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Sometimes the Voters Are Right


A majority of Dems are correct here:

There has not been a lot of change in the outlook for 2020 over the past month. President Donald Trump’s reelection prospects remain underwater, while Joe Biden holds onto a slim lead in what remains a persistently crowded field for the Democratic nomination. The latest national Monmouth University Poll also finds that most Democratic voters feel Iowa and New Hampshire have too much influence over the nominating process and would rather see a single national primary.

One thing the 2020 cycle should finally put to rest is the idea the the many downsides of interminable primaries that turn factions of the party into warring camps with strong incentives to exaggerate minor differences for months on end and give disproportionate power to a couple of small, white rural states are justified by the fact that they give a chance to candidates that can’t raise money ex ante. Multiple credible candidates have been forced out by their inability to raise money and/or generate free media attention! A national primary, or perhaps a a few rotating Super Saturdays, would be much better.

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