I was going to make a joke about Trump being rambling and incoherent during his impromptu press conference where he tried to  bothsides literal nazism, but honestly he was more lucid and coherent than he normally is. So now we know what animates him, what he feels passionate about. Turns out it it’s white supremacy! But while the whole thing was a buffet of insanity my favorite part was when he complained about antifa not having permits. Yes, if we’re fighting nazis let’s make sure we have the proper forms in order!

Anyway, let’s check in what The Federalist has to say about–…..Oh.

Don’t…Blue Lives…Matter anymore? *sad face emoji*

Trump Spoke the Truth about “Both Sides” and the Media Lost Its Mind

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  • Downpup E

    It’s too late. The intolerant left has already torn down Scary Lucy.

    • I know. The new statue is lovely.

      • Thirtyish

        True. But Scary Lucy was in and of itself a thing of beauty, I must say.

        • N__B

          They should have held on to Scary Lucy and put her back on the plinth every Halloween. No notice, just Pretty Lucy gets replaced by Scary Lucy on October 30 and comes back on November 1.

          • …. 300 years from now, there’s a Cult of Scary Lucy.

            • N__B

              I think it’s time for me to reread A Canticle for Liebowitz.

            • You’ve been watching too much Futurama. Just kidding you can never watch too much Futurama.

            • BiloSagdiyev

              They will be involved in protracted battles with the Church of Vegas Elvis. They will have a temporary peace with the Third Church of Black Leather Elvis.

              • BiloSagdiyev

                P.S. And you’ve never seen a more phlegmatic street rumble than one involving the Fred Mertz Brigade.

          • MariedeGournay


        • JDM

          Did Billy Bob Thornton pose for that Lucy statue?

      • mattmcirvin

        The new one actually looks like Lucy!

    • rea

      You take Nathan Bedford Forrest, shave his beard, put him in a dress, and you get–Scary Lucy?

      • Downpup E

        I figured the guy just put a dress on a Billy Bob Thornton statue he had on the shelf.

  • econoclast

    I may be cracking under the weight of the news, but I laughed hysterically at the first and last one.

    • Bizarro Mike

      I saw the box checked for “Hot Work”, but not for “Confined Space Entry.” A lost opportunity.

  • Now my posts are just going to be all weird ugly statues all the time.

    • Bizarro Mike

      I would support a series of “Spencer visits a weird statue.” Looks like the main trick is to give the statue eyes that don’t quite point the same direction.

    • N__B

      During sweeps week, you have to do an ugly statue that’s also a grave marker so we get the crossover synergy to pull eyeballs away from HBO.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      they aren’t making statues of Eric Trump with braces on his teeth are they?

      … are they???


    • sibusisodan

      That Ronaldo statue was fine until the Spanish lady tried to ‘restore’ it.

      • I cried laughing when I first watched this.

        • What the heck? This was embedding properly earlier.

          • BiloSagdiyev

            This is why you can’t work at google, ladybrains.

        • Unemployed_Northeastern
    • Donaldo!


      ETA: Taken from darth’s twitter. Not sure how to embed tweets here.

      • so-in-so

        The tiny hand is a really great touch!

    • Thirtyish

      Wow. If they were actually going for Ronoldo as Eric Trump an Hapsburg-ugly, fascist looking guy, then, uh, well done?

    • Unemployed_Northeastern

      I mean, it looks nothing like him: where are his earrings?

  • Thom

    What I don’t understand (though I should, I live in Texas) is why anyone is surprised by the things DJT is saying now. The following was in the first 2 minutes of his opening campaign speech, after a parade of attacks on other countries (China, Japan and Mexico) re trade:

    “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    I know everyone knows this, but really, this has been him all along.

    • FlipYrWhig

      That just shows that Trump sees good people everywhere! Good people among Mexican immigrants, good people at armed Nazi demonstrations, he’s really just a good-hearted guy who sees the best in everyone. :/

      • Thom

        Good point!

    • Murc

      What I don’t understand (though I should, I live in Texas) is why anyone is surprised by the things DJT is saying now.

      Real answer?

      A lot of people thought that was campaign trail bullshit and that once in office, Trump would do what normal presidents do and actually own up to the responsibilities placed on him a little bit. I mean, they really believed that. They’re honestly surprised that what we saw on the campaign trail was what we were getting, because they’re used to Republicans riding virulent and incoherent hatred into office and then governing with respectable, politely phrased, coherent hatred.

      Like… John Judis had a piece in TPM a couple days ago. Let’s check the opening graf:

      When Donald Trump won the presidency last November, I believed that he
      would grow into the presidency. I attributed his incendiary views on
      Mexicans or his past promotion of birtherism to campaign theatrics. He
      was looking for applause (votes). When he became president, he would be
      humbled by his responsibility to govern the entire nation (rather than
      energizing the faithful) and his role as world leader. He would still
      press some of his policies on trade, immigration, taxes, and
      infrastructure, but would do so soberly and with a view toward winning
      majority support.

      Now, I like John Judis. I do. But he’s been completely wrongfooted by Trump, played for an idiot, ever since Il Douche burst on the scene two years ago. Watching him forlornly look at the man thinking “He’s gonna propose that trillion-dollar infrastructure bill! Any day now! And surely he couldn’t have actually intended to follow through on all that insane white nationalism, he was just doing what Republicans do, right?” It’s been increasingly desperate behavior on his part and honestly its sort of pathetic. (And him drinking some of that “class not race” kool-aid during that period right after the election when we all went a little bit nuts didn’t do him any favors.)

      But my larger point is… Judis isn’t alone. An awful, awful lot of people thought that Trump was just another Republican. No. He isn’t. The normal rules don’t apply. The sooner folks realize that, the better.

      • Thom

        Thanks. It is a delicate balance between realizing that DJT is not “just another Republican” though, and also realizing that fundamentally the R party embraces much of his worldview, just, as you put it, “governing with respectable, politely phrased, coherent hatred.”

        • Steve LaBonne

          He’s just a Republican who is so stupid that he can’t tell the difference between a dog whistle and a foghorn.

          • Junipermo

            Even expert dog whistlers would manage not to hang up on world leaders, threaten North Korea with “fire and fury”, and start yapping about using pig-blood tipped bullets. It’s not just that Trump lacks subtlety. He lacks the most basic understanding of the job of POTUS and anything even approaching factual understanding of, well, anything.

            • FlipYrWhig

              He told the Pershing story _during_ the campaign. His critique of the Iraq War was that it was being fought by pussies who wouldn’t commit enough atrocities to win.

              • solidcitizen

                To expand on the popular meme: But, Clinton could not provide a pithy response to questions about her emails. Why talk about the insane white supremacist lies Trump said every day on the stump, when you could talk about the failure of the Clinton team to come up with a 10 word answer about the emails? I have no doubt that to this day there are still members of the national media who are more appalled by Clinton’s inability to come up with an adequate sound bite than they are Trump’s batshittery.

                • Bluesmank

                  Judis still does it in the linked article. Not about emails, exactly, but talking about how – ‘He only won the election because his opponent ran an awful campaign and was victimized by FBI director James Comey’s last minute intervention.’

                  Was it really so hard to say, ‘sure, the emails are problematic, but not even in the same sport as calling Mexicans rapists?’

                  Didn’t seem to at the time, doesn’t seem so now.

              • mnuba

                Bomb the shit out of them, go after their families, bring back much worse than waterboarding, etc. etc.

              • CP

                His critique of the Iraq War was that it was being fought by pussies who wouldn’t commit enough atrocities to win.

                I just love all these people who honestly think that the real problem with jihadists is that everybody’s too nice to them, and if only they were up against someone who really took the gloves off and stopped caring so much about human rights and the laws of war, we’d never hear from them again!

                … because, you know, the Soviets, the Assads, and Saddam Hussein were all such fluffy little bunny rabbits.

                • BiloSagdiyev

                  +1 Egyptian prison system.

                • mnuba

                  The same people have been making the same argument about the Vietnam War as well for decades. At least they’re consistent.

                • CP

                  “All right, kids! You vacation time under the charitable and benevolent rule of Imperial Japanese fascism is over! We’re going to show you what a tough boss really looks like!”

            • tsam100

              You may be right, though I’m kind of wondering if he doesn’t actually have some level of understanding, but just rejects it. “I mean, just look at all this money I got–obviously I do everything right, see?”

              • FlipYrWhig

                IMHO he thinks “being me has worked out pretty great so far, giving me a life of big money, tall buildings, naked ladies, global celebrity, and now I’m the fucking President of the United States. Why should I change what works?”

                • tsam100

                  That’s it. I’m pretty sure that’s the way he thinks, paired with the moronic assumption that running a nation and running a real estate empire built on swindling people are like, ya know, totally the same.

                • BiloSagdiyev

                  I was thinking the same thing this morning: early in his adult life he had loads of money and started fucking models. At what point would he have to learn details, nuance, subtlety, the falliblity of Man to include himself? No lessons learned. Ever. Not even how to learn. (Like, say, how to look up whether Pershing and the pig blood story is even real.)

                • mattmcirvin

                  As head of the Trump Organization, he could fire anyone who told him no, and there would be no repercussions. I think he is truly baffled that it doesn’t entirely work that way when you’re the President.

                  I get the impression that he is actually miserable right now. But he does not have the capacity to do anything about it but lash out angrily.

            • BiloSagdiyev

              Shorter: this guy’s a real jerk!

          • so-in-so

            That’s what the “base” wanted. Blow the dog whistle too long and they get de-sensitized and want to hear it loud. Then the corporate and country club set get a bit unhappy, but there’s still tax cuts…
            Up to the point (maybe) you cuddle up to honest-to-god Nazis.

        • Josh Barro (of all people) had a very good column on this yesterday. http://www.businessinsider.com/republicans-now-have-an-ethical-obligation-to-quit-trumps-party-2017-8 He makes the argument, simply but elegantly, that there is pretty much nothing left of the republican party other than white supremacists.

          • Murc

            Wow. I’m actually less of a hardliner than Josh Barro on something.

            I don’t think that Republicans have an ethical obligation exit their party, per se. I do, however, think they have an ethical obligation to oppose Trump. You can have the Republican label and actually act like you’re a member of the Party of Lincoln.

            The problem here is that any Republican that tried this would most likely find themselves ejected from the party. MAYBE Susan Collins could get away with it. Aside from her I’m having trouble envisioning a Republican Senator or Congressperson (although of course I don’t know them all or their political circumstances) who could come out as openly, stridently anti-Trump and anti-white supremacy and not get killed in a primary.

            And even Collins is dubious. The fine, upstanding Republicans of Maine gave us Paul LePage.

            • Have you seen the Republican party platform? Ethical and moral people have an absolute moral and ethical obligation to leave the hollow remnants of the Republican party. What they do after that is their business but anyone who walks with Nazis, KKK’ers, Trumpists and the Koch Brothers simply can’t call themselves an ethical or moral person at this point.

      • Junipermo

        Judis and a lot of other people have spectacularly bad judgement, then. I mean, weapons-grade bad.

      • FlipYrWhig

        I honestly can’t imagine anyone thinking that Trump could be “humbled” by, or after, getting elected president. That remarkable turn of events for that particular person was bound to have an aggrandizing effect, not a humbling one.

        • Ash

          Also, people tell you who they are. The way they act on the campaign trail is also who they actually are, if somewhat distorted by the media and people’s expectations. Nothing Trump has done since he won the Electoral College has truly surprised me.

      • mds

        When he became president, he would be humbled by his responsibility

        … suggested absolutely nothing in his life up to this point.

      • addicted4444

        A lot of people on the left thought he was a Leftist in Republican clothing.

        For me, the election cycle truly exposed some of the political naïveté on the left. I mean, even if you hate everything Hillary stood for, the obvious reality was that Donald Trump was at best slightly worse than her on all those issues. Unless, like a lot on the left, you thought that Donald Trump was a pacifist (lolololol) or that a real estate guy who made his money by stuffing contractors and declaring bankruptcy and scamming people out of money through Trump U was actually gonna look out for the little guy rather than his friends who were pretty much all the scummiest lot of bankers and lawyers you can find.

        • A lot of people on the left thought he was a Leftist in Republican clothing.

          i always assumed that was just lefties seeking cover for their anti-Clinton stances.

          • Murc

            Which surprises me, because you’d think those guys would just have gotten on the Bernie or Bust train.

            • FlipYrWhig

              I wonder how many Sanders primary->Trump general voters there were. I think it was a large number. But I don’t think it was “lefties” in particular, just people who really hate Hillary Clinton, either because of something something corporations, something something war, or something something dishonest bitch.

              • mattmcirvin

                There were a fair number of habitual Republican voters who crossed over to vote against Clinton in the Democratic primary. Sanders’ team seemed insistent on preserving their right to do it.

            • it’s also possible some of them were just Russian trolls sewing discontent.

              i know i ran into quite a few people who seemed to fit that description, last summer.

        • Murc


          It was classic “I believe what this guys is saying, not what he was doing!” wishful thinking.

          I mean… it did clarify things for me. There really is a big constituency within the Republican Party for white nationalism, or at the very least economic nationalism. That sort of surprised me. It’s a constituency that hasn’t been well-served by Republican politicians for many years, if ever. And there’s also a bunch of people on the left who wanted to hear a national politician announce things like full-scale trade wars and that he’d punish corporations that fucked over Americans. (To be fair, I’d like those things to happen as well, for some context of “trade war” and “punishment.” But I’d like to think I wasn’t blinded by Trump.)

          Thing is, Trump isn’t going to serve that constituency either. Huey Long he ain’t, and that should’ve been obvious.

          • mattmcirvin

            There are also a bunch of white guys on the left who believe the left lost its way by championing minority rights, women’s rights and cultural issues in place of economic/worker-based leftism. I think Trump’s explicit racism and sexism appealed to them–they associated everything he hated with “corporate Democrats”.

        • JDTrust

          I agree with your assessment, but I am compelled to note one flaw in it. I believe the last line should read “…rather than his (he-wishes-they-were) friends (even though they will barely give him the time of day when he’s being a useful functionary, and who will deny any association at the second hint of potential embarrassment)…”

          I would have said “first hint of embarrassment” in my updated analysis — but, really, if they haven’t been embarrassed by association at least once already, I don’t suspect they ever will be.

        • tsam100

          I don’t know if I’d go with naivete, but there were a lot of supposed liberals who, once Bernie was out, figured we were fucked either way (???) and it didn’t matter if Clinton or Trump won. I’d be curious to know how many still defend that kind of utter fucking batshit insanity.

          • N__B

            I’d assume that justification is gone down the memory hole.

            • mattmcirvin

              Well, a bunch of them were old 2000 Naderites who were saying the same damn thing then, and you’d have thought that the GWB administration would have taught them better, but no.

              • N__B

                Now I want Mel Brooks to record “The 2000-Year-Old Naderite.”

          • solidcitizen

            Still have nominal leftists on Facebook who will remind us that Trump pulled out of the TPP and plans a $1T infrastructure bill.

            I was talking with a liberal professional type yesterday about unions. I was telling her how fucked public unions were going to be when we lost fair share next year. She was bit puzzled because Trump was for unions, right? “No,” says I. “But that’s his base, right? Union people?” We talked about it for a bit and I explained about Trump and lying, but she came away from the conversation telling me not to lose hope, because Trump really would not want to hurt his base.

            • tsam100

              Whoa. How in the hell… I gonna hafta drop an “I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS SHIT”

            • tsam100

              GODDAMNIT How in the hell does ANYONE not understand that Trump doesn’t give a single fuck about anyone but himself???

            • BiloSagdiyev

              Ow… my head… I would rather she not vote, and I also don’t want her participating in the quadrennial Everybody Repair Your Own Car Day.

        • mnuba

          A lot of people projected a lot of breathtakingly wrong policy positions onto Trump because he was described as a “populist” and ignored literally everything else about the man’s 70 years on this planet.

      • Shalimar

        I like Judis too, but I stopped reading as soon as I saw his name starting last year because he was way too charitable to Trump. At least he finally understands his blind spot.

      • tsam100

        This. I thought he might have brought in at least a few people who could filter his crazy to a reasonable degree–like I think Jared is likely capable of coming up with a public statement that, while not very intelligent or thoughtful, at least wouldn’t be outright offensive. I think the problem is that THE Donald is THE Donald and he’s so comfortable in his own divinity that he shall not be arsed to compose a statement that isn’t breathtakingly fucking stupid and offensive.

        • JDTrust

          So, in theory, DJT could stand for Divine Jackass Tangerine?

          • tsam100

            I like it.

      • Justin Runia

        That, and a basic failure to reckon at how the US government actually works; no mater what left-field Bannonite populist sparks Trump gave off in his campaign, he still had to convince the existing Republican caucus to pass his proposals. Why is Green Lantern-ism so hard to shake?

        • Murc

          I think the assumption was Trump would propose things that Democrats would vote for and enough Republicans would get on board.

          I mean. In the abstract, sure. If Trump proposed a massive entirely debt-financed trillion dollar infrastructure program with an emphasis on green energy and no public/private boondoggles, absolutely the Democrats should vote for it.

          But he’s Donald fuckin’ Trump. He’s never gonna propose something like that!

      • Maybe someone else has said this already but I think people like Judis simply could not believe that a wealthy new york white man could be so fucking stupid, incoherent, and inept. Its what rikyrah over at balloon juice calls the “curve” for white men but it really a kind of glamor that is thrown over wealthy men. There is a cushion of privilege that surrounds them that blinds people who only see them at a distance from realizing that these are people who never had to function at all: never had to pick up their own groceries, never had to do their own laundry, never had to walk anywhere because a limo was always available. They are non functional, stunted, mentally deficient in a way that no ordinary person could ever be. They have been protected from thought, work, and the consequences of bad decisions for their entire lives. There is no “growing” in office and there is no resumption of normal functioning after a brief period (the campaign) of mere pandering. Trump never pandered. He simply got up and surfed the waves of hate and fear and greed that his voters threw at him, and promised them more and more of it. There wasn’t a canny businessman or a thoughtful policy person who was just pretending to be crazy.

        • Hypersphericalcow

          It makes me think that Judis does not actually personally know many wealthy New York white men. I’ve encountered some of them, and calling them “braying jackasses” would be a compliment.

      • BiloSagdiyev

        Judis’s problem? He’s sane and normal. I think many sane and normal people cannot begin to comprehend when somebody … differently saned appears and starts doing horrible shit. They keep trying to process that kook’s rampage through the filter of their own assumption of a world that makes sense. A kook running amok can really go nuts for a while before the normals realize that it’s time to take action.
        (I just finished lunch, so I’ll Godwin: Just like 1939!!!)

        • sibusisodan

          “Differently saned” is glorious.

          • N__B

            It make me think of poor little Delirium.

            “What do you call it when things aren’t the same any more?”


            “I was afraid of that.”

        • CP

          I seem to remember an Orwell quote, but I can’t find it, where he says that ultimately, what made so many early twentieth century bourgeois unable to see the Holocaust or Stalin’s purges coming wasn’t a failure of reason but a failure of imagination.

      • fishieman

        Obama had a money quote about Trump just after the election (I think) that I can’t for the life of me find. But to paraphrase it was that the pressures of the job of the president don’t soften character traits, rather it amplifies them. Following that he basically gave a warning that Trump would need to be mindful of that (Ha!).

        If anyone remembers that and has a link handy I would be grateful if you could share it.

        • Junipermo

          Smart man, that Obama. Boy, do I miss him.

          • Murc

            In my fantasy world, Obama runs for Governor of Illinois next year. Either of them.

            I know this won’t happen. Barack Obama has earned his retirement. But god, sometimes I lean back and think about it for just a bit.

            • BiloSagdiyev

              Christ! There are two Illinois now? I’ve got to stop sniffing glue and read the newspaper more often.

        • Rob Patterson

          Are you thinking of Michelle Obama’s line, “Being president doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are”?

          • fishieman

            Nope. Finally found it. From his first press conference after the election:

            ” I think what will happen with the president-elect is there are going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them and corrects them.”

    • Thirtyish

      Part of me–the large, cynical part of me–wonders if it was his explicit defense of neo-nazis that was the bridge too far this time. I mean, America was by and large cool with him bagging on Mexicans, the Chinese, and Japanese (i.e. foreigners). It’s not like the things he was saying about these people were any less monstrous, but everyday Americans and the media alike were clearly willing to look the other way. But once he starts defending nazis (who for most people are past the moral event horizon), then that’s the straw. It’s a working theory I have, anyway.

      • tsam100

        I read a quick article this morning that discussed polling approval/disapproval of his Charlottesville handling. The number of Republicans that were just fine with his faceplant is still in the upper 70s. Thing is, a plurality of people who identify as Republicans are some combination of shitty people and stupid people.

  • Bizarro Mike

    I’ve been seeing more articles along the line of this Vegas Tengold piece about the failure of policing in Charlottesville. It would be good to have a more comprehensive account of what happened, but as it stands now, it is hard for me to believe that there was a big failure to prevent violence on the part of the cops.

    And in a related note, I don’t understand how we have the term “armed protesters.” There aren’t armed protesters. That’s a mob.

    ETA, much later: I meant to say that “it is hard for me to believe that there wasn’t a big failure to prevent violence on the part of the cops.”

    • Steve LaBonne

      That’s the conclusion I have arrived at from my reading. And you know what? If the cops won’t protect peaceful demonstrators from violent yahoos, my hat is off to whoever is willing to put their bodies on the line to do so.

    • I am extremely angry with GBH, our public broadcasting group, because I just listened to their coverage of the “free speech” protest and counter protest, which I will be at in Boston tomorrow. If you didn’t know what had happened in Charlottesville you would be under the impression that the “free speech” protesters were harmless and unassociated with violence and nazi extremism, and that all threat of violence came from the counterprotestors. And they let the “free speech” guy–an asshole fake libertarian named Medlar, act like all violence was a result of bad policing. This is absolutely the line they are pushing about charlottesville. And they are letting the media push the content of their speech and its meaning historically out of the discussion.

      • Bizarro Mike

        It is both, though. The police did not do enough to prevent violence. That’s on them. They failed in their responsibility to the public. But ultimately, the nazis are responsible for the violence in a criminal justice sense. A sane society could try to understand how the police failure occurred, fire those responsible, and fix the process WHILE AT THE SAME TIME deploring the people actually starting fights.

        • Sure, but they let Medlar (the organizer of the “free speech” rally) explain that his group would not end up in a violent confrontation because the boston police would be so good–shifting the blame for what happened in C’ville to the local police and implying that the riots were the product of left wing bad acts, rather than the acts of the nazi marchers. I object to WGBH refusing to ask what the torch light chants of “Jews will not replace us” were meant to convey other than a violent program directed at fellow citizens? I wanted the reporters to ask what the actual content of the “free speech” program was and how the stated content fit with an actual political program? Stop letting people obfuscate what they are doing.

      • haroldo

        It’s why WGBH and WBUR don’t get my money anymore – they are stunningly gutless.

    • From what I’ve heard, (I live in Cville, I dropped the ball and had no clue what was going to happen and so I was out of town Saturday) the police didn’t step in to break up the fighting and push the Nazis out until the Nat Guard was mobilized. The police weren’t really prepared to handle this, and its hard for me personally to see how they could have or should have been considering what they faced. These kinds of armed rallies simply can’t be allowed.

      The Governor mentioned on the Pod save the people podcast that outside of the car attack, no one was hospitalized. I don’t know if that still holds up, but all things considered, and I’m not uncritical of police, I don’t know what they could have done knowing what they knew and expected. As a community we were blindsided.

  • so-in-so

    Cool movie idea:Superheroes stand in line & fill out permits so it’s cool to destroy buildings during fights. Educational? yes Exciting? YES

    Err, wasn’t that Marvel Civil War?

  • Amadan

    My foo has failed me, but someone here may be able to locate the Far Side cartoon of a man standing on the street holding a hammer [?] with which he has clearly just clobbered several passers-by. Two cops by him look wonderingly at a sheet of paper, saying “Well waddaya know, Doug, he does have a permit!”

    How we laughed.

  • Amadan

    In the meanwhile, we’ll have to make do with this:

  • I can’t find it now, but I read somewhere that they DID have permits.

    tRump is probably confusing his personal approval with permission. Again.

    • tRump is probably confusing his personal approval with permission. Again.

      Certainly that would clarify any lingering questions about consensual pussy-grabbing.

  • sibusisodan

    Excellent. Hope you’re well, Aimai, or at least as much as can be expected in the current craziness.

    • Hey! Its nice to “see” you guys. I do read here every day but my new life is insanely busy and I don’t have time to post much. We are well (-ish) but I have to admit I am dreading going to my second anti fascist rally in a week–went last saturday to the common for an impromptu one and this saturday am taking my girls and heading to Roxbury for the march into boston to counterprotest the actual fake libertarians/fascists/kkk/nazis who show up for their little demo. I don’t think there will be violence, but who can tell?

      • Hypersphericalcow

        Longtime lurker, also a long-time fan, and it’s good to see your back again. Stay safe at the protests.

      • Lurker

        Nice to see you here, too, Aimai! I’m particularly happy about your selection of avatar. Little Mu is a well-known symbol for dogged pursuit of equality and freedom. She suits you well, carries ideology in a nice way and does great honour to my country, her creator, Tove Jansson being a Finn.

        Stay safe.

    • Seconding. Always great to see you, Aimai.

      • Right back at you! Your posts are always a delight and bring a slight leavening to the anti ketchup and battleship posts! The little vacuum slayer is getting so big! I can’t believe that I remember his early, adorable, vacuum slayer picture. My youngest is heading off to college in two weeks. Time is moving fast.

  • Gator90

    Saw a cable news guest last night — some right wing dildo whose name I didn’t catch — assertively contending that the Nazis in Charlottesville were innocent victims of left wing violence. Of course he trotted out the “permit” talking point. He got plenty of pushback, but he was treated with respect and thanked for his time.

    Is this how normalization happens?

    • tsam100

      That’s the problem. The inclination is to say “OH FUCK YOU GO TO HELL AND DIE YOU FUCKING NAZI PIECE OF SHIT”. But that video gets passed around and of course we’re the violent left for not tolerating genocidal animals to gain power in our society. You’re sort of fucked either way. Crazy bastards hold the upper hand in these confrontations because it’s easy to convince other crazy bastards that they aren’t crazy bastards, but instead that we’re crazy bastards.

    • Are you talking about Ari Melber’s show? That was a travesty.

      • Gator90

        Yeah, that was it. I remember being appalled in the Bush years as “pro-torture” became, well, a thing. Now pro-Nazi is a thing.

    • Unemployed_Northeastern


  • N__B

    OT, from the Twitts: “Dear God, if you want us to impeach Trump, give us a sign. Blot out the sun.”

  • Joe Paulson

    Stephen Bannon going?

    I’m sure he will stay close lipped. #popcorn

    [Yes. He probably was a leaker already. More opportunity now.]

    • N__B

      The notice I got said that DJT and his aides are “discussing how and when” to push him out. What the fuck, is he Rasputin? He survived poisoning, drowning, and stabbing so they’re not sure what to do? Maybe someone in the White House could pretend they’re an adult and kick Bannon in the ass in front of an open door.

      • Joe Paulson

        Guy was a major player in getting Trump in power in the first place, including using the media. Sort of person you might rather have inside than outside pissed off.

        • N__B

          He holds views abhorrent to a majority of people in the country, he’s a drunk, and he’s been building his own power base within the organization from the moment he was hired. Only an idiot would want him on the inside…oh, wait, DJT.

          • CP

            And only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots would actually let him make policy… oh wait, DJT.

      • mnuba

        If only there were someone in the White House who was, say, famous for publicly firing people

  • billcinsd

    Superheroes needing permits was a plot point in The first Tick live action series, Episode 4, The License. Written by Larry Charles

  • Hypersphericalcow

    Jesus, that statue is even more unnerving than the one of Nathan Bedford Forest that was posted a while ago.

    ETA: Okay, so I see that like 50 other people have made the same joke. I was out for lunch!

  • Pet Peeve: the “Unite the Right” did not have permits. Well, they had them, but they were for a different time than when they were assembling. Theirs went form noon to 5, shit started by 10am.

  • Murc

    This sort of stuff really grinds my gears.

    It’s like, yes. In general, people should not tear down statues just because they’re offended by them. But there are also substantive moral issues involved; what was the statue of? What was its purpose? What was the aim of the people involved? Are they taking responsibility for their actions? If not, are they in a context where asking them to do that would, itself, be a grotesque miscarriage of justice?

    I’m usually hugely in favor of legal and procedural legitimacy; the Bush years radicalized me in this regard. I don’t like vigilantism and vandalism becoming normalized, because historically speaking those things becoming normalized is bad news for the least powerful among us.

    But y’know what? Despite all those things, I have trouble getting worked up over people tearing down statues to slave-taking traitors and cowards, then cheerfully walking up to the cops and daring them to arrest and fine them. I’m pretty okay with that. It’s somewhat hypocritical of me but there you go. The actual substantive content, as opposed to the formal circumstances, matters sometimes.

  • Daddy Trump, we now know, consorted with the KKK.
    The next question should be: What did Fred do during WWII? Still not known, but the neighborhood where Trump Manor was located was heavily German and throughout the war (like Wall Street and Big Business) heavily pro-Germany.
    So loving Nazis is Donald’s personal heritage. And like a true pathological narcissist, cannot evolve. Besides, being a complete shit of a human being has worked well for him.

  • tsam100
  • Tim Reynolds

    I don’t care about permits, but peaceful protesters do not show up at rallies with baseball bats and weapons.

    No. Fucking. Violence.

    Jesus Christ, that this even needs to be said…

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