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Speeches and Herb


Welcome to a wholesome palate-cleanser of post: Spicy takes on spices! (And herbs).

Get ready to have your tongue singed, folks.

  1. Basil is the king of all herbs, period. Its fragrant floral quality is simply unmatched. In fact, its scent is so glorious an online acquaintance once said she’d use them in wedding bouquets, and why not? Because it is the best herb in the world.
  2. Dill is the single most underrated herb on the planet. There’s nothing like the fresh punch it adds to salads (including potato!), dressings and any fish or chicken dish. Hell, I wouldn’t eat a beef goulash without dill. It also dries with an admirable amount of pungency. In short, YAY, DILL!!
  3. Cinnamon and mint are often associated with sweet dishes, but I think they are equally at home in savory dishes. One of my favorite uses for a quality cinnamon stick is this perfect slow cooker Indian Butter Chicken. And I often use inimitable freshness of mint as a substitute for basil in Asian-inspired dishes.

This is bad and wrong:


Now let’s hurt some feelings and get this spice-herb war going!

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