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The Freakout Continues


The way that the right and now the center are freaking out about the new assertive women of color in Congress is telling. First, the entire idea that a video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college would somehow discredit here is…just bizarre. I know these people are joyless bastards who hate everyone, but releasing that video and thinking it is some sick burn is completely incomprehensible. And now that she is talking about returning us to 1950s era tax rates, the horror is so alive. Which leads us to a lovely man named Grover Norquist.

Of course, these are marginal tax rates we are talking about that only people in Norquist’s tax brackets would pay, but is that going to stop the lying? Oh no. These sorts of responses is why we need more and more and more of this talk. We have to not only put them on the defensive but also those centrist types like Anderson Cooper–an actual Vanderbilt–giving concerned looks of disapproval.

This leads us to Rashida Tlaib. The usual suspects are in total freakout mode over her calling Trump a motherfucker. It’s hilarious. Here’s Ron Fournier approving of a ridiculous Mitch Albom column where he claims that calling Trump a motherfucker is counter to Detroit’s values, which, uh, I know he claims to live there, but does he?

Joe Manchin is furious, which leads our old friend Dana Houle to have a proper response.

I already talked the other day about Chait tut-tutting, etc.

Basically, the style of the New Democratic Politics violates all the norms centrists have placed on the Democratic Party, norms that helped pave the way for Donald Trump. And now that their authority is fading, from Chait to Fournier, they are freaking out. The more we make them cry and whine, the better.

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