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Game 7!


This should be fun.

The Red Sox/Astros series was good, although the portion was not large enough. Justin Verlander is a great pitcher, but I’m afraid he’s just not clutch like David Price. (Seriously, both Price and Kershaw should be the umpteenth reminders that dividing players into “clutch” and “choker” categories based on small samples against elite competition is very, very, very, very stupid.)  One play I still haven’t figured out fully is the Altuve/Betts fan interference call. As best as I can determine:

  • West probably blew the call. It certainly looks like Betts was in the stands, and while some fans reached onto the field of play they didn’t seem to materially affect the play.
  • Given the review standard, the fact that what would have been the definitive angle wasn’t available makes the decision to let the call on the field stand defensible (whether that standard is sound is another question.)
  • If there’s no fan interference, it’s a ground-rule double, not a homer, right? It went of Betts’s glove onto the field — I’m not sure why people are asserting that it would have been a homer.

But I am open to persuasion.


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