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Trump Apology Tour

[ 67 ] March 17, 2017 |
Does the Churchill Bust Weep?

Does the Churchill Bust Weep?

I’m old enough to remember when a Kenyan anti-colonialist temporarily moved a statue of a head, thus ruining the Anglo-American relationship forever.

The US has made a formal apology to Britain after the White House accused GCHQ of helping Barack Obama spy on Donald Trump in the White House.

Sean Spicer, Mr Trump’s press secretary, repeated a claim on Thursday evening – initially made by an analyst on Fox News – that GCHQ was used by Mr Obama to spy on Trump Tower in the lead-up to last November’s election.

The comments prompted a furious response from GCHQ, which in a break from normal practice issued a public statement: “Recent allegations made by media commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano about GCHQ being asked to conduct ‘wiretapping’ against the then president-elect are nonsense. They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.”

Intelligence sources told The Telegraph that both Mr Spicer and General McMaster, the US National Security Adviser, have apologised over the claims. “The apology came direct from them,” a source said.


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  1. JohnT says:

    So are we British supposed to take the fake claims literally and the apology seriously? Or is it the other way round?

    (On a more serious note, one wonders how many of these kind of apologies McMaster is willing to make before honour obliges him to relinquish his position?)

  2. los says:

    Top Cucks On Twitter: “Trump’s your president now. Get used to it.”

  3. Rob in CT says:

    Also, from the “every accusation a confession” files, Trump’s permanent campaign.

    I distinctly remember Republicans claiming that Obama was “always in campaign mode” (when in actual fact, if anything he did too little on that front).

    Now we’ve got Combover Caligula holding rallies every few weeks.

    • King Goat says:

      Add this to he missed his Intel briefings! He was on vacation too much! Etc.,

    • swim2thesea says:

      And don’t forget that Obama was going on “apology tours” and America never needs to apologize for nuthin’ never ever.

      • Rob in CT says:

        Well I figured the title of this post covered that.

        Also, too: Obama golfs and vacations too much! Which was transparent bullshit from the beginning, as Dubya did more, and now…

        I seriously don’t know what to do with ~1/2 the country is totally unmoored from objective reality. They have literally inhabit a different factual universe than we do, and appear to have an unlimited tolerance for lies, so long as those lies are told about liberals/Others.

        • swim2thesea says:

          Yeah…I saw the title after I posted.

        • MidwestVillager says:

          Or they know the lies are lies but chose to repeat them anyway which seems more plausible. To pick an example from the campaign the Trump supporters who argued that Eisenhower deported 1/7 of the US population were presumably not speaking in good faith.

          • Rob in CT says:

            This is what I mean about their unlimited tolerance for lies. THEY ACCEPT THE LYING. They’re fine with it. The lies are just alternative facts. That which must be true to justify their hate.

  4. bexley says:

    Leaks inside GCHQ suggest they did spy on Trump briefly.

    • Snarki, child of Loki says:

      “Leaks inside GCHQ suggest they did spy on Trump briefly.”

      “But the task force, every one of them, quickly went completely mad and had to be institutionalized, and in one case, put down.”

      “The Laundry said that they could not comment further, pending a paperclip audit.”

    • JohnT says:

      I should damn well hope so. That’s what I pay my UK taxes for, so they can keep an eye on unstable and opaque political figures abroad who might become a danger to Britain.
      Not kidding.

      • Matt Heath says:

        It is literally GCHQ’s to listen in on foreign leaders if they can. If they managed, the only people at fault are in American counter-intelligence

      • Davis X. Machina says:

        The post of King of Scotland is vacant. I think there’s a strong candidate out there.

        • rea says:

          The post of King of Scotland is vacant.

          Well, there’s this old lady down south . . .

          Or alternatively, for the Jacobites among us (not to be confused with the Jacobins) there is Francis II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of His other Realms and Territories King, Duke of Bavaria, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

        • efgoldman says:

          The post of King of Scotland is vacant. I think there’s a strong candidate out there.

          Maybe I’ll apply. My last name is common in Scotland. A lady in a mall Scottish goods store once tried to sell me the “proper” tartan, until I explained that my dad and two of his brothers changed our last name at the beginning of WW2, so as not to have an obviously Russian/Jewish name just in case.

    • Cheerfull says:

      For those worried they have to think about this at all, here’s the story:

      The communications intelligence agency admitted they did listen to the President’s phone calls but only once and they would never waste their time doing it ever again.

      A spokesman said: “Come on, it’s not like he’s suddenly all ‘Excellent, the destabilisation of the economy is progressing as planned, now to test China’s nerve with capital controls,’ once nobody’s watching.

      “It’s just the usual garbled gabble about Hillary, his Apprentice ratings and the failing New York Times except there’s some bored billionaire on the other end waiting for a gap when he can ask for building permits.

      “Our trained operatives, used to deconstructing every nuance of codeword-laden conversations between Al Qaeda and Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence, can’t listen to that shit. They’d lose their minds.

      “Plus he makes 70 per cent of calls from the toilet. Come on. Even we have our limits.

      Also to save everybody else from googling, GCHQ stands for Government Communications Headquarters, the British sigint.

      • bexley says:

        Kind of thought that was obvious!

        • James says:

          It is almost never obvious.

          Many people (such as myself) don’t click on links unless they are accompanied by enough context to make it seem worth their while. In my case, I hovered over the link briefly, saw a link that I miss-read as to the Daily Mail, and until saw some of the content repeated further down, I simply took you at your word. The accusation that GCHQ was tapping Trump’s phone at Obama’s orders is absurd on its face. A claim that GCHQ tapped Trump’s phone as part of normal operations is neither shocking nor implausible.

          Beyond that, while it is easy to make fun of people who mistake satire for news, the truth is that it can be easy for even quite bright people to mistake parody for straight news at first glance. And that was true even before we entered into our current transcendentally absurd era in world affairs.

          But the important part is that you should assume that people aren’t going to follow your links. In my experience, readers follow links in direct proportion to the amount of context that is provided for the link.

  5. Todd says:

    If we can’t trust a former NJ Superior Court judge turned tv bloviator to give this country the skinny on a closely guarded set of international classified facts, then where are we?

  6. Mike in DC says:

    OT: Tillerson says diplomacy with NK “has failed”. Are we about to do something unbelievably stupid that will get hundreds of thousands of people killed and crash global markets?

  7. Crusty says:

    So now we’ve pissed off the Australia and the UK. Even Bannon’s got to be concerned that once Trump pops off something stupid about Canada, we won’t even have any more good white allies.

  8. cpinva says:

    “I’m old enough to remember when a Kenyan anti-colonialist temporarily moved a statue of a head, thus ruining the Anglo-American relationship forever.”

    not to be nit picky or anything, but weren’t our country’s founders technically “anti-colonialist”? wanting to break away from their colonizer and all that.

    I just heard that somewhere, possibly 4th grade history or something.

    • guthrie says:

      Not exactly. They were actually ungrateful citizens who didn’t like being taxed and prevented from going colonialist on the native americans.

      • Q.E.Dumbass says:

        Apropos of nothing, I keep on confusing you with infrequent commentarion Gareth.

      • cpinva says:

        well yeah, and there was all that stuff about having to buy all manufactured goods from old blighty. England’s telling them not go beyond certain boundary lines didn’t exactly stop them from doing so, it just pissed off the locals, and required more British troops (with some local militia) to keep them all from getting killed. yeah, there were lots of things, but ultimately, they did become anti-colonialist, just only for themselves.

  9. Alex.S says:

    Next on the apology tour… Germany!

    Photographers: Can we get a handshake?
    Merkel (to Trump): Do you want to have a handshake?
    Trump: *no response*
    Merkel: *makes awkward face*

    With the video.

  10. Alex.S says:

    Update — maybe they didn’t apologize.

    One senior White House official, however, told The New York Times that Spicer offered no regret or apology.
    “He didn’t apologize, no way, no how,” the official was quoted as saying.
    The ambiguity over whether there was an apology puts pressure on Trump aides to clarify the exact nature of the conversation. Trump is legendarily opposed to apologizing.

  11. liberalrob says:

    Sean Spicer, Mr Trump’s press secretary, repeated a claim on Thursday evening – initially made by an analyst on Fox News

    Here’s a way to save a bunch of money: zero out the budget of the CIA and just get all our intelligence (ahem) from Fox News.

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