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Today in Trump’s America



The Fuhrer’s followers feeling free to attack anyone they identify as the enemy.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of committing a hate crime after police say he stabbed a worshipper near a Simi Valley mosque.

Police said reports of people fighting sent them to a shopping center parking lot near the mosque around 11:15 p.m. Saturday. Officers separated the combatants and found that one person had been stabbed.

The fight began after a man confronted a worshipper and got into a verbal dispute, police said.

John Matteson, 29, was arrested nearby, police said.

The victim had non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a hospital in stable condition, police said.

Matteson remained jailed Sunday on suspicion of making criminal threats, violating civil rights and disturbing the peace by fighting, according to a Ventura County sheriff’s website.

Oh I’m sure Attorney General Nathan Bedford Forrest will be all over enforcing civil rights in cases like this!

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  • MAJeff

    Shit. And I just got suspended from Facebook for “cracker, please.”

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      wow. that’s a fucked-up deal

    • (((Malaclypse)))
    • ThrottleJockey

      Are you kidding me? Really? Cray Cray.

      • MAJeff

        Yeah. And I recently reported a page that was “Jews and Homos need to be purged from society.”

        No problem for Facebook.

        • Philip

          There were some tech companies I expected the pathetic, craven behavior from. Facebook wasn’t really one of them, but they’ve been almost as bad as twitter.

          • DrDick

            There were some tech companies I expected the pathetic, craven behavior from. Facebook wasn’t really one of them

            Why not? They have always been like this.

            • FB has always talked about ethics, I think. But they are also beholden to a market model of the world where what sells the largest number of units has to be “best.” Similarly, whatever gets a large number of complaints must be “objectively” objectionable.

              I do have a vague memory of a case where the outrage over their actions led to a reversal.

            • BartletForGallifrey

              I think they have a better rep than many companies because they give you so much privacy control. I’ve encountered 0 Nazis in my decade on Facebook, and hundreds in just the last few months on twitter, because if we’re not friends they have no way to contact me.

        • DrDick

          In my experience, that is about par for the course with Facebook. They are quick to censor the left, while tolerating any nastiness from the right.

  • BartletForGallifrey

    This is why I’m not setting foot in a red state after January. Right now, I know that even if the state doesn’t care about me, the feds do. Once that goes away, I’m not going anywhere run by the GOP.

    • Hogan

      Better make it a red county. Thia was in California.

      • Honoré De Ballsack

        Better make it a red county. Thia was in California.

        Simi Valley is, of course, where the trial of the cops who beat Rodney King was held–and the venue was NOT chosen randomly. A lot of inland areas of the “liberal West Coast” are as red as Oklahoma.

        (See also: Staten Island.)

        • Hornet Queen

          Actually, not one of the jurors on the trial was a Simi Valley resident. A large part of the decision to have the trial there was definitely to get it over to a whiter area, though Ventura County is on the whole more liberal than Orange County. What tipped it towards Simi was the fact that our courthouse was brand new.

          Source – I was a high school senior that year, and skipped class to counter-protest against the KKK when they tried to rally around the trial. The Klansmen were bussed in, the counter-protestors outnumbered them greatly, and were all locals.

          But even back then, demographics were shifting and the town was getting richer and whiter every year. I’m afraid it’s now solid red. You can never go home again…

          • Hogan

            Thank you for your service.

        • JustRuss

          Also the home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

        • Mike G

          Whenever this kind of crazy shit happens in SoCal, it always seems to be Simi Valley. Or Temecula.

          • Snuff curry

            There’s the richly-named Inland Empire (Redlands, Riverside, San Berdoo), Klanaheim, and outskirts of Pendleton, all of which house whiter shades of pale supremacy. CSU Stanislaus is home to Identity Evropa “leader” Nathan Damigo, and a couple years ago we topped the SLPC’s list of states housing the most active hate groups. Let’s not forget “ethnic” food enthusiast William Johnson of the so-called American Freedom Party lives somewhere in Los Angeles on a “ranch.”

        • N__B

          Staten Island is more than usually inland of the west coast.

          • Honoré De Ballsack

            Staten Island is more than usually inland of the west coast.

            Your knowledge of American geography is indeed comprehensive. I of course mentioned Staten Island as another example of a heavily-red county in a strongly-Democratic region.

      • BartletForGallifrey

        And California law enforcement is going to treat it as a hate crime and deal with it appropriately.

        Bad shit can happen anywhere. The question is how it’s dealt with.

        In Oklahoma, for example, sexual orientation isn’t included in their hate crime laws, and they do not care in the slightest if the gays are beaten up. At the moment, DOJ does care. In January, DOJ won’t care and Oklahoma won’t care, so I’ll stay far away thank you very much.

  • santos guero

    How long before the Tangerine Mussolini’s crew start calling this a false flag operation?

  • JBC31187

    And of course, the orange dipshit is continuing to provoke China.

    Between assholes like John Matteson having free reign, or nuclear fire, I’d rather take the fire. At least it would be quicker.

  • Hornet Queen

    God Dammit. This is my hometown, in Southern California. When I left, it was a whitey white suburb, but no more Republican than most. My own father was a lifelong Peace and Freedom Party voter who made me into an unwitting little Marxist.

    Myself and many friends got out after high school and most of us have remained on the liberal end of things. But those who stayed… the facebook feed I keep to see cute baby pictures from people I’ve knows since I was a baby has gotten more and more distressing. Increased public religiousity, decreased compassion, scientific literacy, and general critical thinking. I have a hard time reconciling these people with my memories of sweet childhood friends who were willing to hang out with a weirdo like me.

    • ThrottleJockey

      This is the same “liberal” Simi Valley wherein Mark Fuhrman resided?

      • Hornet Queen

        Definitely not claiming it was any sort of liberal enclave. But it was far more evenly balanced, and the adults around me often talked about how happy they were to not be in Orange County with all those hardliner Republicans.

        Somewhere along the line, St. Ronnie took over my hometown. I haven’t been back in years now.

        • bender

          But Orange County is getting more moderate, or so I hear.

          • Hillary won Orange County 51-43

          • Mike G

            The implosion of aerospace at the end of the Cold War led to an exodus of many of the crazies to Texas and the Mountain West. Add an influx of foreign immigrants and it’s a much more diverse place, more like LA County than the racist white colony of midwestern transplants it used to be.

      • Hogan

        Tom Lange, one of the other LAPD detectives.

    • Honoré De Ballsack

      When I left, it was a whitey white suburb, but no more Republican than most.

      You must’ve left a while ago. Back in 1992, Simi Valley was the venue for the trial of the cops who beat Rodney King. The choice was NOT random.

  • bender

    Seems like undercharging. Attacking someone with a knife ought to be charged as attempted murder.

    • CrunchyFrog

      But think about his (white male) future.

    • JKTH

      Disturbing the peace=existing while black or stabbing while white, apparently.

  • raypc800

    I have been around for 60 yrs now and I can say with out a doubt the one major accomplishment of the RNC = Russia Nationalist Capitalists was to dumb down their supporters. They have now gone so far as to sell their political souls to Putin and Russia. Why? To put the party first above all, they will all make good little Putin Puppets and will lock step for the Nazis as well when needed. All in the sake of the party rule. Treason against America is nothing to them, for they live for the RNC.

    • Davis X. Machina

      They have now gone so far as to sell their political souls to Putin and Russia. Why?

      It’s like middle school. And it’s aspirational.

      Putin’s Russia is what they’d like the US to be some day. Maybe with a little better standard of living, and a little better weather. But the rest? Sure.

      If you’ve always dreamed of being muscle for a corrupt, xenophobic, failed state with a psychotic dictator, and someone asked you if you want to sit at the same lunch table as an actual corrupt, xenophobic, failed state with a psychotic dictator, wouldn’t you say ‘Yes’?

      I think you would.

      • tsam

        Right–and those guys don’t do favors like sabotage elections for free. I’m not looking up Don Corleone’s speech, but I assume a more Slavic version of it has been read to the ShitGibbon.

  • Origami Isopod

    FEEL that economic anxiety!

    • As I have said repeatedly, saying this is counterproductive and offensive.

      • Snuff curry

        How is it offensive?

        • Darkrose

          Because we’re sneering at the poor oppressed white working class Trump voters who aren’t in any way racist assholes who chose to vote for the guy who hates the same people they do.

          • Snuff curry

            So Loomis is confusing “offensive” with “offending his own personal sensibilities.” What fun.

      • Origami Isopod

        And I disagree. As do quite a few other commenters who are in the demographics being targeted.

        • I am aware that you disagree. You are also wrong.

          • Darkrose

            She’s very right. You are constantly going after people for mocking this, while repeatedly failing to address the fact that your beloved white working class voters are the ones who, for whatever reasons, chose to vote for the man who is enabling this domestic terrorism, and who are in no way interested in stopping said terrorism.

            • You say this in a comment for a post I wrote about a racist white man attacking Muslims where I blame Trump for unleashing this violence.

      • Steve LaBonne

        Your continued insistance on a narrative for which there is little or no evidence is what is counterproductive.

        • My insistence that we need to take the economic problems of Americans of all races seriously and not make fun of them by associating people trying to work through those problems with extremist acts of horrible racism is counterproductive? OK, I’m fine with that.

          Moreover, you are saying this in a post directly blaming Trump for the rise of racist violent incidents in this country, a post that said nothing about economics at all. So I don’t think I am pushing a counterproductive narrative. I am pushing a narrative in this post that blames Donald Trump for racist violence. In other posts, I talk about the complex nexus between economics and racism among white working class people. These things are not mutually exclusive and simply dismissing the latter is deeply problematic.

          • Darkrose

            Erik, the problem is that while you blame Trump, you seem unwilling to attribute any blame to the white voters who put Trump in office, or the white Trump voters who are committing the hate crimes. Yes, they’re doing it in his name, but the reality is that Trump didn’t make his voters racist. He appealed to their existing racism.

            The Democratic party is at a crossroads, and whether you intend it or not, you’re falling on the side of prioritizing the concerns of the demographic that supported Trump over the concerns of those of us who are now being targeted by those who supported Trump. You’ve spent more time arguing with people for mocking the economic anxiety of the white working class than you have addressing the many commenters here who have said they’re scared and anxious about their basic survival.

            And you know what? Fuck anyone who voted for Trump. I don’t actually give a shit why they did, the bottom line is that they chose to vote for the hateful misogynist lying bigot and his homophobic misogynist lying running mate, and as a result, the lives of many people, including mine, are going to be demonstrably worse than they are now. My one consolation right now is that they’re going to be fucked over just like everyone else and that they have only themselves to blame.

            • Erik, the problem is that while you blame Trump, you seem unwilling to attribute any blame to the white voters who put Trump in office, or the white Trump voters who are committing the hate crimes

              Citations omitted

              The Democratic party is at a crossroads, and whether you intend it or not, you’re falling on the side of prioritizing the concerns of the demographic that supported Trump over the concerns of those of us who are now being targeted by those who supported Trump.

              Citations omitted

              • Darkrose

                I commented on a post a week ago, laying out all the shit I’ve been dealing with since the election, talking about how I’ve been afraid to leave the house, and you said nothing. Now you’re responding like a snarky asshole. There’s your citation.

                • Me not responding to a comment that I probably never even saw is not a citation.

                • Drexciya

                  Here’s the post in question. It’s as relevant now as it was when it was written. And I will reiterate that regardless of how sincerely your views are held, they’re expressed in an unacknowledged political context, where precisely this argument is being used to obscure the impact and appeal of white nationalism and, if I may be so bold, gaslight and emotionally blackmail those who will suffer the consequences of their political decisions.

                  “Economic anxiety” arguments are open statements of value where we don’t figure in mainstream conceptions of “worth” and they remove whites from any kind of moral or ethical responsibility for their actions by defaulting to an explanation that makes their suffering the only terms on which this conversation’s permitted to take place. It’s how you get horrifying, repugnant pieces like this.

                • Darkrose

                  Drexciya linked it, but I want to highlight this part:

                  Yeah, I’m sneering at the economic anxiety argument, because right now it privileges white working class anxiety over the very real existential anxiety of people of color, queer and trans people, women, non-Christian people, disabled people, immigrants, and other people who have always marginalized by the American narrative.

                  That wasn’t the first time anyone’s said that here, Erik. You’re quick to jump on people for mocking the economic anxiety argument–citation, this thread–and you post about some of the more egregious hate crimes and attempts to terrorize marginalized people. But when actual people who have been affected by the bigotry of the white working class get snarky because we’re angry and tired and frustrated that our so-called allies are too busy fawning over the people attacking us to have our backs, you get huffy and indignant and mock us. So forgive me if I’m not in the mood to be lectured to about how I shouldn’t make fun of the people who are literally trying to kill people like me.

              • jim, some guy in iowa

                Erik, you are asking a lot of people who are pretty reliable dem voters to play down their primary concerns about their *lives* in order to reach out to people who turned their backs on the democratic party- ’cause they didn’t vote just for Trump, they voted R down the damned line- and who, from all appearances, *hate their guts*. It’s a lot bigger ask than you seem willing to admit

                • jim, some guy in iowa

                  and also, I think almost anybody here who makes a “it must be economic anxiety” joke would be 100% behind the comprehensive good paying job policy you are looking for from a Dem politician. But I seriously, seriously, doubt that the white working class would get anywhere near 100% behind LGBT issues, or abortion rights, or environmental issues. That street isn’t going to have equal traffic in both directions

                • Who is talking about “reaching out”? I’m talking about creating economic policies that would appeal to more voters of all races.

                • jim, some guy in iowa

                  you’re also telling people to lay off the gallows humor because it might hurt the feelings of the people who apparently just by accident when they voted for Trump, *put them* on the gallows. It’s very de Boer. Not that you want or would take my advice but you’re better off to push for those policies that would help everybody and let the wisecracks go

                • BartletForGallifrey

                  and also, I think almost anybody here who makes a “it must be economic anxiety” joke would be 100% behind the comprehensive good paying job policy you are looking for from a Dem politician.

                  I would wager the average LGM commenter is in fact to the left of both the Republican and Democratic Parties on this issue. I would wager we’re far more likely than the average person to support things like a living wage, a universal basic income, and universal health care. I would wager that the more affluent of us understand that giving everyone health care would mean their own taxes would go up, and that they’re okay with it.

                  And I would wager that close to 100% of us voted for the candidate who had a comprehensive plan that would help average people economically, something 0% of the GOP voters did.

                  But yeah, we’re the assholes here, definitely. Not the people who are mainly anxious that the browns might be better off economically, but us, the people who actually want to make shit better for everyone.

                • Steve LaBonne

                  They will NOT appeal to any white voters who aren’t already reachable by Democrats. That’s the problem we’re trying to get you to confront. The economic policies you and I both favor are the right thing to do but there is simply no evidence that running a campaign based largely on full-throated advocacy of them would significantly increase the Dem share of the white vote. It might well do the opposite. Just look at how the Dems have been “rewarded” for giving millions of struggling people access to health care. I don’t like this reality any more than you do, but it is what it is.

                • Rob in CT

                  What Jim said.

              • DrDick

                Erik, I agree that economic uncertainty and the long term decline of the working class has fed the rise in racism and xenophobia. However, the people who voted for Trump are not the people most affected by that insecurity. They are older and more prosperous. The vast majority of the working classes, both white and others, voted for Clinton. I also aggressively support policies to improve conditions and create jobs for working class Americans, but I doubt that will have more than a very marginal impact on Trump voters who are mostly anxious about their loss of white, Christian, hetero male privilege.

      • cpinva

        “As I have said repeatedly, saying this is counterproductive and offensive.”

        no, it isn’t. unless all the exit polls and pre-elections surveys are completely wrong (and I won’t argue that they can’t be, but I’ve yet to see any concrete evidence of such), the bulk of Trump supporters are possessed of no more “economic axiety” than anyone else who is employed, at middle or lower middle-class status, and worries about their job getting outsourced/eliminated; the company merging, and their job not being part of the resulting entity/being eliminated; the company downsizing, and their job not being a part of the smaller entity; etc.

        while these are all valid concerns, they don’t represent “economic anxiety” of the basest sort; being un/under-employed, not knowing if your kids will eat from one day to the next; being one paycheck away from the county shelter. these are all valid reasons/forms to consider one legitimately “economically anxious” beyond the norm.

        pointing out the fallacy inherent in the claim of Trump supporters being “economically anxious” is certainly valid, so I fail to see why you consider it “offensive”?

        • Steve LaBonne

          I think it’s pretty much enough to look at the 3 million electoral vote margin for Clinton- i.e. it’s hard to argue that her campaign was lacking- and the fact that the Comey letter immediately preceded and is probably sufficient to explain the late swing to Trump in a few key states.

      • LifeOntheFallLine

        No it isn’t.

        1) It’s in response to a mainstream narrative that manifested immediately after the election to normalize and sympathize people who voted for a walking hate crime. It’s not dismissive of people’s actual economic concerns, it’s dismissive of the idea that the only or even primary motivating factors of these people was economics.

        2) As other people have pointed out, the case for something other than economic anxiety driving the decision to vote for Trump is stronger than the other way around.

        3) In so much as they were motivated by economic anxiety, it was sublimated from ethno-nationalism. Trump’s rhetoric was short on actual substance – to say nothing of reality – and long on “winning” against the right enemies: the Mexicans, the Chinese and their enablers (35% tariffs!). The people who ate this up willingly ignored the man’s own history of outsourcing labor and stiffing working people out of compensation for work done. They’re the type of people who don’t want a weak dollar – even though that may help stabilize manufacturing jobs in this country – because they don’t like the word weak being associated with the United States in any way.

      • Drexciya

        As I have said repeatedly, saying this is counterproductive and offensive.

        I have a different question: how is it counterproductive? Trump voters have rejected any semblance of responsibility to their brown and black neighbors and have openly indicated that subjecting us to ethnic cleansing or worse is something they find politically desirable. The hate crimes you’re seeing and that you correctly object to is a reflection of what they openly and knowingly voted to enable, and defining a cross-class phenomenon by its poorest contingent, and then untangling racism from what they want is simply telling us not to be clear about who our enemies are, and to internalize the excuses they and their enablers have thrown up to muddle an evident antagonism. If mockery makes the flimsiness of this clearer to supposed allies, and makes them more likely to avoid “but how will this effect my Trump voting family member/friend and make them feel” deflections/qualifiers, then that’s better for us, and it means future responses will depend less on what makes them like us and more on what’s responsive to the immediate concerns of actual targets.

        • Darkrose

          I suppose because there are some mythical Trump voters who are not racist and also bear no responsibility for enabling racism, who will be so offended by the suggestion that they voted based on white identity politics that they won’t vote for the next Democratic candidate.

          And you know, I’m not even saying economic anxiety wasn’t an issue. It certainly was for me. which is why I voted for the candidate who wasn’t planning to take away my health insurance, or slash my wife’s Social Security benefits, or privatize my student loans. My economic anxiety is the reason I voted for the candidate from the party that’s actually done things to help working people. The real question is why did a particular segment of the working class choose the candidate from the party that’s opposed every gain made by working people. And the answer is in that popular new acronym: White Working Class.

          • Snuff curry

            And the answer is in that popular new acronym: White Working Class.

            This. White people don’t own “economic anxiety” of the non-euphemistic sort. The most economically “anxious” people in this country are not white Trump voters and white Trump voters did not vote for Trump to ameliorate class-based poverty, but to enhance race-based poverty for their own benefit.

        • DrDick

          Attacks on the white working class generally are “counterproductive and offensive.” They are also wrong, since most of the white working class voted for Clinton. Attacks on Trump voters, especially that portion who are white working class, is another matter entirely. given that they are mostly older and more affluent, their anxiety is less economic than about their loss of privilege in an increasingly diverse America.

          • BartletForGallifrey

            Is anyone here actually attacking the white working class?

            • DrDick

              Actually yes, though not necessarily in this thread. A lot of the comments on this topic seem to assume that a majority of the white working class voted for Trump, which they did not.

      • econoclast

        It’s arguing against people engaging on gallows humor on this point that’s counterproductive and offensive. It’s like asking Jews in the 30s to be sympathetic to Germany’s legitimate complaints about the Treaty of Versailles.

  • MilitantlyAardvark

    Trump called Mitt Romney to tell him he is not picking him for Secretary of State, source tells NBC’s @PeterAlexander

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      Trump probably put more thought into just how to show Romney his ass than anything else relating to his cabinet

      • econoclast

        I have to give Trump credit here. Romney had managed to improve his image a little bit with his never-Trumpism, and Trump got him to completely destroy it for no gain.

  • cpinva

    “Oh I’m sure Attorney General Nathan Bedford Forrest will be all over enforcing civil rights in cases like this!”

    remember, legend has it that Forrest resigned from the KKK, because it had gotten too violent for his genteel tastes. if, in fact, that’s true, then one would reasonably expect AG Forrest to be on this in a heartbeat. as for myself, I’d say that’s going to be one world record heartbeat, in terms of duration.

    • Forrest was OK with the KKK until he found out some of them smoked marijuana.

      • cpinva

        probably more so because they didn’t offer him any. greedy bastards!

      • BartletForGallifrey

        I’ve decided I’m fine with AG Sessions arresting people for pot as long as he starts with my next door neighbors.*

        *He won’t. They’re white. Which is why I’m calling the cops on them next time they throw a loud party at 2 am on a weeknight.

  • David Allan Poe

    All the Cabinet bullshit and all the bog-standard Republican political horror that is getting ready to go down is nothing compared to this. The white supremacists have their blood up, and they feel empowered in a way that they haven’t felt since the glory days of Anschluss and Chancellorsville.

    I only hope we figure out a way to make this time end like those did, and then finish the job.

  • DrDick

    Ugh! And this is only going to get worse.

  • guthrie

    Meanwhile, in broken brexit britain, this happens:

    A knifeman who reportedly stabbed a rail passenger in front of his wife in southeast London shouted “I want to kill me a Muslim”, according to a witness.

    Note that the ever compliant BBC says absolutely nothing about the inflammatory nature of the assault:

    • Origami Isopod

      This Twitter response to one of the newspapers…. we need more of that, people holding the media accountable.

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