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Chris Christie is a popular man.

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong has made a habit out of killing the Mets, so getting booed at Citi Field is probably to be expected.

Except it wasn’t DeJong being booed in the third inning on Tuesday night. Yes, DeJong was at the plate, battling with Mets’ starter Rafael Montero in what resulted in a 10-pitch at-bat when the boos rained down, but the target of Mets’ fans ire was someone sitting a few rows behind home plate:

Chris Christie.

The embattled New Jersey governor and noted Mets fan nimbly caught a ball DeJong fouled off. Christie reached out to his left to make a barehanded grab without leaving his seat.

That’s when the boos began, and, boy, were they hearty. Fans didn’t even seem to care about his goodwill gesture of giving the ball to a kid a few rows behind him.

The Cardinals play-by-play announcer Dan McLaughlin trolled Christie: “Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ballpark.”

This may be the most exciting thing to happen at Citi Field this year.

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  • wjts

    From a link in the article, I learned that Christie hopes to become a sports radio blowhard. Seems like a good fit; pity he didn’t go into that line earlier.

  • Schadenboner

    The important question is: did he get any sun?

  • keta

    I hear tell he’s a giant-tool player.

  • HeRocksInALab

    It’s comforting to think that this is what’s going to happen to Trump and his spawn any time they show their faces in a major metropolitan area.

    • kaydenpat

      Which is why all of his post-election rallies are held in podunk rural places. He goes where he is loved.

  • The Realist

    Chris Christie is disgusting across multiple dimensions. Not only is he a corrupt blowhard, he’s a fat disgusting fuck. One of his thighs probably weighs more than a full-grown man with an average BMI.

    The Crisco Kid’s lap band clearly quit a long time ago.

  • JMP

    He’s lucky it wasn’t free pretzel day.


    • MariedeGournay

      “Wow…this is a black day for baseball.”

    • ASV

      I just realized that scene may have been the public debut of Hank Azaria’s Brockmire character.

  • Wojciech

    I’m a diehard Phillies fan, so I normally despise anything Mets related. But leave it to Chris Christie to provoke even Mets fans into doing something that I’d find praiseworthy.

    • randykhan

      I thought Phillies fans spent all of their time despising their own team.

      • Hummus5989

        They do that too. There’s a lot of room for despising in their hearts

  • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

    His approval rating in NJ is 15%. One-five! This fact will tickle and amuse me for the rest of my life (but who are those 15%?).

    And there are a lot of comforting parallels between Christie’s election and that of Trump L’Oy* which suggests all the gnashing of teeth over “his core supporters will never abandon him ever” may be misguided. What is less comforting is that the rats don’t seem to leave the ship until the second term, but Trump is churning out gaffes so fast these days (he just lost the WSJ op-ed page no srsly)…

    • hypersphericalcow

      Man, when that many New Jerseyians think that *he* is an asshole …

  • Van Buren

    I sure hope the execs at WFAN are taking note. I do not want to listen to this bloated pustule while I try to get sportsball scores.

  • kaydenpat

    So I guess Christie’s political career is over now. All that sucking up to Trump failed to pay off in a cushy Cabinet position. Sad!!

    • njorl

      Probably shouldn’t have put Jared’s dad in prison.
      Let this be a lesson to all you ambitious right wingers – never ever do anything decent.

  • gyrfalcon

    I’m sure they were just reacting to his unsolicited suggestion that Don Jr.’s meeting with the Russians last June was probably illegal.

    • gyrfalcon

      Also, too, I clearly need expert guidance on Sarcasm Font in this bold new world of Disqus. >_<

      • reattmore

        The sarcasm font uses "code"

        • randykhan

          When you say it that way, you make me doubt the veracity of your claim.

  • Mark Dobrowolski

    What I’d like to see is Christie going back to being a US attorney. Then being in court prosecuting the son, Jared. Lol!

  • tsam100

    The most hilarious thing about Christie was watching him prostrate himself before Trump, a guy about 70 IQ points South of Christie, and getting sent back to Joisey empty handed. Now that’s a fitting end to this butthole’s career.

  • yet_another_lawyer

    The Cardinals play-by-play announcer Dan McLaughlin trolled Christie: “Nice to see him get from the beach here to the ballpark.”

    For fuck’s sake, the verb ‘troll’ has lost all meaning. How about ‘taunted’ or ‘mocked?’

    • Thirtyish

      For real. It’s rapidly going the way of “projection” in that it’s losing its particular, nuanced meaning and instead simply becoming crammed in to a broad “insult” category.

      • hypersphericalcow

        It’s fallen into the same pit as “neoliberal”, “big data”, and other such terms. Whatever concrete meaning it may have once had is pretty much lost.

  • geep9

    would have been funny if the kid sneered and threw the ball back to him

    • Hondo

      I understand what you are saying, but I hate it when people politicize their kids. They can’t possibly understand, and indoctrinating them at such a young age could fuck them up for life.

  • randykhan

    I was going to complain about the dig in the last sentence, except that it’s probably accurate.

    • Joe Paulson

      The third string catcher pitching two innings was up there.

  • Joe Paulson

    He guest hosted on the local sports station. Sounded charming (potshots at Hillary, callers taking potshots etc.). Not thinking he would make a great host — the callers are a mixed bag politically and the baggage he brings there (besides being a bit of an ass) would not be great.

  • Hondo

    Didn’t get home from work til late last night, so didn’t see the whole game. If I remember right, the SNY broadcast crew didn’t say why fans were booing, and the cameras didn’t show Christie.

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