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Stank Memes


I decided to check in on men’s rights activists, confident they’d had a collective epiphany and had decided to channel their energy into various cool, interesting, healthy endeavors–perhaps by taking up a new hobby or sport or indulging in a passion for film or reading. Or heck just getting some exercise or spending some time outside in the fresh air. I could not have been righter. These guys are getting their groove back by making the sickest memes out there.

I’m just kidding; these things are incomprehensible.

Ah, yes– Matt Lauer, Donald Trump, Mark Halperin, Bill O’Reilly, Jeremy Piven and Bill Cosby, all famous… feminist allies…?

This graphic I object to less because I think it pretty accurately describes the journey that most young women will make as we look for a partner. We ascend a literal pyramid, stepping on homeless people and veterans on the way up, only to wind up in the arms of a giant eyeball inside an oval. It’s the classic way, as my friend Chuck Tingle likes to say. Fair enough, guys–you nailed this one.

OK, on the one hand I’m pretty pissed my tactics–complex and varied and whimsical as they are–are not going to work anymore. On the other hand, I’m pretty psyched about my ass being replaced with a “life like android/womb.” I’ve always wanted a prosthetic butt and/or to have a butt-baby.

Anyway, keep up  the good work, guys and goddess bless.

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