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Young Master Bragman Goes Nuclear


Above: the second-hottest take under discussion in this thread

Walker “it was completely unforseeable that Donald Trump would delegate his Supreme Court choices to Leonard Leo, and anyway Hillary Clinton did not refuse campaign donations so she would probably appoint more right-wing judges anyway” Bragman continues to have takes that even Pete Carroll will concede can melt steel beams. His takeaway from Eric Schneiderman being revealed as a predator is that…a woman is guilty by association for having endorsed him while not being psychic:

Yes, it is highly disturbing that Kirsten Gillibrand did not take revelations from a 2018 New Yorker article into account when endorsing Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General in 2014. I look forward to this theory being expanded into a Slate article!

And the beauty is that this can be applied to any candidate if the Democrat Party declines to nominate a real progressive like Rand Paul in 2020:

“I found out that Elizabeth Warren applauded when O.J. Simpson broke the 2,000 yard barrier. Donald Trump is therefore the more liberal candidate.”

“Cory Booker once said on MySpace that Kevin Spacey gave a fine performance in The Usual Suspects. The only progressive choice is to write in Zombie Zell Miller.”

It is interesting that Gillibrand has the dumber sexist anti-anti Trump bros on the internets scared absolutely shitless.

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