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[ 0 ] October 7, 2006 |

batting eighth. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell Torre is doing; the only reason to do this is to take the pressure off, but it seems likely that this will have the opposite effect. It strikes me as a panic move for a team that probably doesn’t need more panic, but that’s why they play etc.

Open thread for today’s games.

…according to script so far. At least we know that the Tigers could never blow a 6-0 lead with Bonderman on the mound!

And Somewhere in the Darkness…

[ 0 ] October 6, 2006 |

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Best. Pitcher. Evah.

So I specifically arrange to have an engagement to see a movie and get dinner to thwart whatever perverse impulse I might have to watch the Tigers-Yankees game. And although I had only two drinks, I get home and the tee vee is claiming that it is 5-0 Tigers. Apparently they put acid in my Manhattan; I’ll have more about the game when it wears off.

Anyway, as I’ve consistently maintained for years Kenny Rogers is not only likely to keep getting better and better but is an incredible clutch pitcher; there’s nobody I’d rather have out there in a big game.

anatomy of a masterpiece.

…Rogers is a kind of amazing story to think about. It retrospect, given how quickly I sneer at people who pointed out that the A’s were 0-9 in elimination games (whoops, guess we can bury that one) to attack Billy Beane, it was particularly silly to write Rogers off, bad as his postseason performance (and his performance against individual Yankees) had been. Part of it, though, is that Rogers really is one of a kind. Of the strongest empirical regularities in baseball is that while pitchers can have a good year or two with bad strikeout rates can’t last. And while everybody remembers his awful last year with the Yankees in 1997, with the exception of one year he got hurt that was the last time he has had a below-average ERA. He hasn’t gone from a marginal situational lefty to a lifetime record of 207-139 on blind luck, and I guess he does it by doing things like coming up with a Dennis Martinez-caliber bender when he’s pitching the biggest game of his life. Performance can never be reduced to general statistical trends, and evidently this is a good thing.

Will the Tigers win? Well, I’m going to have the dignity to get out of the prediction business for the rest of this series, but obviously you can’t ask for more than having Bonderman v. the remains of Jaret Wright at home for the elimination game. I’m quite optimistic, which means we can probably expect to be back in the Bronx tomorrow night…

The Conservative War On Aesthetics: Never Ending

[ 0 ] October 6, 2006 |

Shorter Bobo and Ann Althouse: “Millions of people enjoyed Silence of the Lambs, and yet if a Republican were caught engaging in murder and cannibalism, you can only imagine how the hypocritical liberals would react.”

I suppose I should note that it’s also ridiculous to claim that the Vagina Monologue in question is an uncritical celebration of the actions described, but as Roy says this is already taking the argument more seriously that it deserves. As Jon Swift said about a previous clown show, mentioning The Vagina Monologues has an effect on conservatives “not unlike the phrase “Queen of Diamonds” had on Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate.” (Christina Hoff Summers will be talking about it for decades yet.) Like Bill Clinton’s penis and Dan Rather, it’s just a free-floating signifier that immediately strips the Republicans these hacks relentlessly shill for of any responsibility for anything.

Blog Like Tim McCarver Day

[ 0 ] October 5, 2006 |

As I anticipated, this Yankees/Tigers series will be an incredible nail-biter; I can’t believe anybody wrote the Tigers off. And there’s nobody I’d rather have close out a huge road win than Todd Jones–he has Jeff Reardon makeup and Randy Myers pancake foundation. And the fact that the Tigers could overcome the great Derek Jeter going a full step to his right and getting the lightning-fast Ivan Rodriguez at first–which might be the greatest defensive play I’ve ever seen–just shows they’re in it to win. [/McCarver]

I still don’t give them much of a shot, but every game they can get out of the Yankees helps. And hey, maybe they can win, what the hell, who do they have going Friday? Oh, right, The Coward of the County. Well, he’s due. Also, as we discussed recently it could be argued that trading Carlos Guillen for Ramon Santiago was not the best trade in Mariners history.

Situational Ethics

[ 0 ] October 5, 2006 |

Let’s play “spot the glaring logical flaws, one revealed by reprehensible behavior.” It’s an easy one! Lesse, according to Glenn Reynolds:

  • Pointing out that a gay person is gay is clear evidence of homophobia, and is “McCarthyism” if the person in question isn’t out.
  • Roger Simon is right to say that it’s hypocritical to have no objection to the anonymous republishing of instant messages while opposing unconstrained government surveillance. This makes extra sense for a libertarian. (“First you didn’t want the pony. Now you want me to give it up! Make up your mind!)
  • Helping Roger Simon out the victims of a sex crime–completely acceptable!

I’m sure there’s an explanation in which this is all perfectly log…look–Ted Kennedy!

…in comments, Pithlord says: “IIRC, Reynolds claimed that mentioning that Mary Cheney is gay is wrong, even though she IS out.” To confirm: Heh. Indeed!

The Dreamlife of Bush Fluffers

[ 0 ] October 5, 2006 |

John Cole offers an amusing round-up of the dead-enders trying to defend the GOP in the wake of the Foley scandal. (See also Dave.) Lots of classics, but I think there’s no question that indefatigable Bush hack Tom Maguire emerges as the champion. Admittedly, Maguire had some standard-issue attempts to blame a nefarious media-Democratic conspiracy, but his heart didn’t seem to be in it; he threw out some stuff about how the information appeared on an obscure website without bothering to mount an argument about what exactly this was evidence of or why it mattered. But then, he hits an inside-the-park-homerun of hackdom: the Republicans covered up the scandal because they were afraid of…the gay rights lobby!

…if the pages in question had been girls, Foley would have been shot at dawn.

However, picture this headline – “House Leadership Boots Allegedly Gay Republican On Trumped-Up Pedophilia Charges”. Ugly. Worth Avoiding. Listening to Andrew Sullivan decry the homophobes in the House would not have been worth it. So they played it a bit too cautiously and slowly and here we are.

Wow. I know it’s hard, because it’s so different from the only world we know, but let’s try to imagine how the world works in Tom Maguire’s fantasy life:

Denny Hastert: Good news, Karl! The Arbitrary Executive Power and Torture Act just passed the House!

Karl Rove: You idiot! That act is opposed by Andrew Sullivan! You don’t think we do anything without his approval, do you?

DH: But we spoke to Dr. Dobson, and he seemed to think the bill would help mobilize our supporters.

KR: Who the hell is that–the guy who pitched for the Orioles in the early 70s? Look, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and everything, but if we don’t have the Log Cabin Republicans on board, we’re toast in the upcoming elections. Who do you think is going to man the phones, reactionary evangelicals? Get the habeas-stripping provision taken out in conference, or your name is mud.

DH: OK, sorry.

KR: Don’t worry. We have an ace up our sleeve: another anti-gay-marriage initiative is going on the ballot this year!

DH: Whew, outstanding. And we’re going to try for another vote on the constitutional amendment making gay people 3/5 of a citizen and 2/5 of a fetus.

KR: Great! We’ll teach you yet.


…it should probably also be noted that, in addition to being irrelevant, Maguire’s innuendoes about the source of the emails were wrong.

You’re So Vain You Probably Think Your Obsessions Are Universal

[ 0 ] October 5, 2006 |

Shorter Ann Althouse: Michael Moore Bill Clinton Warren Beatty is fat. And he probably wears shorts in the summer too, he’s half a man!

Roll Over Richard Cohen and Tell Will Saletan the News

[ 0 ] October 5, 2006 |

An excellent post at Broadsheet about how financial obstacles prevent women from obtaining first trimester abortions, which should again remind us that the centrist abortion position–which simultaneously argues that we can agree about the legalization of first trimester abortions and that abortion should be regulated in ways that exacerbate inequitable access and de-funded–is on a collision course itself. This is also instructive:

Just for the sake of argument, let’s say certain thoughts are sneaking into your head. Thoughts like “what are these destitute mothers-of-many doing getting pregnant again in the first place?” First of all, you don’t have to have kids in order to not have $450. But more to the point, the Guttmacher Institute reports that not only have 33 states cut funds for birth control, but also half of all poor women who need birth control services are not able to afford them.

I’d expect Saletan to discover this data in an op-ed about how feminists never talk about birth control in about 2011.

Mark Levin: The Frozen Limit of Hackery

[ 0 ] October 4, 2006 |

According to first-rate constitutional scholar Mark Levin, Bill Clinton is so powerful he can magically transform a 22-year-old White House employee into a “19-year-old intern.” The Clenis is omnipotent.

(Via Somerby.)

The Hunter Boner

[ 0 ] October 4, 2006 |

Wow, I’d have to say of all the things I’d be worried about if I was a Twins fan, “Torri Hunter’s defense” would have ranked pretty far down the list. What’s sad is that people with regular jobs have to miss this kind of baseball so that Fox can show games that can only be enjoyed by people who like to watch videos of frat boys beating up handicapped schoolchildren.

By the way, didn’t you used to be Eric Chavez?

But Santorum Will Free Mumia!

[ 0 ] October 4, 2006 |

Good to know that the bought-and-paid-for-by-Republicans Green Party–but I repeat myself–of Pennsylvania has failed to get on the ballot:

Robert Gleason, chairman of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, said last week that Romanelli was a critical part of the GOP’s strategy to get Santorum re-elected. “We need him on the ballot,” Gleason said.

Indeed. Oh, and a reminder of why which party controls the White House might matter even if the two parties have the same position on legalizing hemp. Republican control of the NLRB is, in fact, a big deal.

The Nietzsche Family Circus

[ 0 ] October 4, 2006 |

Oddly addictive. I’m sure my acquaintances are wondering if it will include “anyone with a very loud voice is almost incapable of thinking subtleties.”

(Via Holbo.)

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