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The Continuing Journey of the Last True Conservative Intellectual


Paul Ryan is a principled man.

“This is not conservatism.”

In just four words, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan made clear in December 2015 that then-candidate Donald Trump’s suggestion to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States has no place in the Republican Party.

A little more than a year later, President Trump has signed an executive order temporarily halting admission of all refugees — with an indefinite pause on Syrian refugees — and a pause on all visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries for 120 days. Trump has promised priority for Christians. The order is meant to give U.S. agencies more time to come up with a more stringent vetting system.

Ryan (R-Wis.) appears to have a completely different perspective on Trump’s executive order. Here’s what he said in a statement released Friday (my emphasis added in bold):

Our number one responsibility is to protect the homeland. We are a compassionate nation, and I support the refugee resettlement program, but it’s time to reevaluate and strengthen the visa vetting process. This is why we passed bipartisan legislation in the wake of the Paris attacks to pause the intake of refugees. President Trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country.

As a number of people have pointed out, Paul Ryan will agree to literally anything, no matter how horrible, if it advances his goal of stealing from the poor to give to the rich. I’m sure the Beltway crush on him will end any day now.

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  • WabacMachinist

    I think it’s really unfair to lump arachnids in with Paul Ryan.

    • This is true. Many of them eat harmful insects, for example, which makes them vastly more helpful to humanity than Paul Ryan.

    • sonamib

      Well, the point is that they’re all spineless.

  • Jean-Michel

    I don’t think this is about tax cuts for the rich. I think Paul Ryan genuinely supports this and just never had the guts to try it himself. He’s spineless, but not in the sense implied here.

    This is what Republicans want.

  • Somehow the quote as it appeared on my browser got cut off just before he explained how this move makes us more secure. I’m going to run off and look for that part now and come back to post it here as soon as I find it.

    I guess this could be goodbye, forever, LGM community.

  • Cheerfull

    Who was the Democratic beard on the “bipartisan” bill to pause refugees? Though come to think of it, sadly, there was probably more than one.

  • DamnYankees

    I genuinely have no idea if Ryan and his compatriots don’t believe these things, or if they believe them with just zero preference intensity. Not that it matters all that much in the grand scheme of things.

  • tonycpsu

    Paul Ryan: Trump’s refugee ban does not target Muslims

    “This is not a religious test and it is not a ban on people of any religion,” said AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Ryan.

    Likewise, if Democrats introduced a bill next week targeting the highest-ranking politician in the Presidential line of succession from the state of Wisconsin for a massive wedgie, they would not be targeting Paul Ryan directly.

    • I would definitely support such a bill.

    • catbirdman

      It targets swarthies from countries where Trump doesn’t have financial interests.

    • Mike G

      Atomic wedgie.

  • John Revolta

    Also too:

    Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.— Governor Mike Pence (@GovPenceIN) December 8, 2015

    They are all principled men.

    • Linnaeus

      For Pence is an honorable man;
      So are they all, all honorable men.

  • Well, I think I’ve finally reached the point where I can declare that I’m a New Yorker first, and an American second. And no they are not the same any more. Not even close.

  • Rob in CT

    These chucklefucks are destroying all that is good about this country. In a week.

    Hyperbole? Yeah, a little. But only a little.

    Peak wingnut was not just a lie. It was a concept from an alternative universe.

    • Truly, we are in the Darkest Timeline.

    • howard

      a piece of 70 years worth of global good-will despite all of our failings and conceits has just been thrown out the window, perhaps forever and there is not a single republican official capable of saying a word.

      i’m 64 and all of us sudden the entire arc of my personal history is to have watched the thugs and bullies first unleashed at goldwater ’64 take control of the country.

      • howard

        well, i take it back. i’m proud to say that charlie dent, who represents the district where i grew up and where my parents still live, has actually spoken out against the executive order as “too broad.”

        it’s not ideal but it’s a start: now let’s see if any other gop electeds in washington have any shred of character.

      • sonamib

        Yeah, it’s baffling that Trump would casually destroy any trust the International community has wrt to the USA. Before Trump, there were already individual horror stories of people being disappeared at US airports, of citizens being denied passports, of terrible ICE detention conditions*. But there was plausible deniability : the people who suffered were all “terrorists” or “illegals” anyway, and we gotta be tough with them.

        Now, it’s just naked racism. There’s no way to defend this. It’s not just being overzealous on border control. It’s being isolationist xenophobes. And there’s no way any POTUS after that can repair the dammage being done. Now, it’s established precedent that a Republican President will suddenly renege on any international agreement or norm if he finds it useful to do so. Trusting the USA long- or even medium-term is now impossible.

        *Well, wrt to the ICE, there were actually millions of people deported but moving on.

        • DamnYankees

          Remember, this from the party who complained that our allies no longer respected us and that Obama was weakening our international standing.

          • howard

            My guess is that pretty soon, very few democratically elected leaders will want to be seen with trump, but meetings with dictators and ultra-rightists will fill the calendar holes.

        • efgoldman

          it’s baffling that Trump would casually destroy any trust the International community has wrt to the USA.

          No it isn’t baffling at all. Whatever syndrome he has, considering or even recognizing that there might be consequences in the future, let alone what they might be, never enters into it.

          • Also, he has quite a lot of contempt for the international community, so this may actually be intentional.

  • Derelict

    As I have written here before, Republicans are the only true patriots because they love America with all of their hearts, but they despise most of the people who live here and they work hard to undermine our institutions and they have pledged to destroy our government and they are committed to despoiling our land.

  • rewenzo

    As a number of people have pointed out, Paul Ryan will agree to literally anything, no matter how horrible, if it advances his goal of stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

    Paul Ryan would personally drop his mother off at an internment camp if it came with a tax cut.

  • ProgressiveLiberal

    The first dem who promises to have their doj investigate, prosecute, and jail trump gets my primary vote. Fuck this fucking shit and all these fucking racists.

  • Joe_JP

    There are conservative types who are being consistent against Trump (not saying that many, but a few) but finding one in the U.S. Congress will be tricky.

  • e.a.foster

    OMG, that is funny. .thank you for the [email protected]

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