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Reconciling The Failures Of Speech Through Ideograms or LOL Gifs

Cue endless screaming
Cue endless screaming

The President of the United States has fired FBI Director James Comey. The FBI has been investigating the allegations of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia, who attempted to hack and influence the 2016 election. The President has also been organizing his party to take away the healthcare of millions of Americans, including pregnant women and veterans. His family has been caught using their political connections to sell foreign business deals. The list from just the last week goes on from there.

We live in unprecedented times. Maybe some of us who are more well traveled in the world and in the general movement of time aren’t as perturbed by the recent events in the United States, but I am. Watching my home country and the people I love suffer from a great physical distance, words feel cheap. Indian anthropologist Veena Das has done a lot of work involving the inadequacies of language and silence. Some of my favorite texts of hers include “Language and Body“, Life and Words, and Violence and Subjectivity.

What possible speech could I offer that wouldn’t be a hollow reverberation for my own gratification? How can I express my rage, sorrow, and sympathy with such primitive mortal tools?


British gifs.

British TV gifs.
Veena would (not) agree.


What it feels like watching the news from abroad while everyone around you has that “stiff upper lip” thing going on. (The IT Crowd)

Every time Sean Spicer opens his mouth. (Blackadder II)


The Trump voters who are disappointed by AHCA and the airstrikes on Syria. (A Bit Of Fry and Laurie)

One day, your Trump voting friends and family who were concerned “about the economy” will see the skulls on their uniform. One day. (Mitchell and Webb)

Getting into competitions with your friends over who can be the most indignant. (Never Mind The Buzzcocks)

What does The Kremlin have on Trump anyway? Oh… (The Mighty Boosh)

Trumpcare. (Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace)


There. That should do it.

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  • CS Clark
  • I like the Blackadder clip for this entire administration. Especially since I believe he’s reacting to the somewhat mercurial Queen “Sometimes I think of having your head cut off, just to see the look on your face” Elizabeth I.

    Also, Blackadder makes everything better.

  • rm

    . . . yeah. What words do you write below a post about speechless horror?

    Their epic corruption and evil will bring them down, but not before they take away health care and wreck the government. And install fake judges. And work FOR civilization-ending climate change. And and and


    I’ll be positive and constructive some other day.

  • What don’t kill you makes you stronger.

    • N__B

      Or sometimes leaves you horribly scarred.

    • Tony Pius

      Assumes facts not in evidence.

    • Origami Isopod

      It might not kill you. It may very well kill many other people.

  • herewegooo

    You can be perturbed; you just can’t be surprised. I’ve been watching this last year, year and a half play out like some sort of poorly written, utterly predictable dystopian horror novel, and I’m to the point I just shrug and laugh at each “event” because there’s nothing else left to do.

    This country (and the world) is filled with shit people. Shit in, shit out. We have a completely batshit crazy party that represents 45% of the people, an incompetent party that can’t get out of its own way (obama’s comey/tpp/debt nonsense; voters nominating clinton) that represents 45%, and the 10% of people in the middle are really and truly the dumbest people of them all – I mean, absolutely fucking braindead – and they decide shit! What do we expect – reality to grade on a curve? A gentlemen’s C?

    I know “shit gets better” and “we always get through shit” but this isn’t some Iron Law of Reality. We’ve been fucking lucky so far but geez…

  • Morbo

    Hmm, needs some Sean Lock…

  • The apposite post for this comment has already disappeared in the mists of time, thanks to the DC Fog Machine working so hard over the last day. But maybe this isn’t entirely a poor thread to which to attach this little bit of Administration anti-journalism.

  • Ahenobarbus

    Nice to see Gareth Marenghi’s Darkplace included.

    “I haven’t acted since – some would say I didn’t act during …”

    • Aaron Morrow

      Reed gif “You know me dag, I’m too busy just stayin’ alive.”

      Here’s one for Sen Collins: Reed gif “Thank God I only took a tiny sip!”

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