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It’s Like, How Much More Jets Could This Be?


LOL, looks like 3 years of getting outscored by 243 points after a year getting a completely typical Jay Cutler performance out of Jay Cutler is good enough to get yet another gig:

Adam Gase has found a new head coaching gig in the AFC East.

The New York Jets are hiring the former Miami Dolphins skipper as their next head coach, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

Christ, Mike McCarthy would have been a much better hire. I quoted this over the weekend, but it fits even more now:

AFC East also-rans are like guys trapped at the bottom of a well trying to get out by borrowing each other’s shovels (which is why the Patriots can have a down year and still host playoff games).

What follows is an exhaustive list of the reasons one might think Adam Gase is a better NFL head coach than Jim Caldwell:

  • Racial stereotypes.
  • I got nothing else.
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