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Thursday Night Links

Nightmare Golden Freddy
Nightmare Golden Freddy
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  • The best part about talking about old skyscrapers is that you get to discuss the Singer Building, which set the bar high for freudian imagery in architecture,

    • heckblazer

      30 St. Mary Axe of London tries hard, and gets bonus points for being next to St. Andrews Undershaft.

      • I semi-love the Gherkin. I can take or leave the shape – which honestly looks more like a vibrator to me than it does anything else – but the diagonal mullions have lead to streaks of dirt that cannot be eliminated without first eliminating all air pollution in London. The futuristic-spaceship-Jonny-Ive aesthetic fails pretty hard when it’s got soot stains every four feet.

    • wjts

      There was (is?) an urban legend that the Smurfit-Stone building in Chicago was designed as a vaginal counterpoint to the penile skyscraper.

      • I didn’t know that name – do you mean this one? If so…edifice dentata, man.

        • wjts

          That’s the one. It seems they changed the name since I left.

      • I’m living and working in the Gulf these days. Dubai has a number of buildings like that. I suppose when you have the world’s tallest skyscraper you need a few for balance. And Doha has what is locally known as the Condom Tower.

    • Welp, so much for THAT secret identity….

  • efgoldman

    At five, your son should be past cute. But he isn’t.

    Also, the latest in white privilege (Another link)

    • efgoldman

      And Shakezula dropped a whole post about my link, next one up.

    • rea

      At five, your son should be past cute.

      Oh, come on! My 60-year old partner is still cute!

  • sigaba

    White supremacists, aside from being just generally repulsive are the weirdest, dorkiest motherfuckers on the planet.

    Magpies of facts.

  • The skyscraper symposium sounds awesome. Will there be a webcast?
    Will there be anything about elevators?

    • Lee Gray, who is THE MAN concerning the history of elevators in tall buildings, will be speaking.

      The museum tapes symposiums but I don’t believe they are webcast. I think the recordings are just for blackmail purposes.

      • Then can you speak really loud? Like loud enough to be heard in Madison WI?

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      what I’m curious about is whether the Iowa State guy gets to fly one of the university planes on trips like this

      (inside joke referring to the ISU president getting a plane given to him to use for “university business” and using it to fly his relatives to sporting events. Also running the plane into things and not telling the regents or turning the damage in to the insurance company, instead paying the repairs out of his own well compensated pocket)

      • Tom is, I believe, flying coach. But he does get three nights in the fleshpots of lower Manhattan.

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          well, the fleshpots ought to make up for a lot. Wait til he gets a couple of drinks in him and ask whether he’d be willing to ride in a plane piloted by Steven Leath

          … there was a time this state had *standards*, you know?

          • efgoldman

            … there was a time this state had *standards*, you know?

            Jodi Ernst
            Steve King
            Them are some fuckin’ standards, alright.

            • jim, some guy in iowa

              Harold Hughes
              Bob Ray
              Neal Smith
              John Culver
              Dick Clark
              Berkeley Bedell
              Tom Harkin

              but maybe you never heard of any of them or anyone from here until we started electing more wackjobs than decent people

              • MyNameIsZweig

                I heard of Tom Harkin – I even considered voting for him once! But I voted for Tsongas instead.

      • I’d be happy to fly him but I doubt he could afford me.

        • Just put him in a big cardboard box with a few holes in it, and put him in back with the chickens.

    • will there be a buffet? Will there be an open bar?

  • tsam

    I just want to take a minute and note that Train is now the worst rock band in existence. Their new song on the radio is-note for note-Chopsticks. (That song kids play on the piano). It’s the exact melody, and the vocals follow the progression. It’s infuriating and horrible. SAD!

  • BobBobNewhartNewhartSpecial

    He wanted to do a “craft.” So we did.


  • Vacuumslayer that picture is awesome! Does it give your son nightmares?

    • Kids do not take FNAF seriously at all. I find it creepy; kids find it funny.

  • Stephen Reineccius

    I’m 90% positive I’m going to have nightmares of that bear-monkey chasing me tonight…

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