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[ 22 ] April 20, 2017 |

CHARLOTTE, NC - SEPTEMBER 18: Eric Reid #35 and Colin Kaepernick #7 of the San Francisco 49ers kneel on the sideline, during the anthem, prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on September 18, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers defeated the 49ers 46-27. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

I know I am shocked that the white response to black athletes protesting is framed by white racism.

But all those white people love the conservative values espoused by Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali so they aren’t racist at all just because they’d like to see Colin Kaepernick lynched for not standing for the flag.


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  1. keta says:

    “I’m no racist, BUT…”

    Fuck ’em all.

  2. aab84 says:

    As a Michigan alum, I’m both shocked and incredibly pleased that Jim Harbaugh has been so vocal in his defenses of Kaepernick on this, going so far as to write his Time 100 Bio.

    Given Harbaugh’s stature among the upstanding citizens of Michigan (read: the ones who aren’t heathens in green and white), am somewhat hopeful it could change a mind or two.

    • Erik Loomis says:

      I hate it when Harbaugh does something that makes me not hate him.

      • davidsmcwilliams says:

        As one of the heathens in green and white, I agree.

        • witlesschum says:

          Same to both, though thanks to the Detroit media’s excitement every time he does anything I also recall that Harbaugh first said something unsupportive of Kaepernick’s protest but since has reversed himself pretty hard. A cynic would assume it’s all about recruiting mainly black athletes to play football for you, but whatever; a late convert is better than no convert at all.

  3. aturner339 says:

    “Look Americans created sports just so that black people could be better at something and shoveled millions of dollars to these bo…gentlemen purely out of the kindness of their hearts. The least they could do is respect the country that gave them the opportunity to engage in unpaid labor for their entire childhoods by providing decent servile entertainment in exchange for only slightly less than half the profits once they turn 22.”

  4. Spider-Dan says:

    We need to stop getting distracted by these social issues and realize that Kaepernick is one of the 1%ers that is the problem with this country! He’s a corporatist, through-and-through!

  5. Lost Left Coaster says:

    These people need to protest in a nonviolent, non-disruptive manner!…Oh, but not in that way!”

    • efgoldman says:

      “These people need to protest in a nonviolent, non-disruptive manner!…Oh, but not in that way!”

      Just as a certain class of white people think BLM is doing it RONG!
      (They said the same thing about MLK, and Freedom Riders, and sit ins, and protest marches….)

      • Spider-Dan says:

        I have had to explain to many white people in my Facebook feed that MLK was arrested 30 times for his civil disobedience. They seem to believe the civil rights era was won with picket signs, or something.

        • efgoldman says:

          They seem to believe the civil rights era was won with picket signs, or something.

          Yeah, like the newsreel film from the Edmund Pettus bridge doesn’t exist; same with Goodman, Chaney and Schwermer never existed. Ditto Viola Liuzzo, Medgar Evers….

  6. jeer9 says:

    And the idea that Mike Glennon has generated more free agent interest this off-season than Kaepernick would seem to indicate that such views are not restricted to just white fans.

    • brad says:

      And there are inevitable defenses of this bias which I’m all too certain are being written comparing Kaepernick to other “controversial” players and saying teams are just avoiding “tarnishing” their brand. With a mandatory ass covering sentence saying, “now, I don’t mean to equivocate players who, say, threaten and abuse women with players who express political opinions unpopular with white men in symbolic, small, and unobtrusive ways. But I’m going to anyway”.

    • witlesschum says:

      I tend to think the blackballing of Kaepernick will come to an end when someone’s starter gets hurt in the preseason. Old white conservative solidarity goes quite as ways with NFL owners but not all the way.

      • jeer9 says:

        I dunno.

        Houston spent a fortune on a timeless great like Osweiler and they’re currently sitting on Weeden and Savage. Maybe an unparalleled QB guru like O’Brien is set to groom some rookie this season but they seem a little thin at the spot. They’d probably really like to bring in a vet like CK for a look-see – but for all that horrible unpatriotic distraction stuff he’s responsible for.

        I’m guessing Cutler gets signed before Kaepernick and it’ll be because of Jay’s superior attitude.

      • Aaron Morrow says:

        Not that this holds for all teams, but I think if the Texans don’t pick up Kaepernick soon that they won’t go after him at all.

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