lying.

Thanks to campus rape culture, flamingos are more likely to get justice than women.

An LGM podcast: SEK and Arturo Garcia discuss the Doctor Who episode “Listen”

[ 14 ] October 7, 2014 |


This podcast is a bit of experiment in format, production, and distribution, as was necessitated by the death of the computer that had all the LGM podcast templates on it.*

If all goes well, at the bottom of this post there will be a podcast, and if you’re subscribed to the podcasts via iTunes, there will be one there too.

As for its content — as you well know, I’m a fan of Doctor Who, as is my Raw Story colleague Arturo, and we were talking the other day and thought, “You know what? Our conversations might could make a fine podcast.” So we’re trying it out.

Arturo is also the editor of Racialicious, and this podcast is basically a live-action version of the kind of conversations we have anyway. If there’s interest, we’ll do more of these. If there isn’t, you’ll merely have hurt our feelings and we’ll resent you forever. On that note:


*They are in the process of being rebuilt, but it’s slow-going because once things work, I tend to forget how I got them to.  Also, Steve and I have two more Game of Thrones podcasts in the can — or sort of in the can, as I have to reconstruct them — and are planning on covering the second season before the next one starts.

Have we had an asshole of the day yet?

[ 131 ] October 5, 2014 |

If not, I’m gonna nominate this guy.

Spooky Halloween tales from rural Louisiana, Part 1

[ 37 ] October 3, 2014 |

It is 4 a.m.

I am alone downstairs, when all of a sudden, in the kitchen, I hear someone saying, “Hello? Is anybody there? Hello?”

“Hello,” I reply, and walk in.

No one is there — except for my cat, Virgil, who is sitting on the counter.

I shoo him away, think it must have been the thunder, or the early hour, that confused me.

Then my roommate’s phone rings, and goes to voice mail. Rings, and goes to voice mail. Rings, and goes to voice mail.

Finally, I walk into the kitchen, grab his phone off the counter, and say, “Hello, this is my roommate’s phone. Can I help you?”

“Is everything OK?” a man asks.

“Why wouldn’t it be,” I reply.

“I got a call, heard strange noises, then a muffled voice calling for help.”

I assure him that everything is OK, and he seems satisfied. As I place the phone back on the counter, I realize:



Some thoughts on Gotham and its potential

[ 33 ] September 23, 2014 |

So, as noted yesterday, I went on Graphic Policy Radio and discussed the series of premier of Gotham, which you can listen to here:

The more serious discussion concerned how a show whose conclusion is foregone can actually survive — after all, even though Gotham is going to focus, somewhat Wire-like, on the internal conflicts of the police and various criminal organizations, in the end we all know that the situation’s going to deteriorate to the point at which the only answer is a wealthy orphan patrolling the night in a fetish bat outfit.

Still, that leaves room for a good 10 or so seasons of watching the city fall apart, and that could certainly be gratifying, but only if the series creators understand what they have and how to use it. Which brings me to the second David Simon reference in this post, because I think the show’s ceiling could be something like Homicide: Life on the Street.

Consider how that show began, with Tim Bayliss catching the Adena Watson case, and how it haunted him through all six-ish seasons. In a similar fashion, you know the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne are going to haunt Gordon, and you know that he — like Bayliss — is going to form an unhealthy attachment to both the case and those left in its wake. Do I think Gotham is going to reach these heights?

In all likelihood not. But do I think that it has a higher ceiling than most quasi-procedural cop dramas currently on television? I most certainly do.

On a side note, we also established the most appropriate possible context for one of those Internet traditions I started awhile back:


You know — because he is.

SEK on Graphic Policy Radio tonight! Call in and heckle him! Tweet mean stuff!

[ 20 ] September 22, 2014 |

I’ll be on Graphic Policy Radio again tonight discussing Fox’s new Batman-related show Gotham. The show begins at 10 p.m. EST and you’re more than welcome to call in, tweet at me, or drop me a line on Facebook if you have something you’d like to add to the program — or if you’d just like heckle or berate me. The choice is yours!

New Internet Film School column, on how Community and Winter Soldier are exactly the same thing…

[ 7 ] September 18, 2014 |

…at least in the way they establish and use space.

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