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Bold Truth Teller Bravely Stands Up to the Deep State


Derek Hunter observes that the Deep State has tasked reporters with using the most unscrupulous tactics to resist Trump’s threats to the neoliberalneoconThinkProgressHeritageFoundation establishment:

The Washington Post published complete transcripts of President Trump’s phone conversations with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Australia. There was no news value in them; they simply took out portions to present out-of-context to embarrass the president. That was enough for the Post to stop its presses, but it is a decision that will do real damage to the presidency and the country.

Seems nefarious!

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  • Donna Gratehouse

    I seem to remember, in 2016, a bunch of relatively unimportant leaked emails of politicos talking trash being presented in the same way by that same establishment that did real damage to the presidency and the country.

    • N__B

      That’s crazy talk. The run-up to the 2016 election was an unblemished exercise of popular demagoguery with no nastiness whatsoever.

    • Brian J.

      And most people who consider themselves on the Left were thrilled. They believed that the Deep State had a duty to destroy a politician whose election would inevitably bring Doomsday.

      Most of them are still quite happy to have succeeded.

  • uykhvasdrvtjyku

    The context makes the transcript much more embarrassing, not less so.

  • Robbert

    It’s true, they did take all the sane parts out of the complete transcripts. Somehow these heavily edited transcripts ended up being completely identical to the unabridged versions.

    • It’s the New Transubstantiation: the sane essence is removed, and only the accidents of the interview remain. And what accidents they are!

      • sibusisodan

        You can do what steps you want if
        You have cleared them with Flynn Bannon Priebus Kelly

      • Trump is the little cracker with some whine.

  • Hypersphrericalcow

    What was most disturbing about that transcript with Mexico is that Trump was talking as if he was doing a business negotiation, not a foreign-policy conversation, and and he was doing a terrible job of it! Any of the characters from Glengarry Glen-Ross could run circles around this guy.

    • Angry Jack Lemon voice “You’re a child Donny, a fucking child!”

    • hellslittlestangel

      I was also reminded of William H Macy’s character from Fargo.

      • TJ


        Trump to Nieto, sweatfully: Okay. I GUARANTEE you’ll get your money back.

        Nieto: Jeez, Donny, I’m not talking about your word.

    • Hypersphrericalcow

      Building on this, for someone who is supposedly the greatest deal-maker in human history, Trump seems unable to comprehend that he has less than zero leverage. His “partner” in the “negotiations” for this “deal” has extremely strong incentives to stonewall him.

      Peña Nieto doesn’t care what campaign promises Trump made. He doesn’t care if it makes Trump look bad. Hell, making Trump look bad is probably a plus for him! And Trump doesn’t get it. To follow on the Simpsons theme, Gil Gunderson didn’t give off this much flop sweat.

      • TinEar

        I think I forgot to ever actually make this joke in the relevant thread but the whole Mexico transcript had me repeatedly thinking “You have completely misunderstood the nature of this relationship”

      • FMguru

        Trump’s awfulness as a negotiator and a businessman has been repeatedly noted. I particularly liked the run-up to the recent AHCA Senate vote, when he spent his limited non-golfing time (1) dining with SUPPORTERS of the bill and (2) haranguing the ENTIRE Republican caucus (who were 95% in support of the bill), instead of focusing on the critical handful of Senators whose votes were in play.

        • weirdnoise

          instead of focusing on the critical handful of Senators whose votes were in play.

          He’s an astonishingly timid person when it comes to situations where he might encounter face-to-face disagreements that he can’t bat down immediately with veiled or overt threats.

          • weirdnoise

            Josh Marshall was one of the first to note that Trump’s entire world view is focused on dominance. You might say he’s dominated by his need to dominate beyond all else. This connects directly to the conservative obsession with social hierarchy which is why he garnered so much support despite having no substantial political philosophy of his own.

        • Bitter Scribe

          He did get to one guy, and there will be Heller to pay.

        • Robbert

          I also like how he always signals his gameplan ahead of time. While I’m certainly not the world-class negotiator Trump claims to be, I still feel confident saying that’s not how world-class negotiating works.

          • Hogan

            In the game of chess you must never allow your adversary to see your pieces.

      • YNWA40515

        Speaking of the Simpsons, that transcript reminded me of this:


    • CP

      What was most disturbing about that transcript with Mexico is that Trump was

      talking as if he was doing a business negotiation, not a foreign-policy conversation, and he was doing a terrible job of it! Any of the characters from Glengarry Glen-Ross could run circles around this guy.

      ::Joe Pesci voiceover:: “The only trouble with Piscano was, the guy was a disaster. This guy could fuck up a cup of coffee.”

      • Hypersphrericalcow

        My go-to phrase is “he could fuck up a baked potato”, but “cup of coffee” works just as well.

  • Cognitive dissonance in verse:

    They published complete transcripts of the interviews
    But I tell you! They were fake news
    For they took out portions to present
    Out of context, to embarrass the President!
    So “complete” is not complete
    Those leakers are way too indiscreet
    And too discreet at the same time
    And the mantra that protects
    You from your words is “Out of context!”

  • tsam100

    There was no news value in them;

    More proof that Trump is an incompetent moron and used his suppliers like an old dish rag is very valuable to the public. Also, fuck you. You don’t get to cry because you’re embarrassed by Daddy. You picked him.

    • Marty Tarver

      Look at the fucking piece of shit you picked. Oh we can’t because Oblomo didn’t wiretap himself.

      • PohranicniStraze

        Poe’s Law is harsh but fair.

        • YNWA40515

          I think this tells you all you need to know about Mr. Tarver:

          “I have always thought that climate change is a conspiracy to install a
          one world “UN” government and to impose population controls.”

          The derp is strong with this one.

  • Lost Left Coaster

    Commenters over there are really taking Hunter to task for this massive contradiction in the space of a couple of sentences…ha ha, just kidding, it’s a big pro-Trump circle jerk.

  • Technocrat

    It’s embarrassing that any American would use the phrase “slow-rolling coup” to describe our politics while Venezuelan military is trying to stage an actual uprising.

    • To be fair, the government of Venezuela itself isn’t coming off looking particularly good here either. That whole country is a clusterfuck right now, in a way probably exceeding even ours.

      • Deborah Bender

        Exceeding ours by an order of magnitude, IMHO.

        We don’t have people fainting from hunger while standing in bread lines.

        • We don’t have people fainting from hunger while standing in bread lines.

          Well, why the hell not? I mean, if anything would be a significant MAGA milestone, that would!

      • Marty Tarver


        • TJ

          wrong place

          • Marty Tarver

            It’s always the right place to warn the simple minded the dangers of Socialism. ALWAYS!

            • TJ

              Um, not what I meant. But you keep being you, rascal.

      • Technocrat

        I’d say definitely exceeding ours. Not even in the same ballpark. That’s why I think it’s unnecessarily hyperbolic to describe our political furor as any sort of “coup” – slow-rolling or not.

  • Owlbear1

    Yeah Dirk, it’s pretty obvious even you have stopped paying attention to you.

  • Harkov311

    I see the Greenwald brigade is busily trying to redefine “elite” to mean “literally everyone in the mainstream of U.S. politics and journalism.”

    • Scott Lemieux

      With the exception of any Republican elected officials

    • sanjait

      Everyone you have ever heard of* is elite as is any staffer ever in government.

      *Except Republicans and conservative mega donors.

  • sanjait

    Suffer hobgoblins of consistency, he does not.

  • MariedeGournay

    The news value was that despite the president of Australia’s slow, deliberate, simple explanation of the country’s immigration laws and refugee policy, the president of the United States did not understand what he was saying one wit. The news value is showing in broad daylight Trump’s deep seated idiocy, and his supposed negotiation skills is a mummer’s farce. The news value is that we are being ruled by very stupid man.

    • Deborah Bender

      Someone here IIRC suggested that Trump didn’t grasp the explanation because he doesn’t know that Australia is an island.

      • MariedeGournay
      • sigaba

        “Oh yeah Australia, I loved the Sound of Music.”

        • MikeG

          In Innsbruck they sell t-shirts with a pictogram of a kangaroo and the words, “No Kangaroos in Austria”.

      • Marty Tarver

        It’s a continent dumbass.

        • JR in WV

          But their refugee prison is on an island elsewhere in the South Pacific, not in Australia at all. A detail probably difficult to explain to Mr Trump WITH several color maps with arrows and descriptions on them.

          • jmwallach

            Are you paying your fair share for our gitmo idea? Did you even pay a licensing fee?

          • sigaba

            Australia should rename the refugee center “Trump Island.”

    • Marty Tarver

      Well, if it’s their immigration policy it doesn’t mean Australia can shipping their refugees to the US, YOU STUPID, INBRED MORON.

      • John Griffone

        No, the fact that our government negotiated an agreement to take 1250 refugees who were stuck in limbo because of Australia’s immigration policy means Australia can ship their refugees to the US. Also, the fact that Australia is a continent doesn’t make it any less an island. A piece of advice: someone with your obvious lack of comprehension skills should probably not be calling others so many impolite names.

    • ColBatGuano

      Plus, did no one on the White House staff brief him ahead of the call? Either they were too afraid to give him bad news or he was too stupid to understand their explanation as well. He has the best brain.

      • Robbert

        To be fair to the staffers, there are some things you’d think are so obvious you wouldn’t bother to mention them explicitly in your briefing. Like “Australia is our ally”, “it’s an island”, “it ceased to be a British penal colony quite some time ago”, and so on.

  • hellslittlestangel

    The president is a hateful, senile simpleton? Eh, no big.

    Revealing that the president is a hateful, senile simpleton? Treason!

    • Marty Tarver

      You still sucking dick for living?

      • hellslittlestangel

        Sorry, I can’t accept your job offer.

      • John Griffone

        You’re just not very smart, are you?

        • FMguru

          I wonder which dumbass troll re-reg his is?

          • Geo X

            To me, it doesn’t sound like any of the established trolls. It sounds…I know it sound weird to say this, but I’d say it sounds less sophisticated than the others. Yeah, obviously, they’re not really “sophisticated,” but they have a rudimentary knowledge of how to push people’s buttons. Whereas this one is just turning beet-red and shouting, to extremely limited trolling effect.

            • hellslittlestangel

              Do trolls have a larval stage? It’s not hard to imagine a bunch of them squirming around in a pile of shit.

  • sibusisodan

    Something struck me from recent events:

    More than 472 years ago, Trump ate some beautiful chocolate cake. He also got a crash course in regional politics from the Chinese President. Many people don’t know this, but it’s actually really complicated!

    Oh good, we thought: Trump has learned something and will stop tweeting at China to make N Korea behave.

    Oh dear, we then thought. Trump is so easily led? By regional adversaries?

    Not to worry: this week Trump resumed tweeting at China over N Korea.

    He is untrainable and unreachable. His ego-demands will always win over talking points or policy facts.

    That’s bad for everyone involved.

  • sigaba

    Trump claimed the day before the leak in a signing statement that he was a better negotiator than Congress. He raised the issue, case closed.

  • JR in WV

    OK, here is a real challenge.

    Which of those two sentences is the complete and total lie, and which one is the out-of-context fabrication? That first sentence about the Washington Post “published complete transcripts”, or that second sentence about “they simply took out portions to present out-of-context to embarrass the president”?

    Because both of those sentences can NOT be true in any universe I ever expect to live in.

    This guy makes Trump seem normal, as opposed to the actual world. What a “maroon” to quote the great philosopher B. Bunny.

    • jmwallach

      True is whatever is on the page at the moment.

  • Anna in PDX

    Troll cleanup please

    • ColBatGuano


  • Bas-O-Matic

    Do we know for sure the leaks came from the US?

    • Deborah Bender

      I think the reasoning is that the phone calls to the two premiers were released at the same time, and Mexico and Australia did not have access to each other’s calls, so the leak didn’t come from Mexico or Australia. That leaves the US and entities eavesdropping on the WH as the possible sources.

  • Bitter Scribe

    How dare people slander the President of the United States by quoting his exact words!

    • jmwallach

      It’s libel and slander. And an illegal leak.

  • jmwallach

    Also re Mueller is:
    is overseeing an office leaking like a popped water balloon. He could stop them, if he wanted to, but information about his office not being in the news doesn’t hamper the president, so…

    Um, no. All of the leaks are from WH peeps trying to save themselves.

  • Bonnie

    I heard some buzz that trump leaked the transcripts, which is something he is well-known for.

    • Hogan

      “Yep, that’s me, making the best deals.”

  • forgotmyaccountlol

    A couple things I found of “news value.”

    1. Trump admitting right at the start of his presidency that his promise to make Mexico pay for a wall (ranking only behind his Muslim ban in terms of shameless cynicism) was a sham and trying to get out of it without even a perfunctory attempt to claim to fulfill it.

    2. Trump’s complete inability to distinguish between the interests of Donald Trump and the United States. In both calls Trump is more concerned with the effects on him politically rather than how anything will impact the United States. Nor is he concerned with political effects in terms of losing political capital on the issue to accomplish something, instead avoiding at all negative effects on Donald Trump is an end unto itself.

    3. Trump made a call to the Australian Prime Minister to discuss an issue Trump clearly did not have any understanding of. Clearly a US President should be well briefed on an issue before he discusses it with someone in an official call. Even more concerning is that when the Australian Prime Minister attempted to give a basic explanation, Trump failed to grasp it (as he likely failed to grasp it even if he was given a briefing before the call). This indicates a stark limitation of Trump’s ability or willingness to learn new information. In this case it involves a minor issue, but it gives great credibility to other stories about his complete ignorance over more major topics such as healthcare.

    4. Trump is extremely eager to shower praise upon Vladimir Putin in almost any context.

    5. Trump was lying when he had denied earlier reporting on the Australian call saying it had gone badly.

    6. One of Trump’s claimed attributes, his vaunted negotiating skills and deal making, is completely absent. Trump’s conduct in both calls is starkly amateurish. And while you might say that’s a subjective judgement, the fact that he failed to get any concessions from any leaders tends to speak for itself.

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