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Today in Trump’s America



I wonder when we will see actual organized lynching parties. I’m guessing by the end of the month.

A University of Wisconsin-Stout student from Saudi Arabia died one day after being assaulted on a street in downtown Menomonie, Wis., about 70 miles east of Minneapolis, police and school officials said.

Hussain Saeed Alnahdi, 24, was a junior majoring in business administration who enrolled in 2015 at UW-Stout, according to a statement from the university, whose campus is in Menomonie.

“Our deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to Hussain’s family in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, and his friends at UW-Stout,” UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer said Monday in the statement.

“I want to make a personal appeal to anyone on campus or in the community who might have information that would help authorities locate the individual involved in the attack to come forward,” Meyer said.

An assailant described only as a white male about 6 feet tall assaulted Alnahdi shortly after 2 a.m. CT Sunday near a pizza restaurant, according to Menomonie police. Officers found Alnahdi unconscious and bleeding from his mouth and nose before he was hospitalized and died from his injuries Monday.

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  • Honoré De Ballsack

    a white male about 6 feet tall assaulted Alnahdi shortly after 2 a.m. CT Sunday

    Not to nit-pick, but Trump was elected on the following Tuesday.

    • John not McCain

      Not to nit-pick, but child-raping pervert Donald Trump has been encouraging violence like this for several months now.

      • Honoré De Ballsack

        Not to nit-pick, but child-raping pervert Donald Trump has been encouraging violence like this for several months now.

        So the assailant (whom we know nothing about yet) MUST be Trump-inspired, huh?

        The racism/sexism/misogyny/know-nothingism that writers on this blog spend so much time decrying has (outside of a few ultra-blue enclaves) been a baked-in part of mainstream American life for a long time now, well before Trump emerged as a political figure. If you want to shame (or even demonize) most of America for succumbing to its most unappealing impulses, fine. I don’t agree with or support their attitudes either. But you’re just not going to win elections that way.

    • Rob in CT

      On one hand, Trump has unleashed this shit via his campaign, even before being elected.

      On the other hand, we have no idea if this was connected to that or if it was the product of some mundane dispute.

      I’m all for watching for and highlighting instances of Trumpista violence. We need to not cry wolf, though.

      • leftwingfox

        The term is “Stochastic Terrorism”.

        Like trying to pin any one weather event on Global Warming; quibbling over individual weather events only ignores the pressure that will result in more.

        Trump’s hatred, and the uniquely angry and violent nature of his rallies translates into more people emboldened to act on hate and violence.

    • burnt

      He was assaulted October 30th and died the next day.

      • Just_Dropping_By

        That doesn’t really change the fact that claiming this is part of “Trump’s America” is nothing more than a rhetorical flourish — and one that commenters on this very blog routinely shit bricks over when Republicans claim some act of violence by an African-American suspect is “Obama’s fault” or some similar formulation. If one wants to attack Trump for causing hate crimes, how about actually picking one of the many other examples that (a) are unambiguously hate crimes, and (b) involve perpetrators who openly identified as Trump supporters? As far as can be told from the linked news story, literally the only evidence of a hate crime (let alone a Trump-inspired one) in this instance is that the perpetrator was white and the victim was not.

  • PJ

    Justice Department that actually investigates hate crimes, we hardly knew you.

  • Lord Jesus Perm

    I’m sure his attackers were just torn up over Obama pushing the TPP.

    • Linnaeus

      A sawbuck says that they didn’t even know what the letters stood for.

  • tnapoles

    Trump “Lets not jump to conclusions, maybe he was eying the other guy’s girlfriend”.

  • tnapoles

    I’m sure that the smart people that read and comment here have thought of this but I doubt that in general society is ready to deal with how Social Media amplifies all this sick shit. I’m really, really terrified.

    • BiloSagdiyev

      Flash mobs are cute when they lead to pillowfights. But flash lynch mobs are probably doable, too.

      • DrDick

        AS Erik says, we will probably find out by the end of the month.

  • ironic irony

    Thank you for this, Loomis. Even if this had nothing to do with Trump, Muslims have an even bigger target on their backs…..bigger than after 9/11, I think.

    Side note: I know quite a few of you here have ties to the academic community. I’m currently in grad school, and yesterday the president of my school sent out an email to students about the election’s aftermath. I’ve been hearing that a lot of schools are doing that. I don’t recall this ever happening before. Is this unprecedented, or am I imagining things? When have universities ever commented about an election to their students, faculty, and staff?

    My mind is boggled at what’s happened.

    • PJ

      Well, that’s good.

      Janet Napolitano sent one to the University of California community. But it’s California.

      Everyone here from, well, random me to our legislative heads are adopting an explicitly oppositional stance. It’s getting straight up into martial language about “defend[ing] our people” without any worries about being “respectful” to Trump voters or “working with” the new administration.

      I certainly hope Wisconsin will “defend” its students.

      • SatanicPanic

        Several of my student friends were not impressed with her letter. It did seem a bit too can’t we all just get along?

        • PJ

          I certainly agree that the Joint Statement from Kevin de Leon and Anthony Rendon was stronger in that respect.

    • postmodulator

      Yes, that happened at my institution.

    • N__B

      Bolinger sent one around Columbia that tried to balance between (1) saying “I know a lot of you are mourning” and (2) not offending any Trumpites on campus. He failed.

  • lunaticllama

    If you can bear to read it, Shaun King’s twitter has an endless stream of stories from after the election. Here are my summaries of some recent entries:

    -Person’s daughter and other girls had to leave school early because boys are grabbing their vaginas. The children are 10.

    -“Colored” and “Whites Only” signs appearing on water fountains in high school

    -White students forming a physical wall of students to block Latino kids from entering the school

    There are dozens of tweets like this at this point.

    • XTPD

      My engineering college – which is on Florida’s Space Coast – and has a very high proportion of Asian and African students. The first two days after the election seemed calm enough…but I’m really scared about when the other shoe drops.


    • BiloSagdiyev

      My fave new one today (having read it yesterday): an angry raving man who was made very upset/loud/angry/threatened/economically insecure/very concerned about deficts/did I mention really angry? by a woman signing ASL into the webcam of her laptop to chat to a friend who is deaf.

    • CaptainBringdown

      Is our children learning? Apparently they is.

  • wfrolik

    Oh fuck.

    I mean it may not have been hate related at all but there’s been such an outbreak of open bigotry all over the country that bloodshed is becoming inevitable.

  • Crusty

    I’m torn between commenting that Trump has stoked this sort of hatred from the get go, he has, or pointing out that we have no idea what this was about. Was the guy’s wallet taken? Did he know the attacker?

    I say this from the comfortable perch of a white guy.

    • witlesschum

      Based on the story, the cops say they have no idea as to motive and have only released a vague description (6′ white male). Probably if he was robbed they’d be releasing that info, but sometimes cops get closed mouths about things.

  • BiloSagdiyev

    Maybe it was just over a parking space. Or made to look like it was over a parking space.

    Where is a world-weary local mob boss when we need him to get through to America’s voters? Your friends are jerkoffs.

  • Morbo

    I really, really worry for the Khans’ safety.

    • ironic irony

      Me, too.

  • Lurks

    Do we really to descend into clickbait territory? I’m pretty sure that some white guy was the victim of violence at the hands of a non-white this week, but you don’t see anyone claiming that it was pre-emptive anti-Trump backlash. At least I hope no one is claiming such.

    Catch the guy, find the swastikas on his walls, a mug shot with a “make ‘Murica great” t-shirt and his eleventy-thousand Stormfront posts about mud people and then get back to me with an actual story. Until then, you’re assuming coincidence means correlation.

    Is this stuff happening? Probably/Yes (see lunaticllama’s comment). Is this case an example? No way to tell…yet.

    • Just_Dropping_By

      Yes, as I noted up-thread, there appear to be plenty of actual, verifiable instances of hate crimes by Trump supporters being reported. I guess they had the disadvantage though, from Loomis’ perspective, of no one being killed in them….

  • Yankee

    The HS principal right here in downtown Rural Oregon had to call an assembly about racial taunting. Saw a fb meme today for (hash)SayWhen posted by ~SS, so I would say yes that would be a possibility.

  • D. C. Sessions

    E-mail today from my University’s President:

    I want students, staff, and faculty to know that we understand and care for those who are struggling with a wide range of concerns and emotional reactions to the results of the presidential election. $UNIVERSITY is proud to be a diverse and welcoming place for students, faculty and staff alike. We come from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. I want our students, faculty and staff to know that $UNIVERSITY is absolutely committed to supporting all members of our community in adhering to the university’s principle against intolerance. As a community, we must encourage kindness, integrity and respect for each other.

    $UNIVERSITY continues to be committed to providing support for students who need to reach out to express their concerns, seek counseling, or require a space to be with others. I along with my administration are here to assist you. Our Student Counseling and Health Center offers counseling services for our students who need them. Students can also contact Tech’s Affirmative Action and Title IX office, and $LOCAL Mental Health also provides a walk-in crisis service. I encourage students to reach out to any of these services should you feel you need to.

    As a faculty or staff member, know that our Human Resources department has put in place the Employee Assistance Program through $LOCAL Heath Resources. To set up a session, call the $LOCAL Heath Resources or visit its website. Links to all of the above services are available below.

    The welfare or well-being of every student, staff and faculty member at our institution is our number-one priority. Again, please encourage kindness, integrity and respect for each other. We, as a community, are strongest when we support each other during times of vulnerability and uncertainty. While we don’t always agree, we can agree to disagree in the most respectful way.

    The message is formulaic. The fact that it was needed is not.

  • IS

    Yesterday, from my university’s president:

    Dear Friends,
    We have been witness to one of the most extraordinary presidential elections in our nation’s history. We are, from various individual perspectives, contemplating changes in policy and philosophy that we anticipate will take place at the federal level and affect our lives. Some in our community will celebrate the outcome. Many are very disappointed. Many also are deeply anxious because of the corrosive and disrespectful statements about women, racial and ethnic groups, religions, and nations made during the campaign. In the months and years ahead we will learn where our newly elected government stands on the critical issues that will shape the future of our republic, our society, and our world.
    In the aftermath of such a contentious election, it is understandable that there is a desire to discuss our dreams and fears as we contemplate the future. Associate Provost and Dean of Students [NAME] and the staff of the [NAME] Center have organized an election discussion for today, Thursday, November 10, 2016, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the [BUILDING, ROOM NUMBER]. Our faculty have also organized additional discussions and will continue to do so, as needed.
    There will be change in our country. [UNIVERSITY NAME] was founded in [YEAR] by a group of abolitionists who abhorred slavery. They secured a [STATE] charter in [YEAR] in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. The searing lessons of the Civil War were reflected in our founders’ commitment to open the University’s doors to all students, regardless of gender, race, religion, or place of origin. This exemplary inclusiveness—at a time when such openness was extremely rare—is the bedrock on which we were built and on which we must continue to build.
    Like our country, [UNIVERSITY NAME] will flourish if we adhere to enduring principles that have defined our community for 150 years: respect for all people and their right to free expression, adherence to the rule of law, and respect for reasoned arguments and scientific findings. Finally, the strength of our community also depends on our commitment to civility in debate and discussion which can lead to mutual understanding.
    I believe that [UNIVERSITY NAME] has these values deeply embedded in its institutional DNA. No matter how we are tested, we must stay the course—holding fast to these values—so that [UNIVERSITY NAME] can always be a beacon for others. I hope you will join me in this journey.

    Not enough in terms of explicitly assigning responsibility where it belongs, but the message is clear. One of my roommates said it sounded like something that would be released following the start of a war, not the end of an election.

    ETA: I specifically like the shot about respect for scientific findings. That said, a little more civility-ish than really necessary, at least to my taste.

  • The gloaters better keep in mind that Liberals also own guns, that minorities own guns, that many women own and know how to use firearms. Repugs wanted a Race War, still want a Race War, but they won’t enjoy it if & when it arrives.

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