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USS Indianapolis

USS Indianapolis (CA-35) off the Mare Island Naval Shipyard on 10 July 1945

Paul Allen’s team has found the Indianapolis:

And just because.

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  • Captain Oblivious

    glad to see an NFL owner doing something decent and humane and beyond the financial resources of all but a very few people on the planet

  • keta

    Mr. Allen had recently acquired and retrofitted the 250-foot R/V Petrel with state-of-the-art subsea equipment capable of diving to 6,000 meters (or three and a half miles).

    Wow! That is state-of-the-art, all right. Can’t seem to find any info on the ship, but the R/V Petrel looks to be one fascinating vessel.

    • jeer9

      You got city hands, Mr. Allen. You been countin’ money all your life.

  • MikeG

    Maybe he can find MH370

    • ken_lov

      It’s baffling that the Deep State operatives who hijacked it and took it to Diego Garcia haven’t used it in a false flag op yet. I expected it to fly into the Capitol steps at Trump’s inauguration, dressed in the colors of AeroMexico.

  • woodrowfan

    The beginning of “Charlie Chan in Panama” (1940) shows a spy taking photos of a new seaplane being launched from a ship. It’s the Indianapolis. Supposedly the battleship shown going through the canal locks is the Arizona.

  • wjts

    I know how this ends – I’ve read The Jennifer Morgue.

  • Koolhand21

    It was Navy policy in WWII to not report a warship overdue for fear of spies. It was luck and an oil slick that the PBY pilot found any of them. There was no search. At all.
    As I remember the book, (and in the interest of pedantry) about 900 went into the water and just over 300 were rescued.
    Luckily, I served on an AE so two torpedoes slamming into us probably wouldn’t have left enough for crew to abandon ship. Not sure there would have been enough for the sharks,

  • liberalrob

    Truly an iconic scene. The way that scene came to be in the movie is a fascinating tale in itself.

  • I think that the majority of people who know about the Indianapolis, first learned about it watching that scene in Jaws. Shaw acts the shit out of that scene, which he also partially wrote.

    Can you imagine a scene like that in a contemporary, tent pole film? One actor telling a story and no more camera work other than a tight closeup of his face and reaction shots of the the other two actors. No cutaways or flashbacks or anything like that.

    • BigHank53

      Actually, I can imagine it. In The Incredibles there’s a scene with two main characters sitting in the front seat of a car, talking about the good old days. Just…talking.

  • osceola

    I have heard a little of this story over the years, and one thing I heard was that the ship was under radio silence both to and from its mission, which is understandable considering the importance of the delivery. So when it got torpedoed, the captain couldn’t call SOS because of the radio silence order. Is that true?

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