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Fashion Tips For Visit to Trump Camps


What to wear to the gulag:

Ultimately I decided to wear white jeans to convey to these children what they need to be in order to be the kind of immigrant we will welcome into the country. (White. They need to be white.)

I began to think of all the images I had seen so far from these “cages,” or as I prefer to think of them, “open-air daycares.” Or maybe [long blank stare] it is best not to think of them at all.

Where was I? It’s so important to incorporate the local culture in your look. Could a white gold Santos de Cartier bracelet be an homage to a chain-link fence? Inspiration for an accent piece is everywhere you look! Incidentally, this is how I chose my footwear for my instantly-iconic trip to Houston after that rainstorm. I chose stilettos, so I could perch above the waters, much like a heron or a house on stilts.

Did you see that picture of the weeping two-year-old girl standing next to her mother? Who could look at that picture and not think: I love that bold pop of color! This is what inspired me to wear a jacket when I visited the border. You could call her my muse, I suppose, but I have no idea how to reach her, so, for now I guess you can’t call her anything.

I remembered that these children probably do not read English and some of them are too young to read at all. So I knew if I wanted to put a message anywhere on my person, it should be small words, big print. Basically like when I am communicating with my husband, or with Eric.

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