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Sharing a Crisis with North Korea

North Korean Navy corvette.jpg
North Korean Corvette By Unknown – http://www.defenseimagery.mil; VIRIN: DN-SC-94-01224, Public Domain,

Last week I recorded a video for Attn, but tragically I can’t figure out how to embed, or if it’s even possible to embed in blog format. In any case, the edited video is so much more coherent that what I recorded that I suspect I was digitally recreated, not unlike Bojack Horseman’s great performance in Secretariat. Could’ve made me younger and better looking, tho.

In other news, I talk about much the same subject in an article at the National Interest:

Three years ago I outlined what the contours of a war between China and the United States might look like. Although disagreements between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan and the South China Sea have hardly subsided, it increasingly appears that affairs on the Korean Peninsula would provide the spark for conflict. If the tense situation in Korea led to war between the United States and China, how would the conflict start? Who would have the advantage? And how would it end?


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