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Sandra Day Rehnquist Just Feels Wrong


Amazing that this remained secret as long as it did:

But in March, just about the time that Day and O’Connor were going out on their 40th date in 40 days, Sandra got a letter from Rehnquist telling her he wanted to see her to talk about “important things.” And in a March 29 letter, he popped the question. “To be specific, Sandy, will you marry me this summer?”

The future chief justice of the United States was proposing to the woman who, years later, would become the first woman to serve on the nation’s highest court.

The reveal comes in a new book entitled First by author Evan Thomas, set to be published in March 2019. Thomas, while doing his research, found the Rehnquist letters among O’Connor’s correspondence.

Sandra Day would marry John O’Connor, becoming Sandra Day O’Connor in 1952. As for Rehnquist, not long after Sandra said “no,” he would start dating Nan Cornell, the woman he would marry in 1953. According to Thomas, Rehnquist would tell a friend shortly before his death in 2005 that Nan, who died in 1991, was the only woman he ever loved.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a choice between two men go with the one who doesn’t think Plessy v. Ferguson should have be re-affirmed in 1952.

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