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For some Sunday amusement, let’s check in on the most ridiculous of the ridiculous no-hope campaigns for the Democratic nomination:

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is set to have lunch with a prolific conspiracy theorist who argues the mass shooting in Las Vegas was an intelligence operation meant to distract from the Harvey Weinstein scandal — and who is also, by far, the most successful digital fundraiser for her campaign, according to a recent announcement from the Hawaii Democrat’s presidential campaign staff.

In seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Gabbard, while struggling to register in most polls, has attracted a good deal of support from the fringe of both the left and right, especially online. Even former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeted his support. The congresswoman has repeatedly disavowed Duke’s endorsement. The campaign has, however, embraced some of its lesser-hinged fans.

In a May 16 post to the private Facebook group “Team Tulsi Online Volunteers,” organizer Shani Pomerantz revealed that the campaign had attracted 65,000 donors, an important threshold for being included in the Democratic primary debates. “As our thank you for all of your hard work, we’d like to offer you some awesome prizes!” Pomerantz told supporters. In particular, Niko House, who won the campaign’s donor challenge by attracting 716 new contributors, “will get an opportunity to have lunch with Tulsi,” Pomerantz said.

House, who was a speaker at a March 30 Gabbard campaign event in Los Angeles, is a passionate critic of the “official narrative” on most major news events — mass shootings in the U.S., chemical weapon attacks in Syria and Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee — which he dissects for his 15,000 followers on Twitter and 36,000 subscribers on YouTube.

As djw put it on Twitter, game respects game. At least she’ll have Modi’s recent victory as consolation when she fails to break 1% in Iowa!

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