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On the Road Again

On August 2, 2017

Blogging will be light from me for the next couple weeks. I am spending the next few months mostly in Oregon doing research and being in the best state, and will be starting a 2 week drive to get ther

This is the grave of Clement Vallandigham. One of the most unknown yet important villains in American history, Vallandigham was born in 1820 in New Lisbon, Ohio and became involved in the Democratic Party as a young man. This was a time before the parties were fully divided on the issue. In the 1840s, you […]
Above: If only There’s never good news when we are talking Texas politics. That very much includes its war on women. It’s possible that, even if Planned Parenthood is defunded at the federal level by current Republican efforts, funding might be restored by subsequent legislation. But Texas provides a startling example of how quickly the […]
This is the grave of William Niskanen. When I say mean things about how the field of economics is permanently damaged from being filled with servile lickspittles for capitalists, having done tremendous damage to the working people of this nation and the world in the last half-century, Niskanen is part of the reason why. He […]
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