Author: Paul Campos

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Letter here. It should go without saying that the legal(ish) arguments in this letter are preposterous. They all revolve around the absurd argument that an impeachment inquiry is somehow subject to the federal rules of criminal procedure, as opposed to being, you know, a congressional investigation specifically authorized by the Constitution, which also specifically does […]
That’s the bottom line figure in this USA TODAY poll, of 1,006 adults conducted Tuesday and Wednesday. Those polled favored impeaching Trump by a 45% to 38% margin, and having the Senate remove him by a 44% to 35% margin. That these numbers are nearly identical probably indicates that very few people make any distinction […]

Pity party

On October 2, 2019

One of Donald Trump’s defining characteristics is that he’s an enormous whiner. He wallows in self-pity, constantly claiming that no one in his position has ever been so maltreated, that h

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