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America Is Officially Great Again


One of the amazing facts of the Trump Era is that Scott’s Pruitt’s policies were more scandalous than his personal conduct:

Critics are speaking out against a proposal put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency under President Trump that could allow for new uses of asbestos, which is heavily restricted because of its links to cancer and other diseases.

In June, the EPA under Scott Pruitt’s leadership proposed a Significant New Use Rule (SNUR) “for certain uses of asbestos (including asbestos-containing goods).” The rule would require importers and manufacturers to get approval from the EPA before resuming or starting asbestos manufacturing, importing or processing, according to a June 1 news release from the agency.

While the EPA framed the proposal in a positive light, calling it “the first such action on asbestos ever proposed” and part of an “important, unprecedented action on asbestos,” critics said it fails to recognize the dangers of the fibrous mineral, which has been associated with lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

According to the nonprofit Environmental Working Group, the EPA also announced it will not review exposures from abandoned uses of asbestos. Documents the EPA released in June indicate that the agency will “dramatically scale back its safety evaluations for 10 chemicals under the revamped Toxic Substances Control Act,” says the Environmental Working Group.

The important thing is that the libs will have been owned.

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