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The racist scum emboldened by Donald Trump


Video here.

ETA: I forgot to mention he has a nice little outburst of what sounds like fat shaming right at the end. Just trying to win fascist bingo I suppose.

When I first saw this I assumed Aaron Schlossberg, Esq., must have been drunk in the middle of the day because his wife just ran off with Juanito the pool boy or something, but apparently he does this kind of stuff all the time, now that America is getting great again.

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s remarkable that members of groups, such as Jewish Americans, who weren’t even considered really white until quite recently, can internalize white supremacy so quickly.  We’re not talking ancient history, either: there are still plenty of prominent Jewish lawyers in New York City today who couldn’t get an interview at Wall Street law firms when they started their legal careers, solely because of their religious background.

This story has a certain personal resonance for me.  Spanish is my first language, and I didn’t speak any English on my first day kindergarten.  My parents were bilingual but spoke to their children in Spanish, figuring I suppose that we would pick up English as soon as we went to school, which of course we did.  That story has been repeated uncountable times over the course of American history, but it has also always been the case that the sound of languages other than English has been very triggering for nativists of various stripes.  And ever since Trump was elected, I’ve been acutely aware that a very large percentage of Americans consider any encounter with my native language to be a disturbing example of how America is supposedly changing for the worse.

I wonder if the Intellectual Dark Web has reached the conclusion yet that bilingual English and Spanish speakers should avoid speaking Spanish in public places, in order to avoid creating yet more Trump voters?

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