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Resist Cooler, Ladies

Women who drink wine are bad now for reasons

I see a lot of people on twitter crapping on Blue-wavers and Resisters. I probably wouldn’t count myself among the Resisters. A lot “resisting” involves being a bit over-earnest and a bit “not-quite-woke” while thinking you are. But I still consider these people allies. Flawed as they are, they mean well. And these are at least people I feel like I can talk to (and correct if need be). Goodness knows there’s no such thing as Peak Woke–we’re all still learning and that “we” very much includes ME.

I’m not willing to write resisters off, and I think making fun of them is counter-productive and mean. (I also think it’s motivated largely by a general hatred of middle-aged women, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

The bottom line is that I think Resisters should resist cooler. Maybe start doing it while shitting on another group of over-earnest  people. Or while sporting a neckbeard. Whatever you do, podcast that shit.


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