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You Just Got Trumptrolled



“Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to My Right”

One of the things I find most annoying about our current political moment is the credulous and outraged reaction to everything Trump and Company does and says.  It’s not that the outrage isn’t earned. It is! Everything they do is terrible! What bothers me about people acting shocked and curious–“what motivates this 11-dimensional chess player with skin the color of peach sidewalk chalk?”– is that you’re reacting precisely the way they want you to. Because they’re trolling. Always and forever, 100% of the time. They are trolling you.  

When Melania wears the  “I don’t care” jacket? She is trolling. When she says she’s being bullied, she’s trolling. When Trump claims there’s going to be a red wave, he is trolling. When he claims women are happy about Kavanaugh being appointed, he is trolling. He constantly flails about, searching for the words that will infuriate and exhaust you the most. It’s literally the only thing he’s good at.

And we shouldn’t be surprised because Trump voters–in the end–support him in this in perhaps more than anything. They voted for a troll and they got one and he is never going to all of a sudden “become presidential” and stop being one. Trump is a our Troll King.

Now, let’s stop talking about our angry toad president for a minute or so and concentrate on something a bit happier–my art. I’m issuing a “Change my Header” challenge to everyone–let’s flip the House so I can swap out that creepy thing with something whimsical that probably has tiny hats in it!

I’ve been going through some serious artist’s block lately, but I will leave you with two of my latest pieces: Drama Queen and The Exhibitionists. 

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