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If You Don’t Count the Games They Lost, the 1980 Seattle Mariners Were the Greatest Team in Baseball History


Republicans don’t think people of color or people who live in cities are equal citizens worthy of representation, and this isn’t even subtext any more:

This is just public relations. More interesting are the statements from Republican legislative leaders that reveal the actual basis for this power grab, beyond extreme partisan self-interest. “Law written by the legislature and passed by a governor should not be erased based on the political maneuvering of an incoming administration,” said state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald on Tuesday, before adding “Citizens from every corner of Wisconsin deserve a strong legislative branch that stands on equal footing with an incoming administration that is based almost solely in Madison.” His last line echoes a comment made by state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos just after the election. “If you took Madison and Milwaukee out of the state election formula, we would have a clear majority—we would have all five constitutional officers and we would probably have many more seats in the Legislature.”

The idea that you could remove the state’s major population centers and still have an acceptably democratic result is a reasoning that gets to the heart of the matter. It’s not just that Democrats are poised to undo gains made under Walker’s administration, but that Democrats themselves are illegitimate because of who they represent. Vos isn’t saying that Republicans should do better in Madison and Milwaukee, he’s saying that the state’s major cities shouldn’t count. And if they do count, says Fitzgerald, they don’t count the same way.

They are the wrong voters, and the Democrats they elect have no right to roll back a Republican administration backed by the right ones.

For the same reasons, it was overdetermined that Republican officials would try to obstruct the implementation of Amendment 4 in Florida, Republican Supreme Court justices would play dumb to pretend there are no possible judicial remedies to gerrymandering, etc. etc.  The Republican Party is a minority faction with an unpopular agenda that is necessarily committed not to holding fair elections. 

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