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I am on one of my occasional research/hiking/beer trips to the Northwest and so blogging is likely to be a bit more intermittent than normal for the next 2 weeks, although that’s been all summer really. The upside is that I find weird things to blog about. I was on the microfilm earlier today and happened to run across this William F. Buckley editorial from the fall of 1991. This was the time of the legendary Louisiana governor election between the notoriously corrupt Edwin Edwards and the notorious racist David Duke. Anyway, this is Buckley’s take. There is so much to love here. The complete pointlessness of the entire column. The weird Russian stuff. The reconsideration of Duke, who Buckley probably always wasn’t so against anyway except in style. The false equivalence between Duke and Hugo Black.

In conclusion, conservative intellectuals always live up to the hype.

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