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Mr. Hot Air Full of Nothing But Hot Air


I too am shocked that the ridiculous “deal” Trump made with Carrier to “save jobs” was complete garbage.

The Carrier factory that President Trump convinced owners not to move to Mexico will lay off hundreds of workers just before the holiday season, CNN reported Tuesday.

The Indianapolis furnace plant pledged to stay in the United States late last year after making a deal with President Trump, but announced today that it will lay off more than 600 workers, the final 290 of which will be fired just before the holiday season.

The move isn’t a complete surprise for the company. In their initial announcement last year, the company revealed that while the plant would remain in the U.S., the factory would be cutting down on labor to reduce costs.

Trump took credit for saving 1,100 jobs at the factory in December.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Trump told a crowd in Indianapolis last year. “I’ll get a call from the head of Carrier and he’ll say, ‘Mr. President, we’ve decided to stay in the United States.’ That’s what’s going to happen — 100 percent.”

Sure thing dude. Sure thing. MAGA.

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  • Brownian
    • efgoldman

      Well…at least he’s humble.

      It is a special skill to use 140 characters to absolutely drip snarkasm. Lots of the replies have it. I am jealous.

      • tsam

        Some of those people are absolute geniuses at destroying someone in one sentence.

        • N__B

          Who knew there were so many high-school guidance counselors?

        • efgoldman

          Some of those people are absolute geniuses at destroying someone in one sentence.

          I don’t twit, I just read them when somebody posts links, but i always thought you’d be good at it.
          Of course it’s a different technique altogether than your copy/pasta rants.

          • tsam

            I have a Twitter, but I’m still a little dazed about how it works. Just trying to follow Vacuumslayer, Loomis and Lemieux around and comment on a tweet feels like the most complicated thing ever in the whole universe–and I’m not tech averse at all. It’s just…weird. (Admittedly, there is an issue with the amount of effort I’m willing to spend on it, but don’t tell nobody)

          • tsam

            This guy, however, would dominate on Twitter:

            N__B says:
            May 24, 2017 at 4:15 pm
            Who knew there were so many high-school guidance counselors?

            • N__B

              If someone wants to pay me to be an asshole at 140 characters per clip, I’m in. Otherwise, my twit exposure is limited to the company account.

      • Gabriel Ratchet

        “Bigly humble. All the best humbles. Everybody says so.”

    • randy khan

      Every once in a while I have to double check to make sure that’s not a parody account.

    • Dennis Orphen

      I’m not a psychologist, but I think I know a cry for help when I hear one.

  • humanoid.panda

    In other news, the fever dream in which we all live just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

    In the midst of the 2016 presidential primary season, the FBI received a purported Russian intelligence document describing a tacit understanding between the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Justice Department over the inquiry into whether she intentionally revealed classified information through her use of a private email server.

    The Russian document mentioned a supposed email describing how then-Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch had privately assured someone in the Clinton campaign that the email investigation would not push too deeply into the matter — a conversation that if made public would cast doubt on the inquiry’s integrity.

    Current and former officials have said that document played a significant role in the July decision by then-FBI Director James B. Comey to announce on his own, without Justice Department involvement, that the investigation was over. That public announcement — in which he criticized Clinton and made extensive comments about the evidence — set in motion a chain of other FBI moves that Democrats now say helped Trump win the presidential election.

    But according to the FBI’s own assessment, the document was bad intelligence — and according to people familiar with its contents, possibly even a fake sent to confuse the bureau. The Americans mentioned in the Russian document insist they do not know each other, do not speak to each other and never had any conversations remotely like the ones described in the document. Investigators have long doubted its veracity, and by August the FBI had concluded it was unreliable.

    • humanoid.panda

      The implications of this are simply horrifying
      1. The FBI experienced an Iraq war level intel breakdown, where they used bad intel they knew were bad to obtain a preordained goal.
      2. The goal here was to use the police powers of the state to affect the election.
      3. Which in itself justifies a massive purge, if not shuttering, of the FBI.
      4. But we must not let things get to that, because Trump.

      What a tragedy.

      • humanoid.panda

        And, of course there is ample reason to fire Comey here..

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      where did you find that, h.panda?

      • Morbo


        • humanoid.panda

          Which is beating the Times like a rented mule…

  • Denverite

    As someone who has gone through it twice in my life (never firing, but negative employment news), there is a special place in hell for employers that deliver the bad news immediately before the holidays. It ruins the holidays for the employees and their families, and especially if given immediately beforehand (not the case with Carrier, obv), it doesn’t even give them the chance to change cut back their holiday spending in anticipation. It’s just purely mean-spirited.

    • kped

      When i was in University, I did some holiday part-time work at a banquet hall (Christmas parties, etc). One Saturday I show up, and the manager alerts us to watch the alcohol consumption carefully, don’t bring more than “x” number of bottles to a table, bar is drink tickets only, no cash purchases.


      “They just laid off half the staff today, but are letting them come to the party”.

      They were afraid the laid off staffers might start fights. Luckily for us, the half that got laid off didn’t come to the party, so it was an easy night overall. But I couldn’t believe they would do it then, 2 weeks before Christmas, on the day of the Holiday party, and still let them come to the party. Completely oblivious to people and their suffering.

      • Steve LaBonne

        I think some of them aren’t oblivious- they enjoy it.

        • Origami Isopod


          And now I’m thinking of the office Halloween party in which people dressed up like homeless people. I hadn’t thought about that one in a few years.

      • efgoldman

        I couldn’t believe they would do it then, 2 weeks before Christmas

        In the 70s, I used to take a week of vacation from my regular job to volunteer at the local PBS auction. One year the station announced a pretty big layoff, but scheduled it for the week after the auction, so everybody had to work it.
        The staffers were not as friendly and accommodating as usual that year, for some reason.

        • Davis X. Machina

          You mean David O. Ives wasn’t, as a manager, the folksy-yet-patrician avuncular fellow he played on TV?


      • addicted44

        They probably laid off the people who were in charge of the guest list to the party.

    • Ahuitzotl

      I’ve been laid off 5 times in my career, so far: twice just before Christmas, once just before Easter, and once between Christmas and New Years. Only once not near a holiday.

  • JDM

    I’m shocked. Who would have thought that Donald Trump would act exactly like Donald Trump has always acted ever since I first read about the guy back in NY around 1970.

    • Breadbaker

      Look at how well that USFL antitrust suit against the NFL turned out! #winning!

      • liberalrob

        Well, they did win it…technically.

        The NFL was then and is now a duly-adjudicated monopoly operating in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act. But they’re allowed to continue to operate because they are not “harming” a competing organization. (In the USFL’s case, the jury found it impossible to determine whether the USFL’s troubles were due to the NFL monopoly or the mismanagement of the USFL’s owners…such as Donald Trump.)

        Anybody want to start up a pro football league? :)

  • kenkohl

    The Indianapolis furnace plant pledged to stay in the United States

    Well, since the physical plant is still in Indiana, Trump wins! Of course, with no one going to be actually employed there…

    • There will probably be a couple of security guards. MAGA!!

      • efgoldman

        There will probably be a couple of security guards. MAGA!!

        But they will be contracted from the security guard company, not Carrier employees.

        • PeteW

          I think security guard companies are going to do well under this administration.

          • Breadbaker

            They certainly do well in countries like the Philippines.

  • I eagerly await the stories by these laid-off Carrier workers of why they still support Trump.

  • tsam

    will lay off hundreds of workers just before the holiday season

    Fuck you

  • Dennis Orphen

    Snap-On Tools HQ is in Kenosha, WI. Snap-On used to manufacture in Kenosha. All the Kenosha manufacturing were moved to China in 2003, along with almost all of their US manufacturing. Trump visited Snap-On HQ in April. And as far as the the loss of the manufacturing jobs there goes: no one seemed to notice and no one seemed to care.

    Unless I’m missing something, The level of disconnect is staggeringly pervasive.

    • tsam


      • Dennis Orphen

        Is it OK to like Molly Hatchet? Asking for a friend.

        • N__B

          You’re traveling down the information superhighway and you’re flirting with disaster…

        • tsam

          Are the sleeves still on your t-shirt?

  • John F

    The MSM is starting to speculate on the possibility of a Democratic “wave” election in 2018…

    November 2018 is along way off, and we really shouldn’t assume it will turn out the way we hope- but I will say this: The Dems could over perform in every special election between now and 11/2018; the Polls could all say “Dem Wave” between ow and 11/18; and in such event if the Dems win big in 11/18, virtually every RWNJ will be astonished.


    They did not believe them in 2012 (and got burned) they almost sorta believed them in 2016… but then Trump won.

    They believe there was a massive polling failure (there wasn’t- their was a massive polling analysis failure) – For instance RCP had Clinton winning the general by 3.2, she won by 2.1

    That’s not the RWNJ “perception” re polling- their perception is that the polls said HRC landslide – the polls didn’t actually say that BUT pundits and analysts kept saying HRC had a 9% chance of winning- so unless you are actually data diving into the polls yourself it’s quite reasonable to believe that the polls said “HRC landside.”

    The general election polls are usually off by 1-2 points, most state polls are only off by 1-2 as well, but EVERY election some states are off by more than that. The Polls, either state or national level” were not off by any more than usual this year. Which is why the 90-99% projections were absolutely nuts.

    Right now it is an article of faith among RWNJ that:
    1. The Polls are biased
    2. Trump supporters were not and are not being polled

    What that means is:

    1. They don’t believe that Trump’s Job Approval is -14, the polling is off, it’s really positive (This would require a polling “failure” so many magnitudes greater than… well this would, actually require polls to be fraudulent).

    2. Dems, could be leading the generic congressional polling by 8% (which IS THE CURRENT LEAD), and they still won’t see Congressional loses coming.

    This is a long winded way of saying that bad polling will not have any systemic effect on RWNJ behavior (voters and pols)- until after GOPers are voted out en masse. They simply will not see it coming.

    • humanoid.panda

      I’m sure you are correct re: rank and file, but the absolute zero progress GOP made legislatively so far indicates the players are not buying that stuff.

  • Crusty

    Aside from Trump being full of shit, I thought the whole I will use the presidency to bully companies into doing what I want, not what is good for them and their shareholders, was authoritarian and unAmerican. I’m all for companies caring about their employees beyond the opportunity to save three cents, but not because the president thinks you got a nice company there, be a shame if something were to happen to it.

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