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Great Moments In Murc’s Law


Feckless Dems fail to make 49 bigger than 51 again:

Republicans cannot do anything, Democrats merely fail to stop them from doing things.

But this is just the appetizer. We have a particularly spectacular entry in the always farcical “the Dems could totally have stopped Kavanaugh” sweepstakes. The key villain is…Barack Obama:

Three allegations of sexual assault — the first was broken by The Intercept — and and FBI investigation weren’t enough to sink Kavanaugh. Nor were indications of perjurious testimony — in part because a trove of documents relating to Kavanaugh’s time with the Bush administration that is currently being analyzed by the National Archives, including emails and memos about surveillance, torture, and Kavanaugh’s involvement with a hacking scandal, won’t be released until the end of October.

At least 100,000 documents relating to Kavanaugh’s involvement in developing policy during his time as associate counsel to the president from 2001 to 2003, and his time as staff secretary from 2003 to 2006, have been withheld by the Trump administration, citing executive privilege. But the National Archives revealed, in response to a lawsuit from the Electronic Privacy Information Center, that there are hundreds of emails in the separate, 300,000 document cache that the agency is reviewing for publication. “The communication to EPIC revealed that Kavanaugh sent 11 e-mails to John Yoo, the architect of warrantless wiretapping; 227 e-mails about ‘surveillance’ programs and the ‘Patriot Act;’ and 119 e-mails concerning ‘CAPPS II’ (passenger profiling), ‘Fusion Centers’ (government surveillance centers), and the Privacy Act,” EPIC said in a statement announcing the revelation.

With proper public understanding of Kavanaugh’s role in the unpopular policies of of the Bush White House, that role may have been disqualifying by itself.

Yes, if it had been revealed that Brett Kavanaugh had, while serving in a Republican administration, participated in policies that Republicans did and do support, then plainly a Republican-controlled Senate would have rejected him. You can tell from the fact that it was revealed that Gina Haspell was heavily involved in CIA torture sites, and Senate Republicans rose up in rebell…I’ll come in again.

I agree that Obama should have done more to publicize these abuses, but anybody who thinks that this would have sunk Kavanaugh’s nomination with a Republican-controlled Senate must be living some kind of double life.

But wait — it’s even more ridiculous in the context of Higgins’s…well not exactly thoughts about the 2016 elections:

Jeb! Bush, true man of integritude! Not a hack sellout undermining the left like Bernie Sanders!

Anyway, one can see how Murc’s Law is beneficial for the consumerist wank voter:

  • Make a droolingly idiotic argument about how there “wouldn’t be much of a difference” between a Trump and Clinton administration. Urge your followers not to do anything to stop Trump.
  • Trump, in one of the countless ways in which he is infinitely worse than Clinton, nominates a neoconfederate hack to the Supreme Court, consolidating a further-right Republican majority, with ramifications that could last for decades.
  • But, actually, still not a dime’s worth of difference, because Barack Obama could have preempted Donald Trump’s ability to nominate Supreme Court justices but he Didn’t. Even. Try.

I see no flaws in this logic.

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