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Craig Sager, RIP



The affable and loudly dressed sideline reporter for TNT’s NBA coverage has died after a long battle with cancer.

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  • ThrottleJockey

    This may be racist of me…but damn I love that man. The only white man I knew who could make Steve Harvey seem like a conservative dresser. :-) Pop was jealous of half his outfits. That man was white on the outside but in the hood we knew he was black deep down.

    RIP Brotha RIP.

    • Just_Dropping_By

      You apparently have never watched Hockey Night in Canada. There’s a blog devoted to the jackets of its co-host, Don Cherry: https://doncherryjacketwatch.wordpress.com/

      • rhino

        Yeah, but Don Cherry is an asshole.

        • Just_Dropping_By

          Well, sure, but we were talking about clothing choices.

      • Jordan

        SI put together a collection of Sager’s best here

      • David Allan Poe

        I’d never seen Don Cherry before this year. Perhaps Canadians can help me out – what the fuck is up with Don Cherry? Is he like some subterranean bubbling up of the true Canadian Id?

        He sounds like Officer Barbrady from South Park too.

    • Ronan

      Jesus, I really don’t understand race in the US, because my first thought on seeing this picture was “this must be the whitest dude on the continent”

  • Jordan

    I was surprisingly sad about this. Definitely tuning into TNT to watch their NBA broadcast tonight.

    • Captain Oblivious

      I won’t be watching because (a) I’ll cry all the way through it, and (b) I’ve had it with Charles Barkley.

      • Jordan

        I used to like Barkley for whatever reason, but he has been increasingly grating the last few years.

        Still doing the cry-watch though.

    • Jason

      I was very touched by players talking about him at the finals this year.

      • Jordan

        I was too. Up until the last few years I just kinda thought of him as the goofy guy with the suits. But hearing how basically everyone thought he was a really great guy over the past few years and what he meant to them really did change things for me.

    • dp

      2016 sucks.

  • Captain Oblivious

    Most of these sideline “reporters” are a waste of oxygen, but Sager was actually a reason to watch the games. What a great guy.

    • Cheap Wino

      This. When the Marv or whoever the play-by-play person was would say they were going to Craig Sager for an interview you paid attention.

      Amazing how much all the players loved the guy.

  • As with Sharon Jones’ death, that it was long expected makes this no easier to absorb. In a year that has taken too many good people from us, those two stood out for their graciousness and humility; their basic humanity which shouldn’t be nearly as noteworthy as it is.

    • Sharon Jones, killed by a stroke when she realized Donald Trump was elected president.

  • osceola

    Sager used to be the local sports anchor for the NBC affiliate in Ft. Myers, Fla. back in the ’70s when I was a kid.

  • JR in WV

    Sorry about the loss, but, really, I never heard of the guy, ever.

    • Juicy_Joel

      but, really, I never heard of the guy, ever.

      Who gives a shit?

  • randy khan

    OT, but interesting: Obama’s holding a press conference tomorrow and there are people saying sources tell them it’s going to be focused on Trump and Russia. (One saying, essentially, that it will be a don’t-miss event.)

    I’m not getting my hopes up, of course, because 2016 has not been that kind of year.

    • nemdam

      Well, if this tweet is accurate, it will be an interesting press conference to say the least. It is very unlike Obama to break so strongly with precedent.

      CNN is reporting that Trump's refusal to acknowledge Russia interference has made White House decide orderly transition isn't main priority— David Yankovich (@DavidYankovich) December 16, 2016

      • EliHawk

        Given that it’s being followed by immediate departure to Hawaii for Christmas vacation, I don’t exactly have my hopes up for DRAMATIC MOMENT IN HISTORY though.

        • randy khan

          Well, he doesn’t have to stay around once he sends the Federal Marshalls to arrest Trump. (In my dreams, I know.)

  • Kurzleg

    I was sad to see this as well, and I take it as a warning: you don’t live forever, so wear what you want!

  • Lord Jesus Perm

    More outrageous suits: Sager or Clyde Frazier?

    • Mike Lommler

      Sager is more outrageous only because Clyde Frazier was such a baller that OF COURSE he dresses the way he does and, indeed, you’d be disappointed if he didn’t.

  • mikeSchilling

    Maybe the NFL could design some uniforms in his memory.

  • Howlin Wolfe

    I watched the tribute to Sager on the TNT show last night. It featured a clip of an interview with Sager and KG where KG told Sager to burn the suit he was wearing, it was so loud. After that the panel had discussed Sager’s taste in apparel and how rare it was for a white person to make clothes like his work. Then, they showed Sager burning the suit. It cracked me up and made me cry at the same time.

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