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The NRA: America’s Second Largest White Supremacist Organization


The Republican Party is of course the nation’s largest white supremacist organization. But the NRA is second. And in case you thought the goal of this organization was to protect gun rights, let’s be clear that it is only part of the answer. The goal is to give white people lots of guns to “protect” themselves from scary black people.

Grant Stinchfield, a host at the NRA’s online television network, made more incendiary comments about Black Lives Matter activists allegedly stoking “racial hatred” against white people.

Via Media Matters, Stinchfield began a segment on his show by noting that “race relations are strained here in America after eight years of Barack Obama,” although he conceded that they are “nowhere is near as bad as it is in South Africa where white families are being tortured and killed almost every day in racist violence.”

That said, Stinchfield’s guest, Chuck Holton, cautioned viewers to remain vigilant because Black Lives Matter activists could stoke enough animosity to inspire similar violence against white people in the United States.

“Right, you know the parallels between what’s happening in South Africa and the blatant racism and violence we’re seeing from people like the Black Lives Matter crowd,” he said. “If we continue to let this get out of control, to go down this path of this racial tension, this racial hatred that is being forced on the American culture by the Black Lives Matter crowd.”

If you want to argue that the NRA’s real ideology is scaring white people so that gun manufacturers can make more money, that’s fine too, but there’s no fundamental difference except for the level of cynicism involved.

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  • Oppen

    Interesting piece in the Times today about a black woman who carries concealed onto campus: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/24/opinion/why-i-bring-my-gun-to-school.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=opinion-c-col-right-region&region=opinion-c-col-right-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-right-region

    Simplistically attacking all gun owners works as virtue signalling, but it is a lousy strategy for anyone concerned about building coalitions that win elections in this country.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      I think Thomas More said that, too.

    • Erik Loomis

      That woman is a right-wing hack member of Campus Reform making serious wingnut welfare money.

      • Says the man who hogs all the pikes for himself.

      • keta

        Yep. Doubters can browse her web site.

        (And speaking of virtue signalling, note how her name is spelled, suckas!)

      • Oppen

        Black woman on welfare. Okay.

        Do you think she also drives a Cadillac?

        • brad
        • gwen

          “Wingnut welfare” is what he said, i.e. being a paid FOX News contributor (refer to her segment on FOX News re: Assata Shakur).

          The easiest way to make a buck in America is to tell right-wing media consumers exactly what they want to hear.

          I could probably buy a house if I sold out.


        • PressSecretaryCaptainHowdy


        • cpinva

          “Black woman on welfare”

          Loomis was very specific, “wingnut welfare”. she probably drives a 4 wheel drive jeep, paid for by the NRA.

          you’re going to have to do better than that, if you’re going to be a troll on this site. have some stale pancakes and old syrup.

          • djw

            Oppen’s faceplant there reminds me of Joe from Lowell’s great line about conservatives trying to play the race card being like a chimpanzee who get ahold of the researcher’s cell phone. “You just push these buttons! Easy!”

        • Drew

          This guy’s definitely arguing in good faith. I can tell because this is not at all a distortion of Erik’s comment.

        • sigyn

          That certainly was a “Faceplant” there, slick; perhaps you mispelled “face-palm”?

    • Alex

      boo effin’ hoo.

      Only a minority of americans own guns, and I’m sure many of those people are totally reasonable human beings. You can build a great coalition without gun owners, and an even better one without gun nuts!

      Also “there exists at least one african american who owns a gun” is not proof of anything. It’s a country of over 300 million people, I’m sure you can find a person of any identity ready to take on any position.

      People who stockpile weapons because of conspiracy theories that make no sense without a racial context are generally racist.

      But then I have met white people who use the n-word and pretend like it’s not racist at all. Lots of racists lie about their motivations, which is why the rest of us are forced to use some critical thinking.

      • TJ

        Minorities just like whites own guns too. Sometimes just because they’re afraid of white people with guns. To paraphrase Bill Withers it’s not owning the gun that’s the problem it’s what you do with the gun.

        • NeonTrotsky

          Sure, but the NRA is pretty damn hypocritical about this. After all the online rage over the Castile killing, the NRA finally issues at statement that was basically along the lines of “This is why we need to teach people how to interact with police better!”. Funny that they didn’t say that about the Bundys when they were literally pointing guns at federal agents.

        • Anna in PDX

          Hey is this Throttle Jockey? Long time no see.

          • Thirtyish

            God I hope not.

            • wjts

              Pretty sure it is. Unless it’s Norinn Radd, of course.

              • DrS

                Of course it is. He spewed plenty of dumbass gun shit before

              • Drew

                I can’t find the words to describe it, but I recognize the “dumbprints,” as some brilliant LGM commenter coined it.

                • Origami Isopod

                  I think that was Mal.

    • charluckles

      Grew up shooting, and I still own guns. With all due respect, [email protected] that noise.
      You aren’t going to find common ground with these people. It’s cleeks law all over again. Propose any common sense safety law, one you might even find in an ancient NRA platform and you will be attacked.
      Discussion with right wingers in regard to guns and serious gun safety was, for me, one the earliest signs of serious slippage in American “conservatism”

      • CrunchyFrog

        It would be a neat trap. Have the Democrats put in their platform a plank on sensible gun control. Have the NRA and many of their GOP puppets condemn it with their normal extreme rhetoric. Then, have the Democrats reveal the words were taken verbatim from NRA positions in 1975, before the extremist takeover of the group.

        Of course, nothing would change. The point would be completely missed by those who need to learn from it. You know: wingnuts, centrists, the US news media.

      • Oppen

        Meh – the vast majority of American (gun owners and non-gun owners alike) believe that people should be able to own firearms, subject to certain restrictions.

        Gun obsessives on one side think that people should not be allowed to own guns and that guns are just icky or something. Gun obsessives on the other side think that every 15 year old should be able to own a full-auto M4 with no stinking background checks.

        Both sides are tiresome.

        • NeonTrotsky

          I once knew a hardcore pro-gun guy who thought people should be required to own guns. He hilariously also thought the ACA mandate was equivalent to tyranny.

          • Oppen

            If mandatory gun ownership came with rigorous, mandatory training – that might not be such a bad idea: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-21379912

            Firearms safety training in the US is woefully inadequate.

        • ThresherK

          Oooh, a BothSides gambit!

          • Aaron Morrow

            BothSides In Defense Of Racism, no less.

          • Thirtyish

            All that’s missing is a whine about Hitlery being the worst candidate evar.

            • cpinva

              it’s early in the evening, give him time.

        • Philip

          Calling gun control activists “gun obsessives” is like calling both Lenin and the Kochs “capital enthusiasts”

          • Thirtyish

            It’s also what we call a “tell.”

      • diogenes


    • gwen

      Attacking the NRA is not attacking all gun owners.

      If every gun owner was already an NRA member, you wouldn’t see the NRA at gun shows begging people to sign up.

      • sigyn

        Which tailors nicely with CrunchyFrog’s idea for a trap. Only it won’t catch any of the sane, responsible gun-owners anymore. They’ve already left.

        That’s why the NRA is doubling down on the lunatic-fringe appeal; that’s the path they’ve chosen.

        • Sentient AI From The Future

          Well those are the people who think an ar-15 can be used for hunting. Because they’ve either never used any other long gun, or have never been hunting for real (where the primary objective is to harvest some meat, rather than sit around and get drunk with your buds in camp)

          • sigyn

            Does the NRA even try to concern themselves with hunting anymore?

            Back when I was a kid, any kid that wanted to go hunting had to take the NRA safety course. Just because their parents (and uncles) wanted all the lecturing and head-flicking to have an official imprimatur.

            Those good people let their memberships lapse.
            I live in South-freaking-Dakota and I can count the number of NRA stickers I’ve seen in the last ten years on one hand.

            It makes me sad. The NRA used to be about keeping people safe. Now it’s about instilling fear.

            • slavdude

              Here in Colorado I’ve seen a lot more for the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, who make the NRA look like the local church’s Ice Cream Social Committee.

    • PressSecretaryCaptainHowdy

      I am so moved by your concern that I just shat myself.

    • Joe Paulson

      “Simplistically attacking all gun owners”

      The piece is attacking the NRA. Or, more particularly, its messaging.

    • nominal

      “Simplistically attacking all gun owners works as virtue signalling, but it is a lousy strategy for anyone concerned about building coalitions that win elections in this country.”

      Yes, how can the Democratic party take over power if it doesn’t try to bring in the Black Republican Gun Owner bloc? No one has ever won an election without those 17 people.

      • Joe Paulson

        In certain areas of the country, you are going to have to be friendly with gun owners to thrive politically. So, e.g., Obama repeatedly said he was fine with the 2A but just supported reasonable regulations.

        But, “all gun owners” isn’t the point of Loomis’ post anyhow.

        • nominal

          Well quibbled!

          • Joe Paulson

            Not really.

        • uykhvasdrvtjyku

          “Obama repeatedly said he was fine with the 2A but just supported reasonable regulations.”

          And strangely enough, that did not stop the NRA from claiming that Obama was coming to take all their guns away.

    • Origami Isopod

      virtue signalling

      • farin

        A guarantee that someone is worth blocking.

    • wengler

      Virtrue signaling. This phrase can go fuck itself.

  • Alex

    When I was in college I met two gay republicans and got to know them a bit. My college was tiny and it was in a tiny town, not many gay people.

    One of them was just really young and didn’t really know much about politics in general. The other, though, was just super racist. He had a lot of guns. He told me that he kept them loaded in case someone came into his home high on angel dust, and if someone did that and they were violent there wouldn’t be time enough to load a gun.

    He also had an issue with the one black family that lived in that area, and they were lovely people who had a barbecue for the neighborhood when they moved in.

    Anyway, it left a mark on me about both gay Republicans and about gun owners. Even if the gun nuts online don’t mention race in every sentence they say, it’s the subtext. This is why Michele Bachmann condemned a cop who killed a civilian for the first time last week when she made a statement about Mohamed Noor killing Justine Damond: cops are allowed to kill people because they’re super paranoid about being “ambushed” or whatever the story of the day is, but they’re supposed to know that these stories are not about white people!

    • TJ

      The racist gay Republican thing tracks closely with the Breitbart Milo Y love. People are complex and simplifying them as we all tend to do is a mistake. There can be racist gays same as there can be racist feminists and racist blacks and racist Latinos and racist whites. Sad thing there’s no place in the world free of racism. Or other -isms for that matter.

      • addicted4444

        The number of “racist feminists” is probably ridiculously small.

        • Just_Dropping_By

          You need to read the comments on things from The Root or Jezebel that get cross-posted to the other….

          • Uncle_Ebeneezer

            Or Google “White Feminism TM”

        • twbb

          Unfortunately, no.

        • Pete

          Might depend of what you mean by “feminist”, but why would you think so?

        • Origami Isopod

          Yyyyyyyeah, no. Notwithstanding that you’re replying to Throttle Jerkoff.

      • Red Bird

        The number of racist whites is definitely the largest group. Which makes sense since the entire concept of racism centers on white supremacy. The complexity that you are thinking of is the fact that white gays, white feminists, etc. still claim superiority as a result of their race. Even while they advocate for their own civil rights.

  • The main (only?) difference between the KKK and the NRA is that the former is a bit more reticent and subdued in their rhetoric.

    • Anna in PDX

      Well and they hide their faces

    • gwen

      Unlike the NRA, the KKK cares about the safety of your children.

  • Wapiti

    When the Justice Department starts tracking stats for gun deaths, maybe they can have a set of check blocks: [ ] NRA member [ ] Black Lives Matter advocate.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      [ ] Nihilist rug urinator

      • Drew

        Wu micturated on the rug, but he was no nihilist. Just a Treehorn thug.

  • TJ

    I’m surprised this post didn’t pop up when the NRA ran that horrific web ad scaring their paranoid members into thinking the zombie black apocalypse was upon us. Literally it’s the most appalling thing I’ve ever seen from that organization and one of the most appalling things to come from conservatives at all this year.

    • why not co-op guns. Black people need guns b/c the police sure as heck aren’t protecting and serving them.Brown people , too. Gay people 2x as much.

      • Oppen

        I’ve taught firearms safety classes to one of the “Pink Pistol” organizations out here in the Bay Area.

        Gun ownership is a big tent.

        We should welcome all (responsible) people.

        • BiloSagdiyev

          And we should fling poo at any group that gets in the way of stopping obvious freakazoids from having guns.

          The NRA is the prime suspect. Now where were we?

        • narciblog

          I don’t see anything in the 2nd amendment that limits the right to bear arms to only responsible people.

          • cpinva

            if you read the entire amendment, it says nothing about an unfettered right to have ammunition for those arms you’re bearing. funny no one ever mentions that. nor does it limit the taxes that can be charged on sales/transfers of arms and ammunition. no one ever mentions that either. go figure.

            • mattmcirvin

              Unless you read “or infringed” to forbid any regulations whatsoever to what you can do with a weapon, up to and including shooting anyone you want with it, which is pretty much the NRA view. Stand-your-ground laws already basically make murder legal in a lot of situations.

          • rhino

            Why, I do believe you have located the fundamental problem with the second amendment…

        • cpinva

          do they realize just how much of a smarmy asshole you truly are, or do you take drugs before each class, in a bare effort to restrain your basic impulses?

      • diogenes

        Most effective solution, IMO.

        That’s how gun control passed in CA under Reagan…

      • Kanchou

        Also Asians-Americans, in the 1870-90s, there were quite a few Chinese settlements’ that’s massacred. The 1,000+ Chinatown in San Jose was burn down by arson in 1870s. In 1992, there were “Roof Koreans” who were forced to take their safety into their own hands. As recent as 2016, Asian-American owned gas station was burned down in the 2016 Milwaukee Race Riot. Asian-Americans need guns for protection from those Kristallnacht progroms.

  • zabieru

    Hey wait wait wait. The NRA is a large organization, why can’t it include BOTH white supremacists AND people who just want to make a buck off white supremacy? Be a uniter, not a divider.

  • brad

    To parapnrase a good tweet I saw and can’t recall who said; 22 k white people die from being shot in the US every year, BLM has killed 0 white people. But they’re the problem?

    • diogenes

      Reality certainly has a liberal bias, doesn’t it?

    • gwen

      Actually, BLM is killing ALL the cops and genociding white people.

      At least in the fantasy bizarro-world that right-wingers inhabit.

      I wasn’t alive during the Civil Rights Era, but I’m fairly sure that there haven’t been this many stupid people agitating for a race war since at least the mid 1960s.

      • A black man w/ a gun scares the crap out of a white man sitting in his house 3 states away. Because black……blah blah.

      • mattmcirvin

        In wingnut world, the Dallas shooter was BLM, and everyone who kills police is BLM. Since BLM is pretty loosely organized and isn’t really a membership organization, there’s no way to say otherwise.

  • gwen

    I remember when right-wingers pretended to give a flip about minorities, you know, by claiming that Planned Parenthood was genociding the blacks and the Democrats were keeping blacks on “the welfare plantation” (you know because all African-Americans are on welfare, herpaderp).

    That was like… six months ago.

    But now because we’re living in TRUMP’S AMERICA a big portion of the right-wing no longer feels compelled to hide their sheets.

    Incidentally, as a gun owner, a few observations —

    * Gun sales seem to be down. http://www.npr.org/2017/03/31/522036660/democrats-are-good-for-gun-sales-guess-what-happened-after-trumps-election

    * Ammo seems to be unusually plentiful (after 8 years of “suffering” through recurrent ammo shortages due to Fear Of A Black President, I now can find as much 22LR as I want to shoot).

    * The apparent lack of big gun tragedies recently (you know, the mass murdery kind, not the 30,000 people dying in random suicides or one-off homicides that continues to plague America) seems to have left the NRA little to complain about.

    • Geo X

      Oh, I’m pretty sure they’ll STILL claim that PP is genociding the blacks if they think it’s a chance to score points. They’ll claim any given thing at any given time if they think it’s useful to them, and any contradictions with other things that they’ve JUST said are irrelevant.

  • CrunchyFrog

    Been watching these guys for a long time. Step-father was a dedicated hobbyist and actually worked as a gunsmith for many years (only one in our medium-sized town in the west – you want to be treated like royalty among the far right – become a gunsmith). I joined the NRA as a junior member in 1975 over protest of Guns of Autumn (look it up). But you only keep your parent’s opinions as your own for so long – eventually I lost interest in all of it, sold off my few personal guns, and wrote my early 1980s undergrad thesis in Poly Sci on the NRA (prof said I demonstrated “unusual deep insight” – wonder where that came from).

    So here’s my contribution: racism was always central to everything in the gun culture. Oh, they’ll let the odd black guy join the club and maybe even invite him to events – but never get close to him. Yeah, in 1977 there was that takeover that would forever change the NRA from a “sportsman” (and I use that term sarcastically) organization that had a political wing to a rapid, extreme political organization that still ran a few “sportsman” like activities like safety classes on the side, but now more for image than results. And as a result gun shows went from being polite little swap meets that just happened to be about guns to now often being hard to distinguish from racial-based political meets (some of them set a few limits, some don’t – but most of the people who go to them are comfortable at either). So yes, they’ve become bolder and more open about what they think. And they’ve lost a fair number of members along the way because of it.

    BUT … the core culture that was there even in the quiet 1970s had the same extremist views. They just didn’t talk as openly about it.

  • Nubby

    Whenever I see stuff like this from the NRA the first thing to pop into my head is:

    “Simmer down, Francis.”

  • nominal

    I don’t think this is fair to the NRA. I think we don’t have nearly enough people-killing stuff available to us. Guns are fine and all, but look at cars. We keep adding safety features and regulations and stuff. It’s getting really hard to kill more than 1 or 2 people with a car these days. And poison is getting downright hard to come by. Chemical weapons? Nuclear weapons? Forget it. Can you remember the last time you could use balloons to lift 1-ton rocks over playgrounds or open upon a chemical rendering plant next to a school? I can’t.

    There’s lots of people-killing stuff out of there. The NRA is being pretty level-headed and reasonable here. They’re only focusing on guns for killing brown people, instead of asking for us to get all of the rights we should under the 2nd Amendment. Aren’t they really just holding a pretty responsible middle-ground position here?

    • Solar System Wolf

      I’ll give you my Acme-brand anvil only when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      I demand Claymore anti-personnel mines for my porch, what with all of the black people knocking on doors and asking directions lately. And the Jehova’s Witnesses. My porch is a corporation and they violate its religious freedom.

  • Gotta stop that white genocide.

    • farin

      I’m actually quite disappointed in how ungenocided I currently am. With all the talk, I expected to either not exist or not be white by now.

  • CrunchyFrog

    You want widespread support for government gun control in the US? Easy. Buy about 5 million semi-automatic weapons and enough ammo to keep all of them firing for months then distribute them to black teenagers in every city and state in the US.

    See how long it takes to overturn Heller and to have Texas ban open carry.

    • Joe Paulson

      Limits on distribution to minors, of certain types of semi-automatics and open carry, at any rate, might be allowed under Heller now. Texas state law is more our concern there.

    • PressSecretaryCaptainHowdy
    • Spot Letton

      The Black Panthers did more for gun control in California than 30 years of James Brady.

      • reattmore

        Oddly, the NRA did not seem to have a big turnout for its rally in support of conceal carry martyr Philandro Castile

        • sigyn

          Equally strange is the muted police union’s defense of officer Mohamed Noor, after he shot an attractive blonde white woman.
          It is, indeed, almost mysterious.

    • Drew

      More likely I think if you actually did that, white paranoia would ratchet up even further and no white person would ever even be charged with killing a black person ever again (not far from the status quo granted, but still).

  • Spot Letton

    No one does more than the NRA to harm the idea of “responsible” gun ownership.

  • JSC2397

    BTW, where does Mr. Stinchfield (I mistakenly typed “Stenchfield” at first, probably should have left it in) get his “news” about the supposed White Holocaust in South Africa? My first guess would be “pulled out of his nether regions” – I’ve seen this trope cited hither and yon on the ‘Net, usually by racists and wingnut cranks – but it seems to be a situation remarkably unreported on by the actual news media. I realize that most wingers (like, unfortunately, most Americans in general) have little knowledge of – and still less interest in – what goes on in foreign countries, but one would think that there might be just a little more, y’know, EVIDENCE of that bloodstained orgy of racist violence Mr. Stinchfield seems to think is the daily lot of white South Africans…

    • Red Bird

      It is a lie. There is no widespread violence against white people in South Africa. a few farmers were robbed and the NRA is making propaganda out of it.

  • Bitter Scribe

    So…is this guy saying that BLM members shouldn’t be allowed to buy all the guns they want?

    • farin

      They should, but also they should be killed first.

  • Please. LaPierre isn’t any sort of serial killer.
    He’s America’s #1accessory to murder and manslaughter.

    • Anna in PDX

      This reminds me of my favorite line from the Jackie Chan movie “Snake in Eagle’s Shadow” – “I’m no sort of priest! I come from Russia!”

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