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Babymen Who Insist Lady “Ghostbusters” is a Bad Movie are Ruining My Adulthood

Gentleman, start your pants-crapping!


A thread I read yesterday pushed me to begin taking meaningful breaks from twitter. It was a woman who compared men’s reactions to “Ghostbusters” (reactionary insanity) to women’s reactions to years of sexual harassment and assault (sane and deserved anger). In that very thread, men lined up to assure the tweet’s author that their objection to the film wasn’t the casting of women in the lead roles (heaven forfend!!) but instead the film’s general awfulness that caused men to react poorly to it. Of course there are two problems with this assertion:

  1. Men reacted hysterically and illogically to the film even before it was released and
  2. It was not a bad film.

Having said that, it wasn’t a great film. It did some things great: I thought the big ghost-intensive finale was great-looking, I loved Kate McKinnon’s genuinely weird take on her kooky character, I thought Chris Hemsworth as a dolt/hottie secretary was transgressive and fun, and I loved that four talented comediennes were allowed to be goofy, funny, smart scientists. But the film had pacing problems and it wasn’t as laugh-out-loud funny as it could have been.

But bad? Awful? Atrocious? No. That’s misogyny talking, plain and simple. And that’s all there is to it!

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