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Chicken Minced Meat


I am soon returning to East Coast Exile, reality, and regular blogging. Until then, this.

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  • Ben Murphy

    Erik, if you really miss ProgressiveLiberal, you don’t have to be oblique about it.

  • wjts
  • JDM

    Vegetarian’s nightmare? au contraire. Looks like a vegetarian’s ideal recruitment tool.

  • i8kraft

    Thank you. This is the new genre of weird I’ve been looking for.

  • Karen24

    I am going to presume that this is an open thread, and therefore an opportunity to thank you for recommending the University of New Mexico. Today we checked our older son into Hokonah Hall, Zia section. We have been extremely impressed with the campus and staff. It’s also cheaper than in-state Texas tuition thanks to Lobo Link scholarships. Thanks again because you are how I heard of this.

    • Lobos!

      • N__B
        • (((Hogan)))

          Lobo! Sheriff Lobo. They never should have cancelled that show.

      • Karen24

        They have a slogan “Livin la Vida Lobo.”

  • wca

    Looks like something I dreamed after running a high fever, taking Nyquil and Robitussin at the same time, and passing out while watching the hot dog episode of How It’s Made

  • Fighting Words

    If this is an open thread…

    I just read that John McLaughlin from the McLaughlin Group passed away today at age 89. I guess someone should say it…”Bye bye.”

    • sparks

      You mean the hand that goosed countless women in DC elevators has been stilled?

  • Pseudonym

    How is is that the pinkos got that and we’re the ones who ended up with pink slime?

  • steverinoCT

    Those are some cute chicks.

  • wjts

    In the spirit of open threading (though this one does at least involve a meat product), I’d like to share this quote from Grace Porter Miller’s Call of Duty: A Montana Girl in World War II:

    Even the English billboards were different from those at home. It was months before I knew what Bovril was, although numerous big advertising signs extolled its virtues: “Bovril, best for pregnant women,” “Bovril, best for nursing mothers,” “Bovril, best for growing children,” and so forth. It became a standing joke among us to dream up other “Best for’s,” the cornier the better: “Best for hangovers,” “Best for lovers,” “Best for tired dogs,” “Best for unfriendly ants,” “Best for sick giraffes.”

    • (((Malaclypse)))

      Advice for all: do not Google Bovril out of some idle curiosity, because that knowledge cannot then be un-known.

      • wjts

        I actually kind of like it.

        (At least one issue of The Wipers Times featured side-by-side ads for competing brands of beef extract called “Bo-Vox” and “Bov-Ox”. Each featured a small talking cow’s head, one of which said something like, “Alas! My poor brother! He has been turned into the far inferior BO-VOX!”)

        • (((Malaclypse)))

          I now understand the opening to this song in a way I never did before, and yet I am not made happy by this development.

        • N__B

          No love for Bovo-X?

          • efgoldman

            No love for Bovo-X?

            Sounds like a bovine male enhancement medication.
            [Hmm. Maybe Donnie Littlefingers should try it]

            • N__B

              a bovine male enhancement medication.

              The origin of longhorn cattle has now been explained.

          • wjts

            I’m more of a B-Ovox man, myself.

          • NonyNony

            Sounds like one of the X-men’s villains.

            Bovo-X – the mutant cow.

  • J. Otto Pohl

    The term “Soviet Estonia” is a good way to really piss off Estonians. The preferred term is “Soviet occupied Estonia” since neither the Estonians or anybody else outside of the communist governments of the Warsaw Pact ever recognized it as being legally part of the USSR. The Estonian diplomatic missions abroad including the one established in Los Angeles for the 1936 Olympics operated during the entire length of the occupation from 1940-1991.

    • Pseudonym

      You should really tweet that at the @SovietVisuals twitter account.

      • J. Otto Pohl

        I don’t tweet. I believe a couple of academics have gotten in trouble tweeting.

        • Pseudonym

          Haven’t plenty of academics gotten in trouble for blog comments as well?

          • J. Otto Pohl

            I don’t think it is as common or as serious. Certainly I can not think of anything coming close to the Salaita affair.

    • Pseudonym

      Do you mean the ’32 Olympics? Weren’t the ’36 Olympics in Berlin?

      • J. Otto Pohl

        Yes, I meant 32.

  • k9ml

    Seeing this brought me great sadness. Many years ago my friends and I would frequent the Healthy Foods Lithuanian Restaurant on south Halsted St in Chicago. I just Googled it and found out it closed in 2009. We joked about how healthy Lithuanian food could be since butter infused dough was a mainstay. It was a hotbed of Baltic State politics. Estonia wasn’t occupied it was enslaved.

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