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Happy Pancake Day


Hey, it’s Pancake Day. Enjoy!


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  • junker

    Not sure if this is a burn but I would definitely eat a pancake cooked around a piece of spam.

    • awarrens

      Hell yea. Fry the spam up with a little maple syrup, it would be delicious.

    • Was going to say. Looks good to me.

  • CaptainBringdown

    I’ll see your Spam Cakes and raise you one plate of Tuna Royals.

  • Abbey Bartlet

    It’s my birthday!

    • Snarki, child of Loki

      …and you’ll SPAM if you want to?

      You’re not the one filling up my email inbox, are you?

    • Q.E.Dumbass

      Saw that on Twitter. Anyway, happy birthday!

      • Abbey Bartlet

        Thank you. It will be mentioned several dozen more times. I take my birthday VERY SERIOUSLY. Also, who are you on twitter???

        • Q.E.Dumbass


          • Abbey Bartlet

            It all becomes clear.

          • Origami Isopod

            AHHHHH. I was wondering where this new person had come from.

            (Also, happy birthday, Abbey!)

            • Q.E.Dumbass

              Well it’s not like I changed my avatar.

    • LeeEsq

      And ye shall celebrate by eating pancakes. I am the Lord.

    • Randy

      Happy birthday! It’s mine, too!

      • Abbey Bartlet

        Divisible by 4 year?

        • Randy

          For the past 30+ years, a very intelligent friend of mine has persisted in thinking my birthday is the 29th. At a certain point, correcting her dropped way down on my list of important annual rituals.

    • Dennis Orphen

      I just knew Brian Jones was still alive!

      Happy Birthday.

  • Karen24

    1. I love pancakes and I make excellent ones. I will find a link to the best possible recipe.

    2. I am giving up hate-reading for Lent, so enjoy this mango Until after Easter.

  • Karen24
    • leftwingfox

      Those are virtually identical to my typical pancake recipe. (Mine is double the leavening, no sour cream, 1/3 more fat). I’ll give these a try next time.

      My brother and his wife can’t do dairy, so my brother has become a master of beer-batter pancakes. Great stuff.

      • The Dark God of Time

        Protip: Cook them in coconut oil.

        • Karen24

          Oh, good idea!

        • CaptainBringdown

          Bacon fat ain’t bad either.

    • Whirrlaway

      Why put sugar in the cakes, if you leave it out you can pour on more maple syrup/apricot jam/whatever. Homemade caramel is also good, but butter and eggs are the thing, sugar and salt are for silly Americans who have ruined themselves already.

      • Bloix

        In Argentina they eat them with dulce de leche. In Argentina they eat everything with dulce de leche.

        • Dennis Orphen

          In Portland they eat everything with Secret Aardvark Sauce.

        • The Dark God of Time

          I was shopping in the local Hispanic supermarket, and discovered that there’s an El Salviadorian variety of sour cream, different from the Mexican Crema Agria i needed to make pulled pork enchiladas with green sauce.

      • Karen24

        Sugar helps the cakes brown evenly.

      • ThresherK (KadeKo)

        As a maker-from-scratch of a few pancake recipes: The right amount of sugar, dissolved, will hasten the browning. Maillard reactions are tasty.

  • agb

    Between Spam (made by Hormel, from Austin, MN) and Bisquick (made by General Mills from Minneapolis) I would expect every restaurant in the Twin Cities focusing on good, locally produced food to have these on their brunch menu immediately.

    • ThresherK (KadeKo)

      Does Minnesota make their own maple syrup? (No snark; I don’t know if sugar maples are a thing there.)

      • Randy

        Yes, we do. Elementary school field trips to watch maple syrup being made are common things in February or March.

  • AlexRobinson

    Happy Paczki Day (poonch-kee)

  • Svensker

    Don’t think these qualify as Lenten fare…

    • Jim in Baltimore

      It’s not Lent until tomorrow.

  • LeeEsq

    Happy Shrove Tuesday everybody. Pancakes are an American breakfast tradition that everybody can get behind.

  • Gregor Sansa

    Does anyone have a link to the full video where Trump is rambling on about breakfast foods?

  • upstate_cyclist

    Pancake >> Waffle

    • Abbey Bartlet

      A very good waffle is better than a very good pancake, but a good or mediocre or iffy pancake is better than a good or mediocre or iffy waffle.

      • Jordan

        This is probably the most correct thing I’ve ever ready on LGM.

        • Abbey Bartlet

          I am already crushing 29.

      • Absolutely. Also true of pie and cake.

  • Brett

    I hate most breakfast foods, but pancakes are wonderful. I rarely eat breakfast, but on the rare occasions I do love carb-heavy fare: pancakes, biscuits, doughnuts, orange juice, the works.

    Although the best breakfast food is still cold pizza.

    • Q.E.Dumbass

      Biscuits, bagels, bacon, milk, and yes, cold pizza.

  • Dennis Orphen

    You win, Erik. I’m being treated to breakfast right now for helping a friend move an antique mahogany speedboat from Sacto to Tahoe (I have a rough life and yes, I’m bragging). I skipped the avocado and sprout omelette I usually have here, and ordered buttermilk pancakes. I’m going to need those carbs later on when things go fubar later today, as they usually do.

    PS: We’re eating in Auburn, CA this morning, about 2 or three miles from the border with……..LOOMIS, which we will pass through on our way to Sac.

  • N__B

    I want a coupon for ten cents off Spam.

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