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Game of Thrones/All Caught Up/Open Thread


I finally finished binging Game of Thrones– I’m all caught up! Season 7 was a doozy and I have some thoughts:

  • On a show where a main plot thread is an incestuous decades-long affair between brother and sister, I thought it was bold of the producers to up the ante even more here. I know when I watched the show I often found myself thinking “You know what this show needs? More incest.” So BRAVO for making Dany and Jon a thing. I look forward to more incestuous world-building. Can’t wait to see some dragon incest. White Walker incest? I’m here for it.
  • While I was on-board with the Walking Dead crossover–which made sense, given both shows are ultimately about man’s inhumanity towards man–I balked at the Arrested Development crossover, which seemed hacky and too clever by half. Oh look, here’s Michael Cera…he’s depressed about the ensuing war with the White Walkers and walking around in a big fur coat… all slumped over… while the sad Peanuts music plays in the background. Come on.
  • Also, I appreciate that the show has added more and more dimension to The Mountain’s character. OK, so he’s not just some big, scary monster–that’s great. But I don’t buy that he almost never removes his armor because he’s a never-nude.
  • I didn’t really have a problem with the addition of a narrator to the show; I think Adam Carolla was a very poor choice.
  • I enjoyed the episode that was done entirely in anime-style animation. Cersei just fucked over Jon and Dany? Who cares–look at her adorable big eyes!!
  • OK, so having The Hound become a dragon-breeder was clever. Everyone was talking about Dany’s big dragons, but he knew the real market is in small dragons. Everyone wants a pocket-dragon: WE ALL KNOW THIS. There’s only problem with this plot development–he’s deathly afraid of fire. 

Finally, I rolled my eyes when we found out that Ramsay had a long-lost identical twin. What a corny, soapy contrivance! But ultimately I was won over because they decided not to make him a good twin, but a twin that was even more evil than Ramsay. I have to admit I didn’t see that coming, didn’t even know it was possible. That being said, the name “Grahamsay” was regrettable.


So, that’s that. I’m through with the series, which means we can discuss the show to our heart’s content! So discuss!

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